Gorgeous Naughty Cos-player "Asumi" 165 cm/5.4 ft

$ 2,299.00 $ 2,500.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 66 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 165 cm/5.4 ft
  • Bust : 79 cm/31 inch
  • Waist : 53 cm/21 inch
  • Hips : 76 cm/30 inch

While some porn stars started their careers as master - fuckers, Asumi is a sex doll who invented the hottest Asian sex in the world and not by playing in porn movies but doing some really sexy sitcoms. She brought the real sex into the common sitcoms in Japan and then these sitcoms extended right in the men’s bedroom without using the TV. If you didn’t get it, after doing some sensual sex, this Asian doll went to each man bedroom and continued the sitcom with some real sex custom made following each man’s desire and imagination. Asumi is that sex doll that you imagine fucking when you are thinking about some anime sex. When you were watching porn and you saw for the first time the anime sex expression, you thought, why not? And we can’t blame you.

Who wouldn’t want to try such great sex with an Asian sex doll? Asumi is a modern sex doll with a fancy hair cut and with a bold hair color. She likes to keep her hair in a cool messy style, just you can feel the real sex an Asian sex can offer. She has a tiny body which goes great with her huge tits. Keep her summary dressed so she can show her huf=ge tits and her nasty ass. These are the features that made her a star in the movie television industry. She started playing into a funny sitcom where Asian girls and boys were having fun in the clubs and on the beach. Besides the great screenplay, this sitcom, called simple, Asumi, became a success after Asumi started bringing sex in the episodes. This wasn’t written in the script, but her huge tits helped Asumi improvise. Almost all the cast was staring at her huge tits while she was saying her lines, so in the third episode, Asumi started her improvisation. While she was saying her line, he took a fellow actor by his head and put his face between her huge tits and she held him there until his dick got hard and then she started rubbing the guy in front of the cameras. The cast was stunned and they let the cameras shoot the entire scene, but they cut it before the actor was about to ejaculate because they realized this is not something they can show on national television. But in no time the shoot became viral and they switched from the national TV to a commercial TV and there was the place where Asumi really brought sex into the sitcoms. Here's t

he first episode: "The action takes place on the corner of a beach and the idea is that two guys who talked about anime sex and about having some Asian sex, see Asumi on the beach while she lying to get some tan. These guys started talking to the sex doll about this new thing called anime sex they saw on TV. Their goal was to see if Asumi, being an Asian sex doll, knows something about this. While they got her engaged in the conversation, Asumi took off her top and she started touching her huge tits while she explained them about the anime sex. In the mean time, another Asian sex doll comes out from the sea and with her hand starts rubbing the guys' asses from behind going through their balls. Asumi took her panties off too and while the guys were rubbed by the second girl from behind, Asumi was fingering her pussy and with her other hand she took off their pants and started sucking their cocks.

The scene was got even hotter when the other Asian sex doll started licking their assholes. In no time, the guys were on the edge of ejaculating, but the two sex dolls just stopped. They stopped because the first episode just came to an end" It's a naughty thing when episodes end like that, but in this case, the second episode will take part in your own bedroom because as we said at the beginning, Asumi and her sex sitcom start on the set but it ends straight in your bedroom. If you want Asumi and her huge Asian big tits to create an episode every night especially for you, you can order her now and she will come to your place with the goal of offering you the hottest Asian sex you ever had.

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