'Kylie' TPE Sex Doll - 128cm - young teen

$ 1,499.00 $ 1,995.00

Note: This doll only comes in 128 cm | 4.2 ft height with this gorgeous amazing body. The best part is that this doll has such a cutie face which makes it the cutie pie of the block with whom you always wanted to get in bed with. Rest is the imagination what you would do to this cutie. She will embrace you in her arms and legs and make you feel like a big daddy.

This doll has 3 holes, ie. oral, anal and vaginal sex holes for your ultimate sex pleasure.

Material: Soft lifelike skin of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with a fully articulated poseable metal skeleton.


Height: 128 cm | 4.2 ft

Breast:72 cm | 28 inch   Big Breast size

Waist:45 cm | 18 inch

Hip:77 cm | 31 inch

Net weight: 22 Kg | 48.5 lbs

Vaginal Depth:  7"/17.5cm | Anal Depth:  7"/17.5cm | Oral Depth: 5.5"/13.9cm

"A Cutie Pie-ly" - Kylie



This petite little woman can lift your spirits just as easily as you lift her off the ground and spin her around. She is rambunctious and fully of youthful spirits, and loves of shot of whiskey as much as any other more mature woman, or taller type.



Whether you dress her in rollerblading gear and have a sporty afternoon, or dress her down in delicate designer fashion item delicacies is your decision. Kylie is down for whatever. She will be down for Movies and Chill, or whatever whimsical fantasies you can come up with. Whatever you want.



Kylie can confidently be said to contain the spirit of youth and vigor, and will never run out of patience for pleasure and fun. Take your time or go at the speed of light and Kylie will continuously contort and conform to your needs.



One way Kylie stands above the rest is her short stature. But don't call her short, even if she certainly is a shorty! Kylie wants to do whatever it takes that makes you happiest, no matter how she has to twist and bend to mend your dampened spirits.



Contained in such a small package is a full sized heart and plenty of passionate curves and even a supple luscious mouth and lusty lips ready to kiss and suck.



Take a page from her sporty playbook, and start playtime with Kylie today.



You won't regret the youthful choice.



Note: Please keep in mind these dolls are not inflatable doll or cheap blowup dolls. We take great pride in making realistic, lifelike sex dolls with body that is a perfect match to a real girl's body inside and outside. Please be aware and cautious from scammers who try to sell you silicone dolls for less money.

Realistic sex …
These sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. These sex dolls have real life simulation vaginal opening for making your pleasure realistically possible. The experience is like having sex with a real girl, so soft real skin feeling. Our sex dolls arouse your naughty side and helps fulfill your dirty fantasies.

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