German Sex Dolls

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German Sex Dolls: Beautiful and Wild, Just the Way You Like it!

The thought of using sex dolls for pleasure always stirs debate. While some people see it negatively, others have found comfort and peace through sex dolls. Thus, it has become an accepted adult toy for pleasure-seekers all around the world.

Make Love to a Real Doll German

The popularity of sex dolls is fairly evident, but did you know that sex dolls were also believed to have been used during the time of Adolf Hitler? The German leader supposedly approved of sex dolls being developed for the Nazis to avoid contracting Syphilis from French prostitutes. The Borghild Project was inspired by Heinrich Himmler’s memo to Hitler, telling him that the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores in France is a great danger. Some Nazis looking for a quick adventure ended up diseased. To prevent more soldiers from getting infected, 50 synthetic dolls built to fit inside a backpack were delivered to a Nazi camp.

Get cozy with a German sex doll tonight and have the time of your life. German women are known to have a beautiful body and a full chest, not to mention, glowing or slightly freckled skin and full, kissable lips. Our collection of lovely German sex dolls at will surely make you want to take one home.

The Finest German Sex Dolls

If you’re looking for pleasure, but are not yet ready to commit, let a beautiful German love doll become your companion. Sex dolls can give you the sexual release that you desire any time you want. It’s no surprise why some owners treat their dolls like real women; the high level of intimacy you can experience with a sex doll can be exceptional.

A key to better sex is a longer duration of intercourse. Having control over the sensations you feel helps you last longer. Here are some tips on how you can enhance your stamina for sexual satisfaction:

  •    Strengthen your forearms – Many sex positions involve using your forearms. Lifting free weights can help make them stronger and help you last longer during sex.
  •    Do tongue exercises – To avoid having jaw and tongue cramps during oral sex,  push the underside tip of your tongue to your hard palate to strengthen the muscle.
  •    Work your abs and lower back – Since these muscles get used quite often during sex, try doing some inverted curls, squats, deadlifts, planks, and pushups.
  •    Do some pelvic floor exercises – That muscle that contracts and relaxes to stop the flow of urine when you pee is also important. Occasionally squeeze the muscle to strengthen it, and you’ll have more control during sex.
  •    Pay attention to your breathing – When you feel that you are about to ejaculate, relax your body and breathe. You can ejaculate too early when you are anxious, so take a deep breath and let the feeling intensify.
  •    Get some sleep – Testosterone is produced in your body while you sleep,  so try getting at least eight hours of rest and see the improvement in your sexual stamina.
  •    Live a healthy lifestyle – Eat healthy food in moderate quantities, stay hydrated, and free your mind from too many stress-inducing thoughts. Remember that a beautiful doll is waiting for you at home to please you.


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    Silicone Doll German Ethnicity for Your Pleasure

    From her face, down to her body, a German sex doll is truly a feast for your eyes. Touch her soft skin and hold her in your arms; she is yours to keep. Most of our sex dolls weigh around 50 pounds, making you feel like you are fucking a real woman. They can also be bought at a height you prefer, so you can make your fantasies come alive. Sex dolls have helped men combat stress and sadness, and have given them the confidence to face anyone.

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