Wild and Sexy "Angela" 160 cm/5.2 ft

$ 2,199.00 $ 2,950.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 100 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 160 cm/5.2 ft
  • Bust/Band : 106 cm/70 cm
  • Waist : 63 cm/25 inch
  • Hips : 102 cm/40 inch

If you are not convinced to start a brand new life with a tpe sex doll, then you have to read this story because it will change your life. This is a true story told by Arnold, the guy who experienced something unique. It’s also the story of Angela. Angela is a real tpe sex doll with huge experience in the field. The crafters have made a lot of Angelas during the years because her story inspired men all over the world to start a brand new life loving and making sex with a real doll. Life is changing, times are changing and thanks to technology and visionary minds, we have the opportunity to live life to its full potential. I am sure you have heard that men are using only 20 % of their mind, but did you know that men use only 5 % of their sex skills? All these happen because women started to be very hard to live with. We have nothing against them, but if they will tell us how this could happen and how they can compete with such tpe sex dolls, we will be happy to listen. Let’s hear what Arnold has to say. Remember, this story is true and this is how Angela, the tpe sex doll become one of the most wanted tpe sex dolls in the world.

“It all started 5 years ago when I decided to spend a vacation in Greece with my wife and some friends. I was married for 8 years and I can’t say I wasn’t happy, but there was something missing for sure. My wife, Jake, Lisa and I bought two tickets to Greece to spend our summer vacation there. We left the kids home because we wanted to relax and have some fun. After 8 years of marriage, you really need such a vacation. I really wanted to have sex with my wife because she was refusing me for almost 2 years because of the kids. That’s what she said. I don’t want to blame my kids because they have no fault. I don’t want to blame my wife either because maybe she wasn’t attracted to me anymore. Anyway…we got to Greece and everything was awesome that day until the night came. When I wanted to make sex with my wife she said she was too tired from the road. I let her sleep and I went out to take some fresh air and think about life. After three hours staying there on the porch, I saw someone coming from the beach. When he got closer, I realized it was my best friend Jake carrying someone in her arms. I got scared because I thought something bad happened to Lisa. When he got 3 meters to me I realized he was carrying a doll. The doll was so real I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was simply shocked. I had so many questions. There was the time he introduced me to Angela. Angela was his lover and even if she was a simple tpe sex doll, he was very happy sharing his intimacy with her. More than that, Jake told me Lisa knows about Angela and she has nothing to say against. My mind turned upside down. Jake took a seat near me and he started explaining how his wife was not in the mood for sex anymore and they both agreed Jake should buy a tpe sex doll. Then he explained me about the great sex he has with Angela and how his relationship with his wife improved. I was that horny at the time and I asked Jake to give me Angela because I need to have sex. He was more than happy to give her to me. Angela was amazing. She accomplished all my wishes and she brought all my fantasies to life. The next day I started an adventure with Angela. I rented another room in the hotel where I kept Angela. I was inventing excuses to go and see Angela. That was the greatest trip of my life. When I got home, I bought a new Angela for me. My life became 100 % Amazing. My wife found out about her and she left me because she didn’t agree with Angela. It seemed that she wasn’t that open minded like Lisa, my friend’s wife. Anyway….I didn’t care because what Angela offered me in 5 weeks, my wife didn't offer me in the past 8 years.”

Nobody is stopping you to accept yourself. You just have to live the life you love. A tpe sex doll can be the answer and even if you consider this taboo, just take a look at Angela and think how she changed Arnold’s life. Her experience and high level of understanding made Arnold one of the happiest men in the world. Angela will always be that amazing tpe sex doll available to make your wishes come true.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.