Naughty Gorgeous " Kathy" 163 cm/5.3 ft

$ 3,495.00 $ 3,995.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 59.5 lbs
  • Material : Platinum Silicone
  • Height : 163 cm/5.3 ft
  • Bust : 79 cm/31 inch
  • Waist : 54 cm/21 inch
  • Hips : 80 cm/31.4 inch

If you want to find that perfect woman, who is going to take care of you, who will love you and comfort you no matter what, then you are lucky because you just found your future wife, the sex doll Kathy. When a realistic sex doll appears at your door, it will be a shame to let her go and don’t allow her to show what she can do. She is designed to please you because she is the perfect woman, she listens to you and doesn’t ask any questions. Kathy is beautiful, with a slim body and big tits which are just perfect for tits-fuck, leaving you a satisfied man.

She is a good girl who will do everything to make you happy. She likes to be penetrated by a powerful and confident man, she enjoys the foreplay where you kiss her nipples, lick her pussy and then you go straight into the action. You will receive that sex anime feeling with Kathy because she is so good at what she is doing and you will be a satisfied man next to her. Kathy is a good sex doll, she is quiet, she will wait for you calm at home until you arrive from work or from your meetings and her sexual appetite is always on a high level. She likes being seduced, you have to be gentle with her because that’s the only way you can win her heart. She is sensible, delicate, a mature woman who knows what she wants and that is sex, all day long and all night.

She likes to experience all kinds of sexual adventures and if you are prepared for her, you will have some of the best experiences so far. For example, once, she went out for a walk in the forest with her dog. They were alone on a sunny day, the weather was hot and that’s why they searched for a shady place where they settled their picnic. All of a sudden, she heard another dog’s bark and she saw a white, fluffy dog coming out from the forest, followed by a tall man who yelled at the dog to stop. When the man saw Kathy he suddenly stopped like he remained out of breath and just stared at her beauty and sexiness. Kathy invited him to their picnic while the two dogs played together. He couldn’t take his eyes off her because she was wearing a short dress with a small pair of panties and no bra. He was visibly excited to see her because he started having an erection and when she noticed that, she started caressing his dick, unzip his pants and swallowed his dick.

The man was amazed by her courage, but he liked what happened, so he enjoyed the oral sex but didn’t want to stay below and he started to kiss her thighs until he arrived at her pussy. He gently licked her wet and smooth pussy until she moaned, they both liked each other, so there in the woods, they had sex, a crazy thing to do, but it was so hot and special that they couldn’t help themselves by not enjoying the happy feeling. He ejaculated in her mouth, she was eager to receive his hot cum down her throat and the man was more than excited to have met the sexy doll Kathy who turned his world upside down. After that, he wanted to see her again, but for her, that was only a hot adventure because she was looking for another man to please and to possibly settle down with someone who would love her. Kathy, one of the hottest Japanese sex dolls, is now searching for the man of her dreams, a man who would let her please him, suck his dick and fuck him in all positions. If you think you are that kind of man and you deserve a gorgeous silicone sex doll like Kathy, then you can have her now in your bedroom. Love her and she will repay you in the same way, with love, trust and incredible sex; you have all the reasons to let Kathy be your other half!

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