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Japanese Sex Doll for You

For most men, meeting the girl of their dreams takes time and a lot of luck. Fortunately, there are companies that can save you time by bringing you that perfect partner in just a few days.

The Many Things You Can Do with a Japanese Real Doll

The Japanese sex doll industry reaches new heights with the release of the improved “Dutch Wives” getting rave reviews all over the world. These new models are getting the attention of online publication moguls such as the Elite Daily and The Daily Mail. According to the reports:

“These new “Dutch Wives” (Japanese term for sex doll) are crafted from the highest quality silicone material. Costing over $1,500, the dolls, which are a product of a high-tech industry in Japan that searches for ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible, have extremely human-like eyes and skin.

They also come with their own line of clothing and are completely customizable, so you can alter the doll’s bust and hair color to suit your liking. The latest models even come with movable joints, so you can bend her in doggy style if you want.”  

The dolls, which are mostly silicone based, have realistic skin, features, artist-rendered eyes, and different types of hair. Japanese sex dolls now look more alive than ever.

Owning a sex doll makes way for a multitude of activities that are difficult to attempt with a real partner. Here are some the best sex positions you can enjoy with your customized Japanese Sex Doll:

  • Angled Missionary—Think of the angled term here as working the hole in an unusual way. The angled missionary is 45 degrees penetration to the side, which enables a new sensation for you.
  • Butterfly— The Butterfly provides you with a complete view of your partner. Pose your partner on the edge of the bed while you stand or kneel to penetrate her exposed body.
  • Doggie Style—Much like how the position is named, you focus all your energy in penetrating your partner’s behind. While doing this with a sex doll may seem repetitive, you can spice it up by lifting its feet in the air and using its hand as a bridge for deeper penetration.
  • Eyes To The Sky—Basically, let your partner sit on your erection. It’s doggie style in a more relaxed position.
  • Kitchen Confidential—This is all about a change of scenery. Kitchen sex or kitchen confidential is all about placing your partner on any tabletop or kitchen counter to take advantage of a more welcoming hip level position.
  • Missionary—This all-time favorite position puts you in control and let’s you enjoy the full view of your partner’s breast and face. Simply, lay down your partner and her spread her legs, then, attack it.
  • Reverse Cowgirl—Unlike doing this position with a real woman, a reverse cowgirl with a sex doll can give you better mobility. You don’t have to wait for her to hump hard, just rock your hips like a mad man in a gravity-defying vertical position!
  • Reverse Waterfall—Have your partner lay down on her back with her shoulders and head hanging down on the floor. Adjust her to hip level and then, thrust like crazy.
  • Spooning—What can be more intimate than lying down in your bed and just turning around to satisfy your sexual urge? Spooning lets you snuggle your partner
  • Standing Up—Sex dolls have all the capacity to stand, and the advantage of not getting tired. If you’re down for a frolic back door business, then you should try this one.
  • The Face Sitter—This is probably one of the best positions to do with a sex doll. This is a gag-free oral sex move where you can penetrate your partner’s mouth all you want. Just don’t forget, whether it’s a doll or not to rest a pillow behind her head to avoid damage.
  • The Flatiron—This is probably the best rear-entry positions. The Flatiron position let’s you get a tighter fit and maximum skin contact to her juicy behind.
  • The Lotus—With both of you sitting upright, you can arrive at a more sensual straddling with your partner. You can hug your partner in this position while rocking into her.
  • The Sidewinder—Imagine this one as the combination of the spooning, angled missionary, and flatiron position. You get to have the most stimulation and all the freedom to touch your partner all over.
  • The Valedictorian—This position will open up your partner to the fullest be it a real woman or a sex doll. Also referred to as a ‘V’ spread, there is no honor greater than reaching orgasm with open legs.

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