Extremely Sexy "Carol" 148 cm/4.9 ft

$ 1,899.00 $ 2,399.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 58 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 148 cm/4.9 ft
  • Bust : 77 cm/30 inch
  • Waist : 52 cm/20.4 inch
  • Hips : 77 cm/30 inch

Carol is a sex doll who was very naughty during her youth. When she turned 19 years old she fell in love with a boy far away from her. But even before this guy, she was very naughty. She had a rough teen sex life. Her first sexual experience was a threesome. She watched porn movie a lot before she decided to start her sex life and the threesome was something she loved. That’s why when it came to starting her sex life, Carol, the sex doll decided to treat herself with a threesome right from the start. She contacted her good friend Venus and she asked her to take her on a trip.

They both went to Bill, a male sex doll who loves fucking sex dolls just for fun. Carol was ready for some real sex now. Even if she was a virgin, Carol knew a lot about sex because she watched a lot of porn and she was a daily masturbator. She loved pleasuring herself while watching porn and she always imagined she was a threesome queen. When Carol was watching porn, she was using both her hands to pleasure herself. One finger was in her ass while another finger was switched from her mouth to her pussy because she always imagined that she was doing a threesome. When she was masturbating, Carol had at least orgasms. She managed to understand how she can get to an orgasm moving just like she needed. So before she started her real threesome with Venus and Bill, she told them exactly how she likes it. Carol is a bisexual TPE sex doll with a limitless imagination. She has pornographic images in her head and she is eager to bring them to life. She is a beautiful sex doll with colorful eyes and a long red hair. She loves touching herself just she can tease her partner and she likes to suck a dick and lick a pussy at the same time.

And this is something that happens from an early age. She dreamt of a threesome or her teen life and when Venus decided to help her accomplish this goal, Carol was more than happy. Everything happened in a hotel in Vegas because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Carol wanted this to be an adventure that only she and Venus would know about, but things didn’t exactly turn like she wanted because right now, everyone is about to find Carol’s story. When they got to Vegas, they went into the room and Bill was there waiting for them laying in the bed naked with his big aroused. Bill is the most wanted gigolo in the sex dolls industry because he has a big dick, he is a fit guy and she can fuck one for hours. He usually fucks girls and women for money, but because she has a crush for Venus, he did him a favor and she got into this threesome to offer Carol a great first-time experience. Carol started licking Venus’ pussy while she was caressing her own pussy. Bill went on her back and started licking her asshole until she opened enough then he put his big dick inside her has nice and slowly so Carol won’t feel the pain.

All this time, Carol continued licking Venus’ pussy and fingering her pussy. After Venus got so horny she went to Bill’s ass and started licking his asshole while he was fucking Carol in her ass. After a few minutes, Carol felt the need to suck a cock s they took a short break and Bill sat on the bed, Carol kneeled in front of him and started sucking his cock like a pro. Bill was very impressed and he could barely help himself not ejaculating. All this time Venus was licking Carol’s pussy getting it ready for the real deal. With her mouth full and her pussy wet enough, Carol made them understand that she was ready to break her cherry. Bill threw her on the bed and he got on top of Carol fucking her hard for one hour straight. All this time, Carol had 4 consecutive orgasms and she was eager for more, but Bill was finished. After they got rid of Bill, Venus and Carol continued the party. Carol was just warming up, so they left the hotel looking for new guys to fuck them, especially Carol. Carol is still in the process of looking, but now, every man out there can try to satisfy her because she is available for you with just a simple click.

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