About Us

A Mission Without Compromise

Here at ESEXDOLLS.COM our company has a clear mission that we never compromise on: the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers.

There are countless sex toy shops on the internet, but here at ESEXDOLLS.COM we understand how much thought and consideration goes into purchasing a high value product such as a life size sex doll. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding the creation of all of our love dolls, since each doll is constructed using a very complicated and precise fabrication process that results in a doll so life like you will be astounded when you touch them. The invention of silicone has revolutionized the adult pleasure industry, with a material that is finally able to accurately mimic the soft but firm feel of supple delicate flesh. The dolls we offer are nothing like you have ever felt, and when warmed to body temperature even we have difficulty distinguishing the material from real skin.

We have been selling our products for over half a decade, so we are familiar with many of the apprehensions surrounding doll ownership. That's why we have a phone number you can call, and a physical location as well. This is to provide that extra layer of security and peace of mind while you make your purchase. We are a US based company, and we maintain our goals of providing more reliable access to realistic sex dolls and life sized doll companions. The ability and ease of ownership for Americans to import realistic silicone sex dolls is regrettably complicated and often prohibitively expensive after foreign taxes, import and customs costs. Our goal is to change that, one love doll at a time.

No longer should desiring a "Dutch Wife" or a Asian silicone sex doll be considered something shameful. At ESEXDOLLS.COM we love each of our dolls like real women, and respect them just like we would a real breathing person. This results in a product beyond comparison, and paired with fantastic customer service means you will be satisfied for years to come. Our customer base includes men, women, and couples of all kinds, whether single or married.

Even our website layout reflects our vision of a world where you can choose a love doll of your very own, with a personality that matches your fantasies. We envision a place where any adult can walk in and browse through the beautiful women until they find the girl who was made just for them. Our company has the highest respect for individual preferences and personal tastes, and we will always take the extra step and make the extra effort to maintain the admiration and loyalty of our valued customers. Before your doll even arrives you will already be satisfied with your purchase, because that is how confident we are about every one of our lovely ladies.

What Started As An Idea, Became A Mission

"Hey, Jag here. Some of you may have already chatted with me, and I'm always glad to hear customer feed back. I wanted to tell you a little bit more about myself, and the idea I had back in the early years of the new millennium.

"A lot of people ask me 'Why realistic sex dolls, and not just sex toys?' And my answer is that other markets and sites are full of countless sex toys, but not the truly life like realistic sex toys that I personally wanted for my own use. It was obvious there was a lack of access based on how much I observed other people demanding these products as well... but were unable to purchase them. So rather than focusing on preexisting sex toys, I took the leap to focus on only the highest quality premium solid TPE and Silicone sex dolls.

"One of my friends owned a mannequin factory and I presented him my idea. The rest is, as they say, 'History.'

"Next I traveled across the globe to meet other entrepreneurs and businesses, and even factories in different countries to see the level of quality they were producing and the exact types of silicone they were crafting with. Then with the partnership of my friend, we started making dolls that we would want for ourselves. At this point we also decided to buy wholesale from other factories around the globe, after personally verifying that they each have passed our quality checks and agreements.

"We take care of the potentially confusing and complicated US customs, taxes, and duties to bring the dolls to the US which often prevent people from owning dolls. We only deal with verified suppliers, and strive to give our customers a hassle free experience. We have some exclusive faces that I am very proud of and are in the process of launching more faces that will be exclusive to our company. You won't find them anywhere else in the globe.

"But let me pause for a bit of fascinating history: Did you know that the first recorded uses of sex dolls goes back to mannequins called 'Dames de voyage'? They were makeshift masturbatory dolls made of sewn cloth or old clothes, used by French and Spanish sailors while isolated at sea during long voyages. And that was back in the seventeenth century!"

Making The Difference

"Even knowing all that, some people might wonder if I feel any shame for the business we run here at ESEXDOLLS.COM, and the answer is a resounding 'no.'

"I have gotten the chance to hangout with lots of single guys after my divorce a few years ago, who were either frustrated with their past relationships or some who were frustrated with dating in general. I also started observing and researching the psychology of some people as they become too focused on 'getting laid' and loosing their identities. Too often they would try to change themselves to be more what they thought someone else would want. And not in a positive or constructive way that would better them.

"I also observed many people spending so much money in strip clubs and on personal escorts who would come home even less satisfied at the end of the day, so I kept brainstorming how I could provide a permanent solution. To help all those men or women who are in a long term relationship and desire the thrill of a fresh body, or who are single and in need of a perfect sex toy to satisfy them and take away their desperateness when in conversation with potential mates. It is amazing how much confidence can be gained from having sex with a love doll who never judges or makes demands.

"Too many people resort to cheating on their spouse when the desire to stray, or for something new, becomes too strong. Thanks to the continuing efforts of everyone in our company, now these individuals have a guaranteed safe alternative that they can even include their partner on.

"Nearly everyone I have met shares the fantasy of a hot threesome, but worry how their partner would feel about it. Now we can even offer a solution for the Ultimate Fantasy.

"Sexuality isn't something anyone should be ashamed of.

"We are doing our part to make you feel confident, comfortable, and compassionately cared for every step of the way."