Naughty Assistant "Addy" 160 cm/5.2 ft

$ 3,074.00 $ 4,049.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 75 lbs
  • Material : Silicone
  • Height : 160 cm/5.2 ft
  • Feet : 20 cm /7.8 inch
  • Bust/Band : 90 cm/70 cm
  • Waist : 63 cm/ 25 inch
  • Hips : 88 cm/ 34.6 inch

When the stars don’t shine they are busy watching this sex dolls performing the best blow job a real doll can perform. Addy is the blow job star and she can take it deeper and deeper all day long. Five is her favorite number because she likes to suck it at least 5 times a day. Addy was a teacher at the sex school for sex dolls. She invented the super sex doll blow job and after that, she became a pinky nurse to the local hospital. The manager hired her to heal patients recover. When he heard of her super start blow job, he decided that this can be the great medicine for any man. And he was right, no doubt about it. Addy becomes a famous a famous sex nurse in no time.

Addy is a sex doll that has an amazing body. We think she was created by a fashion model because she has a pair of 100% realistic boobs, not too big, not too small. The nipples are just great to be licked and touched. When you see them, something big will come out of your pants. Addy is a nice thin sex doll, long legged with beautiful real knees ready to be caressed by your strong man hands. She likes to keep her hair long because she wants you to pull her hair while she is sucking your dick and also because she has some original techniques using her long hair. Her long hair is known as her magical sex tool because Addy has a natural hair just like her pussy and when she puts them both to work the super blowjob comes to life.

But let’s get back to her story. Addy started her real cock sucker life when she became the sucking nurse in the local hospital. After her performance, every man was recovering. It was a miracle and this sex doll easily became the number one cock sucker in the world. A blow job who makes people healthier it is a blow job which you definitely gotta have.

“When Addy started sucking my cock 5 times a day, I realized that life is amazing and I have to try more. She really put some life into my blood and in only one week I could walk out of the hospital on my foot. Now, Addy is close to me every minute. She is part of my life and she is the magic that happened to me. I am alive thanks to this amazing sex doll and her amazing blowjob.”

This was the statement of one of the luckiest men who had the chance to share some great moment with Addy.

If you want to have a great life, you have to call for Addy. There are a lot of Addys here on Crafty Fantasy and you can get yours now. Addy is a silicone sex doll with real tits and a hot mouth. She likes to perform real blowjobs and she likes to get fucked just like the way you want. She will always be there for you and that’s what a man needs. Men are getting sick because women these days are eating them alive and not properly, but metaphorically speaking. sometimes you have to make a change and when we think about Addy, we are sure that she is that change that can transform our life into a masterpiece.

Addy likes to suck, but she also likes to fuck. So, don't worry, she will fuck you big time. Addy likes to fuck with her nurse costume on because she is kinky and when she has that costume on, different ideas come to her mind and you will love those ideas she has. She likes to kneel and she loves to take it her ass after she sucks it. so make sure you don't cum fast because you will lose a lot of fun stuff. On the other hand, you can cum whenever you want because Addy can be yours forever and ever. With a simple click, this silicone sex doll can be the woman you were looking for. This is your new start; make sure you take care of it. All you have to do is to use your dick and satisfy Addy.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing fro you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.