Sweet Dainty "Ruby" 100 cm/3.3 ft - FOR USA CUSTOMERS ONLY

$ 799.00 $ 1,295.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 29 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 100 cm/3.3 ft
  • Bust/Band : 65 cm/38 cm
  • Waist : 36 cm/14 inch
  • Hips : 63 cm/25 inch

Even if she is a small sex doll, she is also a great TPE sex doll because you will be able to everything you want with her. You can also joggle with Ruby because she will love to be your sex toy. Sometimes Ruby likes a gang bang, but only if you are not man enough for her. Ruby is a high-class girl who knows a lot about the world. She likes starting her day with a nice blow job because “that’s what gives me energy” she says. She is a girl who knows what she wants. Ruby likes to party and she is always positive bringing smiles and happiness to your life. As a naughty girl, Ruby will keep you company during the cold nights and she will be your loving partner during the days. Her blue eyes will look deep in your eyes and you will feel loved forever. This is exactly what a great man needs in order to be successful. The sex will be amazing with Ruby because her huge tits, will keep you warm and you feel amazing playing with them. You can squeeze them and you can kiss them because the sex doll is designed exactly for sweet and passionate sex. Ruby loves to play sex games and if you are into it, you will discover the hottest pleasures on Earth. Making love with Ruby is just great. Before ordering her, let’s take a look at some of her fantasies

“Sex is all I need. I love sex just like a thirsty man needs water. Making sex is my number one priority and if you are good enough, every time you put your dick inside me I will come to life and my sweet and sexy body will take you to the world full of greatness. My pussy is heaven and your dick is the vehicle taking you there. The journey we'll have will be amazing and the destination is full of happy moments. Put your body all over me and we’ll transform the simple missionary position into one of the greatest positions ever. Take me slow and when you feel you are about to cum, just move as faster as you can because if you do that, I will cum too. The best thing in life is to have an orgasm in the same time with your woman. I will feel when you are about to cum and then, your fast moves will make me have that great orgasm. I am also into kinky stuff. I am a short sex doll and I just love fucking while you hold me standing.

This position is one of the best because I will feel you deep and you will feel my entire warm pussy. Having me as your loving partner, you will feel blessed by the SEX Gods and you will experience all those porn movies you watched when you were a teenager. If you want to live all those moments you spent in your youth, I am the one for you. All I need is a place and a bed. If you can offer me this, I will never leave the house and I will always be there waiting for you to fuck me as hard as you can. I am all about sex. I want to offer you whatever you want. Feel free to tell me all your wishes and I will make them come true. As you probably know by now, I simply love blow jobs. It's something that gives me power and there won't be a day without at least one blow job. I can stay with your dick in my mouth all day long. You can watch a game or a movie while I am sucking you because that's so kinky and it turns me on. That's a promise and if you think I am just a sex doll and I can't keep my promise, just put me to the test. You will simply be amazed of me."

Ruby is a simple girl who simply loves sex. She is a short sex doll with huge tits with the goal of finding a kinky man to experience sex in all possible ways.