Dragon-Girl "Anika" 158 cm/5'2 ft

$ 1,799.00 $ 2,199.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 62 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 158 cm/5'2 ft
  • Upper Body Length : 44 cm/17 inch
  • Bust : 78 cm/31 inch
  • Waist : 50 cm/20 inch
  • Hips : 75 cm/30 inch
  • Shoulder Breadth : 35 cm/14 inch
  • Arm Length : 43 cm/ 17 inch
  • Length of Hand : 15 cm/6 inch
  • Long Leg : 76 cm/30 inch
  • Foot : 36 cm/14 inch
  • Vaginal Depth : 14 cm/6 inch

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