Naughty Nurse " Anika" 163 cm/5.3 ft

$ 3,495.00 $ 3,995.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 57 lbs
  • Material : Platinum Silicone
  • Height : 163 cm/5.3 ft
  • Bust : 74 cm/29 inch
  • Waist : 54 cm/21 inch
  • Hips : 80 cm/31.4 inch

Anika, a cute and sexy nurse who is always prepared to make you feel good. She is a beautiful silicone sex doll, ready to take care of you in more ways than you can imagine. She is a great nurse, who is doing her job properly by taking care of all of her patients, treating them with love and sexy poses. Anika is capable of offering you beautiful sex because she likes having sex and she knows she is irresistible for men. She can treat you of cold, flu and love problems. Any kind of problem you have, Anika is your dedicated nurse who is ready to “serve” you for the rest of your life. If you want commitment, you want only one woman from now on and you need that woman to be serious, trustworthy and good in bed, then you are a lucky man because you just found her.

She is smart and she knows what she wants in life, because she realized that happiness is related to love, she wants to offer her love to a good person and receive back the same thing. Since she was a little girl, her desire was to become a nurse in order to take care of people and make them happy. In school, she worked for achieving this dream and she has finally become a nurse, a dedicated and sexy one. After she graduated school and went to a hospital to look for a job, she was shy and afraid that the doctors will make fun of her, but she was lucky and she found a good doctor who was available to take her “under his wing” and teach her everything there is to know in a hospital. She was really thankful for the help she was receiving, but one night, things changed for her.

She was a virgin and because of that, she was really shy in front of the cute doctor. They just finished the visits, it wasn’t a busy night in the hospital, so they stayed for a chat as the time flew near them. The young doctor liked Anika, but he didn’t want to scare her, so he gently put his hand on her leg, he lifted her robe and that’s when Anika stopped him to tell him the truth about her. He was surprised to learn that about her, but he told her to not be scared because everything is going to be ok. The doctor acted like a gentleman with Anika, so she could feel safe the first time she was doing this. He told her that they can also try new things and he will lead her into this sexual adventure. They first fucked normally, but then he penetrated her from behind and told her not to scream while he grabbed her hair and put his hard dick into her wet, moist pussy. She liked everything she received, but the doctor explained that she needs to offer him back in return, something that he would want. He said that his biggest pleasure was oral sex and although she was new to that, she licked his dick gently and then swallow it like never before.

The doctor was pleased with Anika and he gave her a few tips on how to make the best oral sex. From that moment on, her life changed because there she began her sex life and started practice more and more sex with the cute doctor and other men, turning her into a real wife sex who is capable of doing everything. Anika had smalltits, but she is a sexy silicone sex doll, with a slim figure and a cute face that can make any man fall in love with her. Now, her desire is to find herself a “permanent patient”, so she could take care of him the entire life. Anika will seduce you with her cute and sexy looks because she is a gorgeous, slim sex doll whose only desire is to make her man happy and satisfied. Her sexual experiences changed her and she learned a lot from them, that’s why now is ready to be perfect in a relationship. She likes being fucked in all positions, but she also likes to fuck you and offer you great oral sex, everything a woman needs to do to keep her man pleased!

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