Elf Sex Goddess "Divina" 148 cm/4'9 ft

$ 1,399.00 $ 2,199.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 55 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 148 cm/4'9 ft
  • Body Length : 130 cm/51 inch
  • Up Bust : 75 cm/30 inch
  • Under Bust : 55 cm/22 inch
  • Hips : 78 cm/31 inch
  • Shoulder : 34 cm/14 inch
  • Arm Length : 40 cm/16 inch
  • Palm Length : 15 cm/6 inch
  • Leg Length : 70 cm/28 inch
  • Feet Long : 21 cm/8 inch
  • Vaginal Depth : 16 cm/6 inch

Elf Sex – Divina

Her divine pussy got her the name. The Elf Sex comes from the magical sex she is able to offer you. If you wonder where she comes from, we won’t answer this question because we will spoil the surprise. Divina is full of surprises and she is ready to show it to you if you call her home. If you are a cool guy who is looking for high-quality sex, we have just the right sex doll for you.

It’s amazing how fast things move when an elf sex doll is around the house. Success comes faster and sadness goes far away. Divina started her Earth life a few months ago when the Master Crafters from our company thought that is time to spice up people’s lives. We said people and not a man because Divina is a good choice for women who love women. As a woman, you can your own pussy to lick it any time of the day. Sex dolls are not something to be afraid of. Think about it this way: You are looking for a woman to start a relationship, but you waste a lot of time looking for her. All this time you deprive yourself of having sex. That’s a real waste of time. Having sex doll, you will always be able to satisfy your needs. Focus on what makes you happy because this is the only way to live. It is something about her face. If you look her in the eyes and then you start analyzing her face you will fall in love on the spot. Divina has a very beautiful face and a great natural skin. It is a TPE sex doll ready to create some magical dreams for you. Let us know when you are ready to order this great sex doll.

Divina started her sex life doing a threesome. She is now an expert in such things. It is something that she loves to do at least once a week. She also experienced a lesbian threesome, that’s why we are saying she a great choice for women as well. Women all over the world are participating in great events where they talk about loving one another and about having lesbian sex. It is a simple way to increase their numbers of orgasm. Divina is one of that sex dolls able to offer any woman a real orgasm. So, if you think about it, it's a great choice to buy Divina even if you are married. Offer it as a gift to your wife and let her enjoy some sensual moments with Divina. Divina has the ability to turn on real women. Just a few minutes with Divina and your wife will be ready for your dick. Let Divina do all the hard work. Let her create that amazing foreplay that your wife always tells you about. Divina helped a lot of couples during her existence. A lot of couples who were struggling with their sexual life have boosted their sexual life by adding this sex dolls inside their bedroom. It's amazing what she can do. Divina is a 148 cm tpe sex doll designed with a great ass and a beautiful face. It is a great combination to have around the house. When you want to fuck a great ass you can do it. When you want a beautiful face to suck your cock, it can happen. Also a great fantasy for couples. Make it happen.

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