Naughty Step-Mother "Crystal" 158 cm/5.2 ft

$ 2,199.00 $ 2,700.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 90.4 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 158 cm/5.2 ft
  • Bust : 81 cm/32 inch
  • Waist : 84 cm/33 inch
  • Hips : 96 cm/38 cm

If you want a real life sex doll you have come to the right place! One of the most realistic ones, with a normal woman body shapes, is Crystal. This sex doll can be the best option for you! She looks like a real wife. Her interesting story began when she married a man that didn’t satisfy her needs. So she started to search love in other places. She figured out that she loves sucking cocks especially when it comes to young men but she doesn’t say “no” to elder men neither. She knows all the stuff that can be known because she’s a blowjob teacher. And a sexy one, too.

Crystal likes offering multiple pleasure and she never stops at only one number. She’s an expert in sucking cocks, she has her unique, different and special ways to do it. Now she is a divorcee and she’s seeking for the right men to satisfy her. Crystal doesn’t ask too much, she wants more to receive. Give her your dick and she will be pleased. This real life sex doll really looks like a curvy milf, a real one. Her little age flaws give a more realistic look. Her normal sized tits and the jiggly ass makes her look like your female neighbor next door, the hot one. She was always forbidden for you, because of the social rules but now things changed.

The society changed. Crystal is available just for you. She is a milf hot with big mamma nipples, that are waiting to be touched and pull from you. She likes to kneel but she also likes to stand up. If you are in the mood to grab her, she can stand up and fuck you good. “I received this wonderful Crystal sex doll from a friend. He knew I like older women so he promised me something special and he succeeded. Now I also use the doll with my girlfriend and we are both satisfied.” She can do sex all day long. The sex doll can be a great companion when you do your housework. The curvy milf was once a housewife so she knows who the things work. So work her on the kitchen table, on the couch when watching your favorite sports shows, or when you wash your laundry. She will love to fuck wherever you want especially in the house. The hot milf has that auntie looks, of course, the younger ones look. She will definitely bid your blood to run. Crystal likes the young men. She can be by your side when drinking and she can support you in need. They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. But what about a fuck in need?

The things may go crazy well. Picture that: she comes at you in her tight white lingerie and you feel all the emotions in the world. You are so dizzy. She looks like your mom’s friend or a step mother, that can’t happen, it so forbidden. But then you look at her one more time and that’s enough. you fuck her with your eyes closed, she is so “mother fucker” good then you open them and all your problems are gone. Didn’t we tell you she was a housekeeper before she got married? So she wasn’t just a housewife. Yes, she did that and all were satisfied with her.So you can put her vacuum the house, squatting down to wipe the coffee table, stretching down to straighten the curtains.Don’t worry, she won’t be tired like a normal housekeeper. Moreover, she will be able to perform whatever you want, how you want. Crystal is a silicone love doll and not some cheap blow up doll, so you can put her in the position you want. You can fuck her and you can also are able to do other things. That depends on your imagination. The best part is that the realistic sex dolls come with options for you to customize. So you are not forced to pick this one right here, you can choose the one that suits your fantasies. Give a chance to you to change your life! Get a real life sex doll and you will definitely feel the difference.

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