Sweet Naughty "Kayla" 167 cm/5.5 ft

$ 3,695.00 $ 4,295.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 64 lbs
  • Material : Platinum Silicone
  • Height : 167 cm/5.5 ft
  • Bust : 85 cm/33.4 inch
  • Waist : 59 cm/23 inch
  • Hips : 95 cm/37.4 inch

Do you want something hot? What about horny-hot? Because to say that Kayla is horny-hot is the best description for this naughty kitten! Who’s Kayla? She is an incredible sex doll which looks like a real doll. She comes from a place where happiness is measured in satisfaction so she learned a lot about many sexual fantasies.She also has her own fantasies, too. She waits for someone to practice with all of her knowledge. Kayla is a real doll that has a smoldering gaze, very full kissable glossy lips and a body that you'll never want to part with. She is made of high-quality platinum silicone and she is extremely detailed and realistic from head to toe. This sex doll has velvety soft, lifelike skin and you can twist her as you like. Yes, just like that.

Grab her and put her in any positions that cross on your mind. She just wants to be sure to please her man in almost any position you desire. Sex doll Kayla will certainly do as she learned! Her sweet face with her sexy mouth, put in a sexy expression of pleasure is sure to do it for you! Kayla has milk-like white skin, a sweet sexy so kissable mouth, and long black hair. Kayla is a highly lifelike real doll with a slender proportionate body, with a gorgeous round ass and perfect perky tits with pert little nipples. Kayla loves to wear sexy dresses just for you. She loves the transparent ones because she wants to be covered just a little bit, enough to get you in her little game. Kayla wants you to fuck her in her ass, with her dress on. She just loves the mystery. Coming from the backside, not seeing you, just feeling a presence. That really turns her on. When you put your cock in her ass, she wants you to do that slowly at the beginning, then harder and harder until you will feel “I always wanted to have a mistress in my life.

I am in a relationship for a few years but I felt that something is missing. So I decided to fulfill my desire. What I have found wasn’t suitable for me and always ended in an ugly way. When I saw Kayla, I knew she was the mistress I was searching for. She just puts me in my place and I do with her things that I cannot do with my girlfriend. She is just so special to me.” So for this guy is so lucky of having Kayla. Kyle loves to do stuff with you and her favorite is taking a shower. She wants to hang out in the bathroom, with you. She thinks about how you are undressing her: you lift her tank-top and play with her boobs for a while. Her skin is super soft and inviting, you know! She wants you to feel her, to squeeze her and see how fleshy her body feels. Her tits feel amazingly realistic, and they jiggle all over, even when you stop touching them. Then she wants you to pull your panties down and feel her up.

She just loves to be touched, so she doesn’t want you to stop.The feeling of a man’s hand on her body make her do crazy stuff. Get down with your hands right on her big peach-shaped ass and squeeze. This will make her want more of you! She is full of bliss and so will you be.Kayla doesn’t really like to watch TV. No news, no movies and, for sure, no soap operas. But if you ask her too, she won’t say no. She doesn’t refuse her master.What she really enjoys is to make the news! She just wants to make some new stuff with you! With her lover, every day. She is into movies too, so if you want a videotape yourselves, she will be so thrilled. This sex doll is a supremely sexy and positive, high-quality one and she will love hanging out with you! She is really enjoying it when you touch her and when you take me she is all yours, as long as you want. This is one fuck doll that is guaranteed to please her lucky fella.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.