Fiona - The Florist (5.5 ft tall)

$ 3,695.00 $ 4,995.00

Never have you smelled hair so sweet on a realistic sex doll. Our life like sex dolls have bodies so true to life you may find yourself smelling her hair longingly, or maybe taking a smell and giving a kiss to a much lower area on her. Fiona is passionate about it many things, but she is especially passionate about flowers. She is a florist, with a nose for sweet scents and an eye for lovely flower petals. She can spot Spring Meadow Saffron, Sapphire Sage, or Siberian Squill from almost a mile away. If you bring her flowers, she will love you forever. Even if it is just daisies and baby's-breath. And the only think missing in her life is someone to share her sweet scents with. Is that someone you?

Fiona is one of our tallest lovely real life sex dolls standing at 5'5", making her the absolute perfect height for that realistic roll in the sack. She weights a portable 67 lbs, making her easy to lift and do with as you please. She has a truly satisfying bust measuring 32-D, with a slim waist measuring 26 inches. Her hips will inspire you to grab and pound, measuring a very realistic 36 inches. When you use her fully posable metallic skeleton to wrap her legs around you while you are plunged deep inside her, you may need to pinch yourself to remind you that you aren't dreaming of a real girl.

As you can see in her pictures, Fiona also loves to wear floral prints on her clothes, and enjoys flowers on her sheets, and flower paintings on the walls. She will wear whatever sexy lingerie you put on her though, since she loves to dress up for you. Although this life like sex doll is more than happy to lay around in nothing but her birthday suit. She will show off her delicate curves and lovely feminine wiles to no one but you. Each of our life size sex dolls is custom made for each order. You will know for certain that she exists only for you.

When you grab her firm full breasts in your palms and put a rough hand on her hip, look into her eyes and know she will please you forever. This girl could come right from a dating catalog, and you won't even need to buy her dinner first. Her aim is for you to take your thick bulging member, and roughly plunge it into any of her three available holes. Her mouth is salivating for your delicious dick, and her butt puckers tightly imagining your big rod spreading her cheeks. Her pussy drips in excitement from your bulbous member. Stick a few fingers worth of lube inside her and swirl around, and she will do nothing to stop you from skewering her all night and all day long.

Fiona has a particular favorite smell as well: And it is your fresh squeezed cum

She has 3 holes, ie. mouth, vagina and anal for your ultimate sex pleasure. You have an option to choose fixed vagina or removable vagina at no additional cost. Some customers choose removable as it is easy to clean. Some choose fixed as it seems real. You can let us know after you make the purchase.

(Height: 5.5 feet) | (Bust: 32-D cup) | (Waist: 26 inches) | (Hips: 36 inches) | (Weight: 67 lbs)

Note: Please keep in mind these dolls are not inflatable doll or cheap blowup dolls. We take great pride in making realistic, lifelike sex dolls with body that is a perfect match to a real girl's body inside and outside. Please be aware and cautious from scammers who try to sell you silicone dolls for less money.

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