Our sex dolls: Our sex dolls are each individually handmade by our talented team of professionals. We present a range of highly realistic sex dolls equipped with the latest technologies up-to-date.  You can feel confident knowing that all of our love dolls products have to pass rigorous inspections to meet our expectations of quality. We will never replace the quality of a sex doll with mass-selling, so whenever there is a delay in the production, it is mainly due to time we take to maintain utmost quality of our lifesize doll products. Our staff is dedicated to give you complete attention and making sure your sex doll is ordered and delivered to you in proper, safe and discreet manner. You will receive unmatched personalized attention and a beautiful handmade silicone sex doll companion to enhance your sex life. 

Realistic sex: These sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. These sex dolls have real life simulation vagina, anal and oral sex openings for making your pleasure realistically possible. The experience is like having sex with a full-sized partner, but with the advantage of a full-body view of her during intercourse. It's very much like the full view you wish you had during sex, but couldn't ...until now.

Why our sex dolls are special: A great deal of our research and development goes into designing our sex dolls to make it possible to enjoy both realistic beauty and great sex.  Our sex dolls are equipped with real life simulation design and a real beautiful artistic design is what we are all about.

Material: Top-class silicone resin made, real smooth skin touch. We use the macro-molecule medical silicone which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length. The soften range is up to 0-100A. So the doll provides more durable service. The sex doll's skin color has purely natural luster and body has real smooth feelings by touch.

Craftmanship: The sex doll's face is lovely pretty which is sculptured by experienced sculptor. The make-up is put of safe materials with no poisonous smell. The hair is long shining and sexy smooth. The breasts are highly firm and rounded. The nipples have great flexibility with slightly pink areolas. The navel has a natural centric mark and smooth depression. The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology. The limbs can be freely extended and moved to any desired sexual position.

Water proof: Yes, the material is water proof and will not absorb water. These are solid silicone sex dolls (no air pockets). The vagina and anal parts are easily removable and washable for complete hygiene.

Shipping: Yes, we are offering FREE shipping on our items to customers worldwide. Our typical turn around time is 10-14 business days to your door step. At few occasions where there are few orders ahead of you or there is some custom work involved, the turn around time can be extended 14-21 days for delivery to your door step. You also have an option to have your package put on hold at your closest Fedex or DHL facility so you can pick-up the box at your own free will and discrete manner. Our staff is dedicated to give you complete attention and making sure your doll is ordered and delivered to you in proper, safe and discreet manner. We try our best to answer all your questions within 24 hrs.

What is included in the box? Each doll is wrapped in nice blanket. The head of the doll is packed separately and securely. We include one piece of random selection of lingerie. We include a hair wig of your choosen hair color. Sometimes clients ask us to include the same dress or wig as the model is wearing in the photos, which we do not guarantee. At times these expensive dresses and hair wigs are used for photo shoot and are not part of the sale of the doll.

Why our sex dolls are expensive?: Our sex dolls are not inflatable but real silicone dolls with metallic skeleton frame for human alike body movements. The materials used are very expensive and the amount of time involved in the manufacturing process is highly labor intensive, and even more so with the added difficulty of detailing and tolerances of smaller proportions. Sex with our love dolls is very realistic and will enhance your sex life and fulfill your fantasies. Our prices are very reasonable. Compared with other options, our sex dolls are very affordable and with care will last for many years.

What if i change my mind? If a customer changes his/her mind within the first 24-48 hrs of payment, we will offer full refund. Any refund after this time period is dependent on how much further we are with making of your doll. You need to contact us as soon as you change your mind. One of our sales representative will assist you in figuring out your refund. In case your order is almost close to be shipped, then we are sorry we cannot provide any refund at that time. Please understand that each doll is made to each customer request.

Returns: No returns are accepted under any circumstances. All sales are final. We encourage you to make up your mind completely before you place your order. Due to health & hygiene reasons, we are unable to offer an exchange or refunds for change of mind on our sex dolls. Also as each sex doll is handmade and customized according to each sale, it is not possible to return such item. It is the reason we provide clear photos and videos of the product to ensure your purchase with confidence to facilitate the order process. You are welcome to call us, ask us any questions and also check out our demo videos to make sure you are comfortable in placing order with us.

For faulty products, we offer a 30 DAYS FIX WARRANTY, from the date you receive your product.

If your product is totally damaged while shipping, it will be replaced with an identical product. If a certain part of the sex doll body is faulty, we will replace that part for replacement. We will also offer you some discount if the faulty part cannot be fixed. Please contact us if the item is faulty or defective - each will be assessed on a case by case basis with the appropriate course of action taken.

If the buyer has used the faulty product, then we cannot replace the used product for health & hygiene reasons. In this case we can only offer some refund depending upon the damage level of the product.