Hot Body Builder "Maggie" 166 cm/ 5.4 ft

$ 1,899.00 $ 2,995.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 70 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 166 cm/ 5.4 ft
  • Bust/Band : 92 cm/66 cm
  • Waist : 59 cm/ 23 inch
  • Hips : 85 cm/33.4 inch

What are you saying? You don’t know Maggie?! She is a curvy, delicious sex doll, who was created especially for you, to turn all of your dreams into reality. Here is the story of a man who met Maggie and he immediately fell in love with her. “I first met Maggie about a couple of years ago. I was new to that gym and after I paid for my membership, I changed my clothes and I was waiting for my trainer to come and show me what we have to do.

After a couple more minutes, I saw this incredible, stunning woman coming over to me. She was a curvy milf, she looked so good, with a toned, fit body and a beautiful face that would make you fuck her right there and right now. I kept my calm, but when she came over, she said she was my coach and she will help me become the body builder I wanted to. I said to myself that this must be heaven because she was an angel and I have fallen into her world. She was very serious about her job, but those leggings on her showed more than it was the case and my mind imagined all of these sex scenes where she would suck my dick really slowly and then I would fuck her in the ass while squeezing those large tits. When she noticed that I don’t pay attention to her, she slapped me and made me promise I won’t do that again. After this first day was over and I began thinking about strategies on how to seduce her. I wanted

Maggie to be mine and I said to myself, I will do everything to succeed. The next weeks were pretty much the same, I couldn’t talk to her about a possible date because she was so serious and she also had other clients, so she needed to take care of them as well. I didn’t give up and my mind was only thinking about fucking her in her wet pussy and giving her a hard dick between her lips. Of course, I had an erection every time I thought about that, but I couldn’t help it because she was so damn good. But then, out of nowhere, luck was on my side and it was a late evening when I heard someone crying in the girl's locker room. I was curious to see what happened and when I opened the door, I saw Maggie, she was all alone and crying. I went up to her to comfort her, but she wanted to reject me, so I put her in my arms and didn’t want to let go of her. She smelled so good and after wanting to refuse my help, she finally collapsed into my arms and cried. After she calmed down, I asked her what happened and she told me that the gym wanted to fire her, with no apparent reason.

I was so pissed what I heard that and I told her that if she leaves, I’m going with her. She smiled and said she is going to take a shower and wait for her there. When she got out she had only a blue towel on her and she sat next to me and made me a sign to kneel in front of her. She spread her legs and told me that if I want her, I have to lick her pussy right now. I was surprised, but I couldn’t say no to her offer so I did what she asked me. Her pussy was so wet, it smelled like wild fruits and I liked every inch of it. She cummed in my mouth, I enjoyed her warm cum on my face and in my mouth and after that, she told me to fuck her in that wet pussy. She was licking and squeezing her tits while I fucked her. It was an incredible pleasure for me because Maggie was an expert in the art of seduction and my dream came true. After we finished a great sex match, she told me that she has noticed me and faith brought us together. After that, we both left that gym and never came back, she has become my wife and we are happily training one another both in sport and in bed. She is an amazing love doll and she deserves everything, her beauty has no match and she is perfect for me!”

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