Sweet Gorgeous "Ashley" 160 cm/5.2 ft

$ 3,074.00 $ 4,049.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 75 lbs
  • Material : Silicone
  • Height : 160 cm/5.2 ft
  • Feet : 20 cm/7.8 inch
  • Bust/Band : 90 cm/70 cm
  • Waist : 63 cm/25 inch
  • Hips : 88 cm/34.6 inch

With a penetrating look that can conquer you from the first sight, Ashley knows what is best for you and she is eager to offer you everything! Stop all the games and searches for the best girl that can make you happy because you just found Ashely, a gorgeous and realistic sex doll which wants to fulfill all of your fantasies.

She is not a real person, she is even better because it can please you all the time. All you need to do is be good to her and all your intimate thoughts about a great sex night will come true. But there won’t be only the nights, she is waiting for you at any time of the day, she is always eager to spend time with you and please you. She won’t say no to anything you want to do with her because Ashley wants her pussy to be wet all the time and that means she will want your cum inside her. Her eyes are good and obedient, but she is a real sex machine in bed, so make sure you please her well.

Her smooth pussy and her large tits will always lure you, from the moment you enter the door and you will see your good girl waiting for you. She is wearing only lingerie or nothing at all, depending on your preferences; you have the power so use it wisely! You can receive tons of pleasure from the busty Ashley because you hold the key to her pussy and from the moment you open her there will be no way back, all of your fantasies, naughty dreams and sex thoughts will become reality. There is nothing that can stop Ashley from offering you a real sexual experience in which you will feel alive than ever. She is not refusing anything from you, she will always be available for your sexual desires. Her vagina is prepared for you to enter and fuck her good or hard, just like you enjoy it the most and you will both have a great time together.

You can lick her, fuck her, everything is allowed because Ashley can’t wait to feel your penis all over her. Her soft tits are a pleasure to squeeze and you will be amazed by her perfect shape which is an open invitation for you to fuck her good. Her desires are endless, but a big booty sex would be a great start and from there you can play with her in all positions and styles you like. She likes the doggy style because she is submissive and she wants to kneel for you, but she also enjoys you between her thighs from behind. Any way which gives you pleasure is her favorite style as well. She may be a silicone sex doll, but she really knows how to please a man and she does that like a professional. Her intentions are only from the best ones because all she wants in this life is to find a man that will love her and fuck her every time he wants. If you think you are the right man for the job, then don’t waste any time and take her home with you. There’s nothing more romantic than to share your days and nights with someone who understands you and is available for you non-stop.

She also enjoys the walks in the park, so if you feel the need to take a walk, she will be the perfect partner for that. Her mission is to “feed” your sexual cravings in every way you want. She has a sexy body, a beautiful face, long hair and delicious pussy which are all waiting to be discovered by a real man and you can be the one. Your love doll will make all your dreams come true, all you need to do is be open with her and do all the things you have in mind with her because she is so eager to start to know you and you are eager to start playing with her. You can be gentle with her or unleash your every desire, she wants you just like you are and she is happy with the real you. Ashley is not shy and she is prepared to change your life and offer you the ultimate sex life you desire, your days with her will be full of lots of sex games because her pussy is always available for your good intentions. You can cum inside her, on her face, between her big tits, everything is allowed there are no rules and Ashley is horny and ready for you!

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