'Jesse' - A Kinky Lawyer

$ 1,499.00 $ 2,700.00

Jesse doll is available in different heights/bodies like 4.5 ft, 4.9 ft, 5 ft, 5.1 ft, 5.3 ft. You can also order just the head of this doll with your purchase of another doll. The measurements for these different heights/bodies are as follows: 

Body Styles Available for this head:

4ft5 C-cup (53"/135cm) | Measurements: 31-21-32 • Weight: 50 lbs.

4ft9 C-cup (57"/145cm)  | Measurements: 31-21-32 • Weight: 55 lbs.

5ft A-cup (60"/153cm)  | Measurements: 30-22-32 • Weight: 59 lbs.

5ft1 B-cup (61"/156cm)  | Measurements: 31-21-32 • Weight: 60 lbs.

5ft1 E-cup (61"/156cm)  | Measurements: 32-22-32 • Weight: 61 lbs.

5ft1 F-cup (61"/156cm)  | Measurements: 33-22-32 • Weight: 62 lbs.

5ft3 E-cup (63"/163cm)  | Measurements: 32-22-32 • Weight: 66 lbs

This doll has 3 holes, ie. oral, anal and vaginal sex holes for your ultimate sex pleasure.

Material: Soft lifelike skin of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with a fully articulated poseable metal skeleton.

Vaginal Depth:  7"/17.5cm | Anal Depth:  7"/17.5cm | Oral Depth: 5.5"/14cm

'Jesse' sex doll description:

Your Honor, you have the final word. Jesse is always on the case when it comes to flip flopping on the issues and measuring every bit up and down of your thick swollen legal defense until the gavel slams and you give her some well deserved court justice. Jesse goes down by the book, and since she is such a tight ass you can imagine cuddling up next to her and positioning her lifesize sex doll body being a truly judicial experience. Have you ever felt fucked by your job? Well she is an even more expert fuck than getting fucked over in court or any other government agency. Only this time the whipping is on your terms, and she is a very obedient sex doll legal love slave.

Our lifesize love doll Jesse will stay on the job until the work is finished, and since you have her devotion in your pocket, you know she will always lobby for your favor... in the form of your thick hard attention. Ride Jesse until she pleads the 5th amendment, and then shove your gag order in her mouth to shut her up. Take out some pent up frustration from your day on this lifesize realistic solid silicone sex doll sure to satisfy even the tightest of tensions. This tight-ass can take it, and her ass might be tight enough to fit a few case loads before you hit the sack. Make Jesse the lifesize sex doll your contractual lover today, and never settle for an expensive escort when this Lawyer already knows all your favorite moves.

This is one Kinky Lawyer, trust us, she made us swear on a book

Note: Please keep in mind these dolls are not inflatable doll or cheap blowup dolls. We take great pride in making realistic, lifelike sex dolls with body that is a perfect match to a real girl's body inside and outside. Please be aware and cautious from scammers who try to sell you silicone dolls for less money.

Realistic sex …
These sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. These sex dolls have real life simulation vaginal opening for making your pleasure realistically possible. The experience is like having sex with a real girl, so soft real skin feeling. Our sex dolls arouse your naughty side and helps fulfill your dirty fantasies.

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