Naughty Step-Sister "Stacey" 150 cm/4.9 ft

$ 1,999.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 59.1 lbs
  • Material : Platinum TPE
  • Height : 150 cm/4.9 ft
  • Bust : 77 cm/30.3 inch
  • Waist : 52 cm/20.47 inch
  • Hips : 74 cm/29.1 inch
  • Foot Length : 21 cm/8.27 inch
  • Vaginal Depth : 17 cm/6.7 inch

Stacey is a sex doll who likes crafting dicks into her own realistic pussy. But the thing is, Stacey has kind of a dangerous story. She was kidnapped by her step brother to turn her into his sex slave. Stacey was too kinky and she provoked her step brother too much not offering anything in return. She was walking almost naked around the house. She was teasing her step brother’s dick each day until he decided to kidnap her. She took her from work one day and then she went to a cottage into the wild mountains. They spent one month here making sex.

The guy transformed Stacey into his own personal sex slave. Don’t worry, she enjoyed it and now she became one of the greatest sex masters in the world. She has some stories regarding this thing she went through. We decided to present you one of her stories so you can realize how kinky Stacey became after this experience: “ After only one week as a sexual slave, I started to like this role and I wasn’t crying anymore.

I embraced the idea of being a sex slave for my step brother, after all, he had a huge dick and me kind of liked him fucking me. The first week she kept me all tied up and he fucked me for hours. After the first week, I told him to untie me because I won’t run and I will agree to satisfy all his needs. That was the day when I became a real sex doll slave. My step brother let me tie him and just like in the movie I tied his legs, his arms and I used his dick like my personal sex toy. That’s why they call me the dick crafter. I like crafting one's dick using my imagination.” Stacey is definitely a must have sex doll for every kinky boy out there who wants a sex slave but also a master sex. Stacey can be very tough. Her experience transformed her into a wild sex doll. Don’t let yourself fooled by her beautiful face and don’t mind those glasses that are making her kind of a geek. Stacey is slick. She wants you to think that you can master her just so she transforms you into her own personal sex slave. Here’s where the story becomes interesting. “ I thought I am a master and I thought I just found my sexual slave when I kidnapped my step sister, Stacey, but after only one week, things totally changed.

Stacey had a diabolic plan and I became a victim of my own kidnapping. I thought I will make her my sex slave when actually I became her sexual slave”. Stacey had a plan. She made her step brother kidnap her just she can transform him in his sexual slave. After only one-week things totally turned in her favor as her step brother just said. After that day she tied him up, she never untied him. She used his dick as her own personal toy just to fulfill all her sexual needs. You should be very careful with Stacey. We do not recommend her to anyone. Maybe you think you can take her and fuck her just the way you want, but be cautious, she may transform you into her personal sex slave. If you like this role, then Stacey is for you. If you are a shy guy, you should be oriented to a good and submissive sex doll. Stacey is a platinum sex doll. She is that sex doll making us proud of what we are doing. She can change your life with a simple blowjob. You can see the light you were looking for. She is beautiful, sexy and kinky and she will teach some new hot stuff sex related. Her pussy is her number one weapon and her tits are those accessories which will make you hard so you can get inside her. Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime.

If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.