9. Elf Goddess of Beauty "Kianna" 168 cm/5'5 ft

$ 1,899.00 $ 2,399.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 88 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 168 cm/5'5 ft
  • Upper Bust : 88 cm/35 inch
  • Under Bust : 57 cm/23 inch
  • Waist : 53 cm/21 inch
  • Hips : 86 cm/34 inch
  • Shoulder Breadth : 38 cm/15 inch
  • Arm Length : 46 cm/ 18 inch
  • Length of Hand : 16.5 cm/7 inch
  • Thight Length : 42 cm/17 inch
  • Feet Length : 21 cm/8 inch
  • Vaginal Depth : 17 cm/7 inch

Kianna tries to create a sexy and futuristic environment in your bedroom. Kianna is that sex doll that has multiple stories, but the greatest story is the one you will both create in your bedroom. She is a sexy elf who comes from a far away planet. She is what future sex means. She has a welcoming pussy and she is very different than all other girls or sex dolls. She is a unique sex doll that you really need in your life. If you wonder why a longed ear sex doll will change your life or why is she so different than other girls or sex dolls, you have to understand that, Kianna will take your dick into places you never been,

Have you ever fucked an elf pussy? I guess not. Well, here is your chance to change the odds. Kianna was stolen from the Elfs’ planet and she was brought to Earth to teach men how to fuck like real fuckers. She was present in a lot of porn movies on her planet and now here, she will become an amazing fucking machine because she can fuck for years and her pussy will be like new forever. Her long ears help her hear your inner thoughts. So if you think about a blow job all you have to do is to think more than once and you will wake up with her mouth on your dick. She can suck forever. Just push her harder and deeper so she can satisfy your fantasies. You can call her the Fantasy Kianna. She was born from a fantasy and she lives to fulfill fantasies. Her long ears will help you fuck her easier from behind as you can pull her ears as hard as you want because nothing bad will happen. Those guys from that

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