Stunning Cos-player "Leny" 163 cm/5.3 ft

$ 3,495.00 $ 3,995.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 60 lbs
  • Metrial : Platinum Silicone
  • Height : 163 cm/5.3 ft
  • Bust : 79 cm/31 inch
  • Waist : 54 cm/21 inch
  • Hips : 80 cm/31.4 inch

What would you say about having a woman employee that satisfies all of your needs? Lenny is a sex doll that can be the best option for you to hire. She is looking for a job, and she’s waiting for her best option. She studied a lot in sex area and she also has a degree in business. She wants to find someone to work for. She ensures that she will give quality sex and she will accomplish her tasks. Don’t worry, she won’t ask much. And it’s not about the money. Leny doesn’t want money. She just wants rewards from you.

That shouldn’t be so hard to give. This realistic doll has so lovely and soft body, that when you touch her you just can’t stop what are you doing and you will want more and more. Those innocent features, the mellow lips, and almond eyes are so inviting. Until now, Leny was busy with school. We forgot to mention that she is still studying because she wants to be the best. But she has plenty of energy to spare on making you happy! She is a bit shy, but what she lacks in experience, she makes up for it in enthusiasm! Maybe you could teach her a thing or two? Once you’re alone with Leny, she’ll let you explore every inch of her amazing body and rounded breasts – perfect for her size and for you! For such a shy girl, she has a really cheeky ass! Give it a spank – she loves it!

This sex doll’ s skin is realistically detailed and feels just like the real thing, soft and supple. She can move and pose in so many ways, just like a real woman! Lose yourself in her deep brown eyes, indulge in her soft, juicy lips! Once she will come to your house, she won’t stay apart. She likes to take part of your life and that means she will want to help you with whatever you want to. What about housekeeping? She already has a housekeeper uniform and she is anxious to wear it in front of you. So do you like her sexy uniform? If you are wondering what training school, she went to and where from she has a uniform like her, then you should find out that it’s about Sex Academy for Young Women! This is the kind of outfit that is so easy to remove and so easy to do your thing with it on. Actually, she will enjoy that more! She may seem shy, but she loves the danger. Well, she isn’t actually a housekeeper, she just loves to play roles. It’s fun to role-play sometimes! It may that she won’t do the cleaning after all, but who cares about that?

Grab her and put her to you, give her the spank that she loves then turn her backward on the kitchen table. She will be so excited. Bet you noticed already that she is not wearing any panties under this tiny skirt. When you get close to her that white stockings will rub your skin and you will get hornier. But she doesn’t want you to stop. If you are already in the kitchen what would you say to eat something? From her body, of course. She only will be satisfied when you are satisfied. This stunning sex doll is a superior, ultra-high- quality, realistic doll, and she is made from the finest things on earth: soft pinch-able body, hot perky breasts, smooth, tight stomach, full, round ass, stunning, beautiful face, and sweet lips. There’s a lot more, but she is trying to let herself being discovered. She has every necessary tool that she needs to turn you on and make you love her. You can touch her whenever you like. She’ll never say no! She wants your hands on her, to do with her whatever crosses your mind or whatever you’ve seen in the movies. Yes, she’s also into that. Role-play inspired from movies is another thing that she likes. She also has other secrets and it only remains for you find them out. One yours, she will tell. Everything. Now she needs an answer about her job request.Think you’re up for it?

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