Naughty Nurse "Freya" 166 cm/5.4 ft

$ 2,299.00 $ 2,995.00

Product Specs

  • Weight : 70 lbs
  • Material : TPE
  • Height : 166 cm/5.4 ft
  • Bust/Band : 92 cm/66 cm
  • Waist : 59 cm/23 inch
  • Hips : 85 cm/33.4 inch

What treatment can be better after you got hurt, than a great sex party from your beautiful nurse, Freya. She is a gorgeous, voluptuous sex doll which can treat your body and your soul as well. How can you say no to such a beauty who wants to fuck you and suck your dick all day long?! She aims for pleasure and if you know to treat her right, she will return the favor and she will do the same for you. Freya is a blonde, beautiful nurse whose job is to properly take care of her patients, but being a naughty girl and almost a nymphomaniac, she has done more than to take care of their health.

She found her job after she graduated the med-school because she is a smart girl and this was her desire since she was a little girl. She got the job, but she didn’t think about how many crazy experiences she will have while being a nurse. She likes to treat both men and women, but she mostly likes to suck hard dick and being fucked in a lot of ways. Freya had many patients, but she also enjoys the doctors as well. When she arrived at the hospital, she met a cute doctor who took her with him to show her the hospital, so Freya can get used to the place and the job. The cute doctor noticed Freya’s beauty and her huge tits, but he said to himself not to rush and wait for doing a bold move. Freya was doing a great job and everybody loved her presence, she was a kind and sweet woman because she was acting so careful with her patients and that was the moment the gorgeous doctor called her into his office to have a little chat. He wanted to congratulate her for being such a passionate person about what she’s doing, but because it was the end of the program he opened a bottle of wine for the two them. Freya was a little shy, but she accepted the wine and they struck glasses in honor of the future and for her great experience at the hospital.

The time passed and soon it was midnight and they realized they were alone, that’s when the doctor got close to the beautiful nurse and kissed her lips. She froze for a second, but then she realized she likes the doctor as well and she even had feelings for him because her heart twitched and she felt good around him. He started undressing her, kissing and sucking her nipples while his dick was getting harder and harder. Freya leaned down, she unbuckled his jeans and put his sweet, hot and sticky dick inside her mouth. The doctor was very pleased, he grabbed her hair and slowly pulled her, but she didn’t mind because she liked it so much. They were both in pleasure and after a few more minutes of sucking, the doctor picked her up and leaned her on his desk with her butt meeting his eager dick, for a big ass sex. He penetrated her and she gently moaned, he was so excited that the hot, voluptuous nurse was with him now that he wanted to do a lot of things with her. Then, he turned her around to face him and he placed her legs on his shoulders and the dick was immediately entering her already wet pussy. They fucked hard that night and Freya learned what it means to be pleased and how a real man should treat a woman. The things changed after that for her because she couldn’t be with the cute doctor. You may wonder why, well she found out that he was married, he kept that hidden from her because he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.

Their relationship didn’t last long because when she found out about his marriage and that’s when she left the hospital as well and now she wants to be your personal nurse because her desire is to find an honest man that will love her and fuck her good. She had powerful feelings for the doctor and she was devastated by the sad news, but she left him with a rich sexual experience that will help her in the future because now she knows what a man wants and she is able to offer him all of those things, she will fulfill your desires, you just need to love her. Freya is a gorgeous silicone sex doll, but she has a realistic feel and you will sense that she is really there beside you.

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