Black Sex Dolls

Black Sex Doll – A Companion for Dark, Lonely Nights

Nothing compares to the pleasure of making love to somebody during cold, lonely nights. A dark and frigid night can spring to life if there is a face to stroke, soft hands to hold, full breasts to caress, and lips to kiss. This steamy fantasy can be made into reality with a black sex doll by ESexdolls, the answer to satisfying sexual appetites.  

Get Them Black: Real Doll To Make Love To

Men have been creating dolls to stimulate and fulfill their sexual needs before our modern times. Stone Age men created anatomically correct figures of Venus, complete with details of a woman’s breasts and her vulva. Though typically a figure for fertility, this statuette proves that dolls made with real-life proportions of the woman’s body are an ancient invention.

Today, dolls made for sexual pleasure are readily available on the market and can be ordered online. At ESexdolls, these real dolls are equipped with everything needed for an optimal sexual experience:

  • Anal hole
  • Oral hole
  • Vaginal hole,
  • Full back side
  • Breasts
  • Removable flesh inserts

ESexdolls makes their dolls from a high-grade silicone that gives the dolls the feel of real human skin.

These dolls will fulfill your desires and guilty pleasures. If you dream of a big bust and a bootylicious backside, beautiful almond eyes, and full lips, choose a black sex doll. This lady love of color is not timid and knows her way in bed. She will fight you for the top position, and will blow your mind.

Black Silicone Dolls That Obey Every Command

Our sex dolls are game for anything and can accommodate any position you want. Made with a flexible frame, these dolls can be posed at any angle. Have her lying down, face-up or face-down, you can even position her hands to clutch your member until you come.

In a survey of almost 300 participants at the online Doll Forum, a community of erotic doll-lovers, the following were reasons why people bought sex dolls:

  • Sex or sexual stimulation leading to and including copulation - 49%
  • Surrogate partner (Fill the void until Ms./Mr. Right comes) - 15%
  • Artificial companion (I prefer my doll over an interactive human relationship) - 11%
  • Photography – 7%
  • Cuddling/ kissing/ hanging out buddy without leading to sex/masturbation – 7%
  • Enhancement/supplement/compensation within existing human relationship – 6%
  • Fantasy play – 4%

African-American Silicone Dolls For Optimal Pleasure

A sex doll is yours to have and to command; she will not complain nor resist. These silicone dolls, which are water-proof, aren’t cold and frigid. They can be warmed up in a hot tub, and some dolls even feature a dripping wet pussy to heighten the pleasure of sex.  

An ESexdoll feels like a real woman inside and out. Her assets are shaped and built in perfect anatomical proportion, and you alone have the exclusive rights to play with them. More importantly, she is always eager and open to take you in.

ESexdolls are your fantasies incarnate. With a black sex doll, you can sink into wet dreams of endless sex. Play rough in bed, prop her on the kitchen counter, or ravish her in the living room. With this ebony lady love, anything is possible.  

Lose sleep and get laid over and over again with a black sex doll. Visit our showroom to see the life-size dolls in person! Order a doll today! Discreet shipping is guaranteed.