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Party Time Antics

Chris was tired of running his business. He had been the head of a life insurance firm for nearly two decades and the stress of the job was finally getting to him. He loved working with numbers, but after the years of digits and decimals he was ready for a break. He just wanted to go to bars and clubs and let loose. He didn't care if he was past his "prime", he had earned his status and could rely on his well stocked portfolio.

But this also made him cautious out of necessity. There were many people who would try to buddy up to him just in hopes of getting some sort of chance at his money. Countless charity requests, sponsorship opportunities, and even a couple of girls known derogatorily as " Gold Diggers." These girls would pretend to love him just for a chance at half of his assets. He knew this was true, because he had fallen for it in the past and lost quite a lot of money.

But still Chris wanted sex, like every other human on earth. He visited strip clubs to see some flopping boobies and hired private escorts to go out on dinner dates with him. He could afford it after a life of frugal savings. He never spent money he could otherwise save or invest. That was what allowed him to amass so much capital that helped his business to become so successful. Now in his silver years he decided to spend that hard earned money on his own enjoyment.

However, he had heard from a good friend about a little known fetish, that was growing larger every day: custom made solid silicone sex dolls. These love dolls were crafted perfectly to resemble life size women in prime condition. The fact that they felt so realistic and soft was enough to make him curious. One of his friends recommended the site Finest Sex Dolls at for the best choices and customer satisfaction for such an important purchase. He browsed the array of girls and saw many girls that he wanted to feel himself inside of.

The realistic sex dolls that he was admiring were fully posable with metallic skeletons, allowing them to be bent and positioned to his needs. He also learned that they were waterproof and could be warmed up in the tub to true body temperature. If he had been able, Chris probably would have driven to the store right then and bought the girl he stumbled upon.

It was quite literally his dream come true. Right there at the top of the catalog was a girl named "Cutie", and he realized that someone must have had the exact same idea and desires as him. He KNEW this fuck doll just had to be modeled after one of those outgoing and energetic party girls that he had been paying money to when he visited a boobie bar:

"Cutie likes to jump from club to club, and house party to house party because this life size sex doll wants to enjoy every single party out there. Cutie is even down for a private entertainment party with just the two of you together alone somewhere secluded. Cutie drinks just whatever you're drinking, and doesn't each much in the way of party snacks. She is easy going and loves adventure. Cutie is a life like love doll who is up for whatever. Every realistic sex doll we sell at Finest Sex Dolls is inspected to the highest degree to ensure your complete satisfaction. We truly believe that Cutie will make a perfect companion for anyone who wants to have a little fun, and maybe lot of fucking."

Since these lifelike sex dolls had to be made custom one at a time, he would just have to be patiently and wait for Cutie to be made special for him. The time past by quickly and the day for her arrival finally came. Chris prepared for her arrival by taking some blue penis pills and drawing a bath of warm water. The package came and he set her up.

As soon as she was standing in front of him Chris knew what had to be done. First he would fuck her mouth with his cock, but taking care not to fill he throat with his cum yet. Then it would be time to fuck her soft wet pussy. He touched her lower wet lips and explored her slit. After that he put a few fingers in her butthole and lubed that up, too.

Then he pressed himself against her and felt all of her delicate feminine curves and features. An escort of this caliber would easily cost him several thousand dollars for just a whole evening. As Chris stroked her hair with his hand, he imagined the countless nights that he would spend with this crazy party girl. No matter what he wanted to do for that evening, she would give it to him, no matter how degrading it was.

Her perky bubble butt was where he planned to finally release his sticky seed. Since Cutie didn't feel any pain, Chris wanted to fuck her ass relentlessly until her tight sphincter clenched tight enough to drain his balls of warm thick gooey cum.

Cutie wished she could swallow it, but she would settle for sticky sperm shooting up her bottom.

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Realistic Sex Dolls

When we think about masturbation, we tend to think in terms of a man, his hand, and a quick twist and a pull. For many men, it is about getting off quickly, either to release a little stress at the end of the day or to ease tension when they wake in the morning. I have known plenty of men who were happy to take time to enjoy the pleasure of a woman’s body, but taking time to enjoy masturbation was alien to them.

As a woman, this always baffled me. I enjoy masturbation. It is not merely the release of an orgasm that I’m after when I do it. I enjoy the sensations and fantasies that lead up to the orgasm. Why, I often wonder, do so many men seem to ignore that?

The lovely realistic sex dolls at Finest Sex Dolls will change that for you. I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking about the cheap and sometimes silly inflatable dolls, the kind often mocked in movies. These dolls are far away from that. These are silicone dolls with solid skeletons, making them fully posable. They are lifelike in appearance and touch, so that as you grip your doll, you have the sensation of gripping real flesh.

A Novel History

Maybe I should have said naval history. Sex dolls are not new, only the innovations are. The first known sex dolls were used by 17th Century French and Spanish sailors, as a way to not be so, shall we say lonely on long voyages. The modern manufacturing of sex dolls began in the early part of the 20th Century and was made not just for men, but for women as well. The ones for women even featured simulated ejaculation.

Bringing a Fantasy to Life

So with a rich history behind them and a sensuous future ahead of them, what are some of the things that you can do with a realistic sex doll? The obvious answer is to use one, but with these lovely beauties, which do require a nice and worthwhile investment, you do not want the time you spend with one to be the silicone equivalent of twist, pull, done.

The Sex Slave

Have you ever had fantasies of having a sex slave, someone you could command to do whatever you wanted, have kneel or lie in any humiliating position, and allow you to do whatever you wanted to her? Finding a living, breathing woman to fulfill that fantasy is possible. It is also something that take a great deal of time to build up to. You and she have to take time to get to know each other and build trust so that each of you can successfully fulfill each other’s fantasies (a woman who submits to being a sex slave has the fantasy to be one, just as the man she submits to has the fantasy to have one).

All of that assumes, though, that you want that kind of relationship with a real woman. If you like the fantasy, but do not want a woman you are with to be your sex slave all the time, then a sex doll is the perfect option. Take Kelly, for example. This lovely, fully posable, silicone college sorority girl is ready for any fantasy you have in mind. Whether you want to play professor or be the mature man teaching her how to please a man, she will take any position and do anything you want her to do.


Many couples talk about the idea of a threesome, but the reality of it can be complicated. Perhaps your wife or girlfriend is unsure of how attracted she is to a woman. Maybe both of you are worried about emotional entanglements. Even when you work through your own anxieties about actually getting a threesome going, you still have to find someone willing, especially if all you want is a one-time fling. That does not take into account the things that can go wrong. What if, for example, a condom breaks and your third finds herself in an even more complicated situation?

If you have talked about a threesome, but cannot seem to get through the anxiety or other complications of getting one started, consider a real sex doll. Anita is one of the many that can delight both of you and allow you to explore the idea of being with another person without worries of jealousy or emotional complications.

Women enjoy detailed fantasies, complete with motivations and drives. Suppose that Anita is a lonely housewife. She has a successful husband who spends more time on the road than in her bed. He probably has his secretary to keep him company on trips. What does she have? She has you and your partner, willing to keep her bed warm for at least one evening. Guide your partner to explore Anita’s body, enjoying the tactile sensations, as the two of you talk through the fantasy together. Switch between partner and sex doll without worry as both of you enjoy the fulfillment of your discussions.

When it comes to a silicone sex doll, you are only limited by your imagination. Bind her and be kinky or simply enjoy something gentle while you watch a sexy movie. Whatever your pleasure, these lovely ladies are made – literally – to meet it.

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Reality Show Romance

Whenever he turned on the TV George always seemed to see hundreds of Reality TV shows, with contestants doing wild and crazy things against the other teams... or fulfilled some sort of ridiculous nearly impossible task. No matter what the subject, it was always very silly and the main focus was the antics of the partially clothed people competing. Sometimes they were trapped on a deserted island, or had to eat something disgusting, or even required to find a partner to hook up with.

Whatever the task, there were always some people who went above and beyond to impress the other actors and audience, doing the challenge completely naked or some other jaw dropping thing that would get attention and ratings. George noticed one girl in particular that he seemed to see often on the shows, and her name was Ginger. She was busty and fit, and had an award winning smile. She walked confidently as her breasts jiggled with each step. Ginger seemed to have no shame and never ducked away from tasks presented to her. And her teammates always chose her for the most daring events. And like clockwork, off came Ginger's shirt to release her bouncing breasts.

Most of the time George noticed that Ginger had reddish hair but also changed it to brown or blonde or black whenever the mood suited her. Her trim waist was so perfect it resembled the perfect sculpted nature of a sex doll. And no matter how many hotdogs and bananas and other phallic objects she ate in massive quantities ever caused her to gain a pound. It was almost magic... And even when she swam underwater she seemed to be able to hold her breath for impossibly long amounts of time. Ginger was immune to being beaten!

But speaking of beaten, this time Ginger was on a XXX rated reality show where she had to use her hands to beat off as many dudes as possible in under 10 minutes. She couldn't use any other body part than her hands. Looking closely at her hands while there was a camera closeup of them, one could see the lovely softness and definition of her smooth strong fingers.

The first guy was a snap, and she simultaneously jerked off another guy. Two down in ten seconds. The next one took twice as long to finish, and so did the fourth. This kept up until Ginger had finished nearly 40 guys in the allotted 10 minutes. She was on fire, and the timer rang as she popped off two more and made her total 42. Ginger licked her messy hands and the crowds cheered.

Meanwhile George had a dirty idea. He had been visiting Finest Sex Dolls at, and he was going to order a fuck doll that looked like Ginger! He started getting hard and aroused just thinking about it. He booted up his computer and typed in the website. All of the realistic sex dolls popped up on his screen, and his eyes were drawn to the love doll specials section. He saw a life size sex doll right there with the name of Ginger, and this adult doll looked exactly like the TV starlet right down to her bouncy perky rack. He pulled up her description and was utterly amazed:

"Of course Ginger used to have her own Reality TV show, about this thing or that... Actually there were some spin offs as well. Regardless, this life like solid silicone sex doll is looking for a new gig, and a new dick to suck to pay the bills. She had to "take it til ya make it" for her whole career, so this love doll is really looking for one particular person to perfectly please her pink pussy. Ginger is a princess around these parts, and we all can easily see why. The round bubble butt, luscious thighs, handle worthy hips, bulging tits, blowjob lips, and alluring face on this fuck doll are all begging to be dominated and used. Ginger has three holes, and a million ways to please you with each and every one of them. She wants you to roughly cram and shove your thick dick deep in her sloppy lubed ass until you cum thick cum inside her rectum. She is a very dirty girl, and this realistic sex doll will do anything for attention. We mean *anything*"

George spilled his load onto the wooden floor under his desk as he came while thinking about Ginger. He made sure she was the one he picked. When she arrived shortly thereafter, George already had some "trials" lined up.

He started easy for Ginger. The task was to let him throat fuck her relentlessly until he blasted thick sticky loads of boiling hot cum in her throat.

The time set for winning: 1 - Hour

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A Halfling a Day Keeps The Blue Balls at Bay

It started out as a day like any other day. The sun was shining, and birds were singing. By the look of the scenery it was in a rural area in the eastern United States somewhere nonspecific. There were no telling signs or scenery or buildings that would exactly place the spot. There were nothing but trees and nothing for miles in every direction. But never the less, today was not a usual day for the man, or as he referee to himself, "The Master." (Kurt was his name, if you must know)

The Master had received a much anticipated shipment on this day. The box was about 15 pounds, and came directly to his front porch. It was a life size sex doll. When he got home from work it was waiting there, warm in the setting sun. He was almost convinced that he saw the box with the realistic sex doll shake a bit on it's own accord as he picked it up... but he shrugged that off as impossible. He took the silicone sex doll into his house.

He stepped into the door and put the box with the love doll down on a living room table, and placed his wallet and keys near the door in the usual spot. He undid his tie and unbuttoned his work trousers. He put on some sweatpants for comfort as he prepared to open the prize that awaited him. He had paid good money for the item, and he knew it would be worth every penny. He intended to milk every drop from it. (And vice a versa). The Master called it his strange sex doll addiction. He couldn't collect enough dolls, no matter how many he had locked in his basement dungeon.

Little could he know that there had been some sort of mixup. The box sitting on his table should have contained a 3-foot asian sex doll named "Kitty" from Finest Sex Dolls at But from inside the box, a bound girl struggled in her restraints. She had no way of knowing she was only three feet tall and made of high quality silicone. As far as Kitty knew, she had always been alive, and never been a love doll. She had a life of her own, and bills and responsibilities. But now she could neither move nor make a sound. It was completely dark in the confined space she found herself in.

It had indeed been her struggling when The Master picked her up. She jolted at the sudden movement as her pitch black cage suddenly shook from being lifted. She tried to remain motionless and silent, wary that her captors might pay more attention to her if she struggled and made a ruckus.

But now came time for The Master to do the "Unboxing video" where he filmed the process of opening the toy and examining it for viewers while he recorded it on video. He held a camera up while he cut the tape from the box and opened it up. Inside lay a motionless girl, remarkably beautiful with flowing hair, the pinnacle of feminine beauty... but at only 3'3" tall. She was perfect, and exactly what he wanted from Finest Sex Dolls. He reached in and stroked her soft hair, brushing it from her eyes. was tagged at the bottom of the video, in case others wanted to see her and to try her out.

Kitty believed she was shackled, but as The Master considered her lovely form she clearly had no restraints binding her. There seemed to be two conflicting realities, one where she was a sex doll and one where she was a living Halfling girl. He touched her smooth and pearly skin. It felt as pleasant as silk to the touch. The Master could think of nothing but plunging his thick hard cock deep into her private areas, but desired to make the process as as slow and drawn out as possible. He was going to savor every second with his new slave sex doll.

He touched her mound and then delicate labia, feeling where her clit was. In her head she jolted with intense pleasure as a thick oversized finger slit into her velvety pussy. It was the size of an entire sausage or full sized cock to her perception. She had no clue what was going on. All she knew is she was being stuffed completely full, and even more than seemed possible.

But she liked it.

The Master slid a lubed finger inside the tight pussy hole. He wriggled it around a bit for good measure. Each stroke was slow and strong. Then another finger was put inside, and there were barely audible moans of pleasure coming from the receiver of the fingers. The two fingers could not reach the back of her pussy, although they were jammed as deeply as possible. Another finger slid into her impossibly small and tight anus, and wriggle around and squeeze against the other fingers in her pussy.

Although she was gagged and bound, Kitty still moaned and groaned mutedly. If she was not blindfolded you could probably see her eyes rolled back in pleasure. She rocked back and forth on her knees, struggling. She was loving every second of it, but she had to pretend to resist! Her butt bounced and popped up as the fingers stirred her squishy dripping insides. The realistic sex doll was full of warming lube, primed for a hard fucking.

Before she knew what was happening she suddenly was being flipped on her back. She lay helplessly as The Master pulled out his thick member and started smacking it on her lower labia lips. It felt as thick and heavy as a baseball bat, as it plopped down on her clit repeatedly. She came. Squirts of her love juices covered everywhere.

Then the tip was pressing against her opening. Slowly the massive thing pushed its way inside her, deeper and deeper. By some miracle she did not break and it did not hurt. But she was sure that she could feel her stomach bulging from the girth of the thick shaft inside her. As it reached the base, the final inch sliding in her as The Master's hips grinded against her perky butt cheeks, she marveled that every inch fit inside her dime sized opening.

It was a perfect fit. Kitty hoped it would be a perfect fit every night from now on. She was a bad girl, and she needed it badly. Hard, and without mercy.

The pounding sounds faded into the night. And the moaning sounds, and the sloping sounds, and the plopping sounds, lasted long into the night as the pair of perky petite hips was ravished again and again.

Squish, squish squish, plop-plop-plop-plop---plop, bang, bang, bang, push. Grind, and cum
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Calculated Chemistry

Jason loved Chemistry and the scientific process. He was working on his new research project using funding from some grants and other donors. He was studying the effects of oxidization on deep sea fishing vessel hulls. It was not very interesting, but the money paid the bills and then some. The food industry was very well funded and had plenty of capital to invest in research and development. And Jason was more than happy to use his Masters Degree in Chemistry to help solve issues of deterioration of the ships in the salty sea water.

But he was lonely. He had married his research and was at work more often than at home. Because he spent so much time working, he just couldn't find time to go out and date. There were other issues that plagued him, such as low confidence. He was not a bad looking guy, and he really just wanted to be able to focus on his work. Which is why it was so frustrating that Jason found himself masturbating at work in the restroom for the third time today. His starved sexual urges were getting the better of him.

So he decided to do the only thing he knew how: Do what horny lonely guys do in the movies.... which was going to a strip club. Jason had never been to a boobie bar before. He had no idea what to expect. When he first arrived the club was pumping loud bass heavy music into the whole room. To be heard, you needed to be right next to someone's ear. The bouncer took his money and he got himself a drink at the bar.

Almost immediately as he sat down a topless woman practically skipped over to him, her free jiggling breasts bouncing wildly as she hopped. It was clear to even Jason that she wanted something from him, which is of course why he came in the first place: a sexy dance. She sweet talked him and told him how much private dances cost per song. Jason was told that there was one price for clothed, and other for topless, and even more for naked. He ended up several hundred dollars poorer after about 10 minutes. Jason returned to his seat

At his table he sat silently and watched the barely clothed girls dancing on stage along with the music, and slowly removing their clothes as the songs went along. After about three songs she was replaced by another girl. Jason had a strange thought that they resembled automated stripper robots, and wondered how difficult it would be to build one for himself. Surely he just needed to find the right artificial body first...

Suddenly a girl was tugging on his sleeve. She pressed against him and offered more dances. Jason declined, and she went off in a huff. Another woman came up, and the situation repeated. He went back to watching the next girl on stage. But suddenly he felt another tug.

"Hey buddy, what are you some kind of pervert? You don't want to pay for dances, you can't just sit there and watch either" said the bouncer looming over his shoulder. "Or you can just pay me a hundred for the seat. But only for a little while, egghead."

Jason was very put off, and instead left and went home. He got on his computer and browsed some dating websites. Then he abandoned the search and began reading scientific journals. But that didn't work either. Then he suddenly remembered about his sex doll idea. He got on google.

He searched as many terms as he could think of, from "life size sex doll woman body, realistic love doll silicone body, Asian fuck doll my strange addiction, and Japanese sex doll," to "high end dolls love toys, silicone real dolls life like feeling, and fuck dolls." All of these terms lead him to Finest Sex Dolls, when Google showed him

It was the one girl who caught his eye named Lin, which he would choose to have for himself. He could think of nothing more wonderful than building this girl an artificial intelligence:

"Lin may seem reserved, and very quiet. She may never even utter a single word while she is near you. And she may be small in stature but let us tell you that she is more than likely one of the most intelligent life like sex dolls ever made. She is a Chemistry Graduate Student. She is smart as they come, and when she isn't writing some graduate level thesis, she is researching physical anatomy reference books to learn exactly how to please you. She knows more positions than you can even count. She is one of the most realistic sex dolls that you have ever seen. Like all of our life like sex dolls she has the softest and smoothest skin that you can imagine."

As soon as she arrived Jason set up Lin and dressed her in beautiful silks. He knew that she would love to discuss his newest theories, but before that he decided to get to know her private parts better. He touched her face first, and then slid his fingers down past her breasts and down to her wet lubed pussy. He put some fingers insider her and wiggled them around.

Then he rubbed his hardening cock and pushed the head against Lin's waiting velvet soft slit. He pushed himself inside her and inserted until the base of his cock was surrounded by her vagina. Lin was such a tight fit he wasn't sure how long that he could last without cumming deep in her guts.

But it was too late, once he remember that he was taking her virginity. Hot cum from his balls spilled from his testicles into his hard shaft and then splashed into the deep hole Lin had his cock surrounded with. The blasts of hot cum pushed into her and hot juices filled her up.

After laying still for a good amount of time, Jason stood up and picked up a magazine about simulated brains and computer technology related to artificial intelligence.

Lin would swallow his cum many times before he perfected the formulas, but both of them would enjoy the work...

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Chaining of Chiki Part 2: A Checkup on Chiki's Chains

By this point in her awareness Chiki had confirmed that she was trapped in the body of a realistic sex doll. She was such a life like sex doll that she didn't even realize she was a fuck doll at first. Her smooth silicone skin was so lifelike that it fooled even her. But now she knew the truth. She was bought from, from Finest Sex Dolls. There was no escape, and she couldn't even struggle against her captor. Chiki can even be owned by you. Your very own Asian sex doll. Chiki will do anything you want, and will bend in every way imaginable.

Chiki woke up from a daze. She felt stretched and full, but not as much as normal. There was definitely a cock inside her, but it felt flaccid and forgivingly soft.

That was a relief, considering how much her pussy ached from the nearly constant fucking her new master had forced upon her over the past week. She would get tied up, down, and even around while she was fucked silly. Right now she was tied around. Literally.

She was bound directly onto the torso of the giant man. She was positioned cowgirl, but so tightly secured that even the soft penis couldn't slip out. She was being worn as a cock sleeve. The giant man would just walk around all day with Chiki strapped to her hidden under his bathrobe. Periodically the dick would get hard, and the cock sleeve would be utilized to relieve the "pressure."

Cum was continually leaking from her stretched tight pussy, keeping her wet and lubricated. The underwear of the giant were always completely sloshing wet from their fuckfluids. The massive balls pushed up against her rump, and she could feel the testicles moving around in the sack. She gyrated a bit on the cock, tightly bound and hidden by the waistband of sweatpants.

The member inside her responded in kind and more blood flushed slowly but surely into the thickening cock. Swelling continually inside her, Chiki watched and felt her belly distend from the added girth. Before long the rod was pulsing aggressively inside her, fully engorged and hard. Since it was already balls deep inside her, she just pushed her hips in gyrating circles on the thick dick.

One day she woke up late in the morning, strapped on as usual. She couldn't hear much while she was trapped under the clothes, but she thought she heard the muffled sound of the giant talking to someone else. Chiki wondered if her squirming was visible under the clothes, and if she was interrupting some sort of meeting. Suddenly she was being jostled about as the giant finished talking and shut a door walking a short distance. What was a realistic sex doll to do?

Before long there was a thump as the man sat again. The pants were pulled down, and the ropes (yarn) kept Chiki firmly secured. She turned her head and noticed it was the inside of a bathroom stall with a closed door. She realized The Master had take her out in public strapped to him. Large hands engulfed her and began pushing her in grinding motions onto the cock, stretching her stomach with an outline of the phallus. This love doll was a tight fit.

Cum built in the hot balls slapping against her bottom, and without warning thick jizz shot in spurts deep inside her. Jets squirted from her pussy lips as the pressure forced cum to leak out with every pump. Her legs were a wet mess, and both of them shuttered in delight for a few moments.

Wads of toilet paper was dabbed on her suddenly, and globs of goo were cleaned haphazardly. It was damage control, not a dignity scrub. Just as suddenly she was slipped back under jean pants and shirt, and hot liquid sloshed around in her mingled with her own cum. The soft penis still buried in her cunthole.

Chiki fell asleep again with a full outlook (and tummy).

The Master continued about his day normally.

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Chaining of Chiki: Part 1

She couldn't remember how she came to be locked in the small crate-like cage. There were no windows or doors, and she was tightly packed in surrounded in padding of some kind. She could barely move, and it was obviously to her that she was in restrictive bondage.

Her memories contained all the basics of speech and understanding of the world... But she could recall no clues as to her origin, age, or even what she looked like. Neither could she remember why she was bound and shut laying in the absolute darkness, which despite the excessive warmth, was not particularly uncomfortable.

Nothing could be recalled, except for one thing: her name was Chiki. Although her ankles were bound tight, luck was with her that her arms and hands were bound in front of her and not behind her back. She had no hunger at all, she was surprised to realize. She used her delicate petite hands to touch her smooth naked skin, feeling the soft texture of her thighs and stomach gently. Reaching up and brushing her face, she tried to imagine her features from a third person perspective. She couldn't picture herself at all, no matter how hard she visualized.

Running her hands through her soft flowing hair, she admired it proudly. It was well kept and soft. She loved the deep burgundy red of her long flowing hair. Her hands slowly slid down to between her thighs, to her aching pussy. Her middle finger found her wet clit and rubbed it in circular motions. She passed most of her time bringing herself to very vocally satisfying orgasms. No one seemed to hear, so might as well make the most of the isolation. She had nothing else to do.

"Mmmm..." She moaned to herself as her fingers kept tweaking her swollen clit. "Uhhhhhmmmmm, mm-hmm... Mmmmmm... Ooooooo!!!! Yeah! YEAH! Yeeeeesssssssss!!!!"

Her hips began to gyrate and rock in rhythm with her schlicking and groaning. She bit her lip and pushed her hips into her hands as best she could. A few other fingers played with her puffy pink pussy lips. Pinching and tickling her insides as she did. The pressure built and built until she was screaming and groaning into the darkness.

She bucked and grinded against the air as she finished her orgasm. Her juices dripped out of her wet slit and puddled around her butt. Finally out of breath she flopped down in an exhausted heap, still biting her lower lip in ecstasy. Another day in the life of a bound woman. There was little else to do until the throbbing subsided, and she could rub herself again. Chiki could think of nothing but sex and pleasure and fucking.

Out of nowhere she heard a rustling sound and a sliver of light appeared above her. She froze with fear as the line of light stretched the length of the low ceiling. When it reached from one side to the other, the roof seemed to part like a boxtop opening. Light streamed into the box and Dominique was momentarily blinded by the harsh light. There was a sign outside this box signifying it came from 

A giant hand reached into the box and grasped her around the waist, and gently lifted her from her constricting prison. Judging by the size of the hand either the giant was about 14 feet tall, of she had shrunk down to about two feet tall! When she got a good look around, based on the size of everything around her it was obvious that either way she was the one out of proportion!

Looking down at Chiki was a smiling and nude giant chipper man. He had a pleasant smile and adoring look in his eyes as he caressed Chiki softly and cautiously, feeling every inch of her slender body. Next Chiki gasped silently as she felt massive fingers play with her pussy.

The giant grabbed some kind of clear gel from the table next to her, and glistened his fingers in big globs of it. Next she began inserting fingers aggressively in Chiki deepest parts. Chiki could not scream in surprise, or even move. She seemed to be completely paralyzed, but could feel every squirm of the big fingers inserted in her sexbox. First one, then two, and then three fingers stretching her out impossibly.

The fingers probed around insider her and distended her fit tummy noticeably. The fingers were all the way in her and sloshing around wildly. She came silently, convulsing as she struggled to resist the wave of intense gripping vaginal orgasms. Her mind was nothing but flashes of light and pulses of pleasure.

When she felt like she couldn't possibly cum again, the fingers slid out of her and suddenly undid her bindings. Her newly freed legs were grasped around the thighs by powerful hands. She was lowered into the giant's lap and although she was absolutely sure the very handsome giant was a well endowed man... She was not expecting to be placed upon a telephone pole sized penis.

The throbbing cock was easily three times the girth of her thighs at the thickest point. It was as large as her torso, and glistening wet. There was no way it was going to fit in her, but she had a feeling the giant was going to do it anyway. Chiki was resigned to her fate, convinced the fucking would be the end of her. There was no way she would survive the massive girth. She was oriented reverse cowgirl above the shaft.

The head of the cock met her tight slit, and rubbed eagerly, as if asking for permission to enter. Chiki clenched in response, as the bulging head pushed itself inside her. The head popped inside her and she felt the hands holding her shutter with pleasure. The hands dragged her down onto the thick member, driving it into her depths inch by inch. She looked down and could easily see the cock inside her by the stretched skin as it was pushing into her.

As the cock slid inside her she felt no pain, in fact it was pretty damn awesome. She felt like her pussy was built for this dick, and she was able to accommodate it like a glove. When her butt hit the balls at the bottom and the cock was burried completely inside her, she clenched around the base as the head distended her stomach in a cartoon-like fashion.

Chiki bucked her hips eagerly to draw the cock deeper and the giant began using her to masturbate. She felt exactly like a toy made for fucking. She loved it as she was gripped hard and plowed by a cock bigger than her body. She was a masturbation toy and ecstasy swelled inside her as the balls slapping against her began to tighten as the giant neared orgasm.

She imagined the feeling of molten liquid goo pouring into her from the giant dick. She bit her lip and clenched her pussy muscles as tightly as they would go. At that same moment the giant reached the point of no return. The giant hands pressed her into the giant's lap onto the cock more aggressively than before.

The giant doubled over and the giant flopped its whole weight onto Chiki as she was skewered relentlessly. The cum was thick and hot as it shot out the tip of the cock and into her belly. Jet after jet squirted into her and sloshed around as the member continued to plow into her. Because it was such a tight fit into her pussy, cum started squirting out of the stretched hole, making it look like Chiki was cumming warm cream. The look of it brought her to the edge, and she did start cumming warm liquid.

Both of them collapsed in a heap, with Chiki still impaled on the still hard cock, with goo noticeably leaking out of her. The creamy cum mixed with her warm ejaculate puddled on the floor below them. They were spooning on the floor, with the giant's arms wrapped tightly and lovingly around her.

The giant held her tightly like a pet, holding her close and possessively. In a daze, Chiki closed her eyes and her consciousness drifted off...

"I love you, Chiki. I'll give you my gooey love all the time" she heard the giant moan and mumble. "You're such a good fit for my cock, my personal little fuckhole."

As she drifted to sleep a thought startled her greatly, jostling her from sleep and she asked herself: "How did he know my name?"

Chiki eyes opened and across the room she saw what she thought was a mirror at first. It was an image of her. She recognized the flowing soft hair as identical to her own. But she also read on the box:

"Finest Sex Dolls. The most 'life-like' sextoy you've ever had! Chiki will do everything you make her do and will never talk back! And she feels just as soft as a real girl! Only two feet tall, for the perfect height of pleasure."

She was a life like sex doll, like millions of other realistic sex dolls. And now she had been purchased by an unbending Master.

And Chiki knew she was owned.

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Taylor's New Friend

Taylor and her new friend had been working diligently on the thick cock for at least half an hour. Licking it, sucking it, kissing it, squeezing it, everything they could do to make the man cum. Taylor cupped and stroked the balls, worked the base and shaft of the dick, nibbled the tip, but all that seemed to happen in response was the cock would harden further. Taylor was working particularly industriously on pleasing it.

Taylor licked and softly kissed the balls, and even licked the area under the balls that he husband craved so much. She was licking and sucking and using her hand to grab the back of the head of the other girl, used her as a sex toy to further please her man.

She was as married woman, and not one to often share her man, but there was something about this girl that was nonthreatening. She was completely submissive and willing to do anything Taylor made her do. She had started gentle with the girl, but in short time was grabbing her hair and shoving her head down on the throbbing member.

Now she was pushing her head down as deep and as far as the dick could go. They were both laying on top of the man, with their butts in his face. The new girl gulped in as much cock as it seemed her throat could handle. But it was still an inch short of being completely deepthroated.

The girl barely came up for air as she swallowed the bulging meat. It stretched her throat visibly. There was Taylor's saliva everywhere, lubricating the process. Taylor had both of her hands on the back of the girl's head, forcing her down.

Suddenly there was almost a pop, and the balls hit the girl's lips with the cock entirely in her throat and the man began to pump globs of thick semen into her eager mouth. The thick jets were hot and sticky, shooting right into her waiting tummy. Taylor quickly realized he was cumming, and pulled the girl up and greedily swallowed the cock whole. It was still shooting molten cream at a heavy place, and Taylor swallowed as much as she could. Her eyes watered as the balls slapped against her nose with every buck and thrust of the cock unloading spunk. She managed to deep throat it on the first try.

Taylor kept swallowing, as the girl kissed at her stretched lips. Taylors lips were stretched so tight around the base of the cock that some drips of cum were leaking out in small drops onto the balls. The new girl kissed at them, her tongue playing on Taylors soft lips and licking the balls at the same time, getting more cum in her mouth.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the cum stopped shooting, and the swelling started to decrease. Taylor still greedily held the softening member deep-throated, but soon she could breathe again even with it in her mouth. And after a time it slipped out completely, drained of the musky goo.

But Taylor wasn't finished using Jasmine. She put on a strap-on that also stimulated her dripping pussy and puckered ass, and planned to fuck Jasmine silly. She lined up the dildo and inserted it in Jasmine's tight pussy. Even though Jasmine was an attention whore, Taylor planned to be the center of attention. As soon as her husband was able to move again, she was going to have him fuck her tight asshole while she fucked the realistic life like sex doll.

Jasmine was so soft and smooth that for a few moments Taylor almost asked if she was fucking the tight pussy too hard. But then she remembered that she was a love doll from, and just let loose. She pounded away like she was trying to hammer in a stubborn nail. She drove home the thick strap-on as it stretched and buldged Jasmine's tight body.

Soon Tyler shook off the sleepiness and grabbed Taylor from behind. He lined up his still cum and saliva sticky cock with Taylor's clenched butthole it slid right down to the base as her ass engulfed him. Taylor gasped and squeezed her butt tightly on the base of her husbands cock greedily. She wanted every inch of him inside her guts when he exploded his load again. He rhythmically rocked back and forth as his thick hard cock slid in and out of her tight asshole.

Meanwhile Taylor continued to fuck the hell out of Jasmine, trying to giver her as much attention as she could while she was being sodomized by her husband's fat dick. She felt so stretched out and sandwiched by the fuck doll and her husband. Jasmine seemed to buck and grind with the motions of pleasure

There was moaning and groaning and the slapping of flesh. The pounding of silicone sex doll was indistinguishable from all the rest of the mass of fucking. The husband and wife easily forgot that Jasmine was a highly realistic sex doll. She was their new fuck doll pet, and they would use her accordingly every night to enhance their lovemaking.

The three of them lay together cuddling momentarily then passed out, exhausted from their efforts. All that was left of the scene was a pile of post sex bliss. The three of them dreaming of tomorrow when they would do it all again.

Buying one of those Finest Sex Dolls had been a great idea.

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Fairy Farmhouse Fornication Foray

The tiny blonde fairy Tiffany Treeheart danced through the air on elegant wings, looking for some fun.

Tiffany happened down a dirt path along a young farmer's patch of vegetables. She thought to go see if the young man had the hard strong hands that she was looking for. She needed a good filling and stretching, and a sex-deprived farm-hand might do just the trick.

He wasn't out tending the fields, and the crops looked watered and maintained already. The small cottage was through a healthy field of plump tomatoes. She darted along until she found the shaded window of his room. He was laying on the bed to escape the hot and beating sun. And he was doing a bit of beating himself.

The scene was exactly as she had hoped to find it. She began to moisten between her tiny fairy thighs. Beads of wetness were forming in her tight pussy lips. She ran a hand down her tummy and began gently massaging her swollen clit, love juices coating her fingers.

She could fit almost anything inside herself, being a magical being, so she was imagining his thick fingers stretching out her insides, making he scream for more. Maybe if she played her game just right she could get that fat hard cock of his inside her aching slit...

She buzzed through the crack in the window, and landed on the bed he was pleasuring himself on. He wore no clothes, and was furiously fapping his swollen member. His eyes closed in concentration. Tiffany crept over to his hand, and began grinding on his fingers.

His eyes shot open, and stared at her wide-eyes. She just smiled, and began making desperate little moans as she grinded and rubbed her moistness on his hand. Without a word, the man shifted attention to the horny little fairy. His fingers rubbing her inner thighs, arms, face, and wet sexiness. She shuttered in pleasure at the delicate touches.

"Actually, I like it rough" she giggled. "Can you put a finger in me? I promise I will stretch enough for it to fit in me."

Blinking, his pointer finger circled over to tiny pink pussy, and rubbed her juices all around. The finger made circles around the bump that was her sensitive clit, and began parting the small lower lips of her labia.

The hole was impossibly small and tight, but she took a deep breath and let the finger begin to enter her.

She gasped heavily as her pussy began to stretch and distend. The finger seemed to stretch her impossibly, but still it slit ever deeper. After the first finger joint, came the second, and then then finger was all the way insider her. She yelped and clenched around it, grinding it deeper into herself. With her legs she lifted off, followed by another plunge down to the base.

She rode the finger wildly like a massive cock, the young man furiously pleasuring himself as well. Her juices began splattering all over his hand as she increased the pace of her grinding and riding. She could tell an orgasm was about to burst from her aching pussy, and she rode as quickly as she could.

"I'm gonna cum!" she cried! "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming! Cuuuummmmiiiiiiiinnnng!" and buried the finger completely inside herself as the pulses of pleasure rippled through her in unstoppable waves of ecstasy.

As the little fairy caught her breath, she was completely relaxed and unaware in her post orgasm bliss. The farmhand cradled her supportively. But before she could shake off the heavy cloud of pure bliss, the guy shifted her around and grabbed hold of each of her thighs and spread them open as she started protesting just slightly too late. She has been hoping for a fuck, but she wasn't recovered yet from her orgasm! Her pussy was still tingling and clenching from cumming.

The farmhand had already undone his trousers, and his hard erection was flopping in his lap. She was positioned so her teeny tiny pixie pussy was directly over the head of the cock. As then head bumped against her vaginal opening she bit her lip in anticipation of the extreme stretching that was about to take place. She knew a thing or two about human sex drives, and the young man would shove his entire member deep inside her tight sexhole.

As the head and first inch gapped her widely,  she squealed on pleasure and wriggled and either around to work the cock deeper inside her. She squeezed rhythmically hoping to milk the cum from the massive cock as quickly as she could. But her squeaks and grinding just encouraged the man to plow her more eagerly. Each thrust got a little deeper, until she finally felt the base of the cock and the balls start hitting her and she knew she was completely filled with the entire cock.

Creamy spunk juice build in the young man's balls until he just couldn't hold back and longer and released what felt to her like gallons of cum which transfered deep inside her. His hands wrapped completely around her as she was gripped firmly and the farmhand was grinding their hips together aggressively as she was relieved of his big cum load.

Juices sprayed from her pussy from the force of the cum, and she screamed in pleasure as she also had another earth shaking orgasm. She clenched so tightly that the softening cock slipped out of her and liquid splattered all over the ground.

She reached down and scooped some up with her tiny hand and lifted it to her mouth as she licked it clean of the delicious cum she had earned. The farmhand collapsed in satisfaction.

Thomas finally opened his eyes and he let the tiny lifelike sex doll slide off of his slowly softening dick. She was the highest quality solid silicone love doll he had ever laid his hands on. Thomas let out a big sigh as he finally felt free of the massive load of cum that had been swelling his balls until a few moments ago. Tiffany was still leaking big globs of thick sticky cum from her tight little love doll hole.

It wasn't until the after glow faded that Thomas realized he had manufactured an entire story fantasy with this Japanese sex doll and it had done exactly the trick. Finest Sex Dolls provided him exactly what he wanted: A tiny little pixie playmate, which he had been aching for for years. He never knew he could buy a fuck doll replica of a tiny little fairy! sent it directly to his house after he had picked Tiffany Treeheart out specifically for himself. had even more girls in the online Fantasy Sex Dungeon, even more pixies and halflings, but Tiffany was the only girl for him.

Tiffany might be a tiny little realistic sex doll, but that just makes her little velvet soft pussy even tighter.

Tiffany struggled in silence as she was fucked relentlessly
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The Fantastic Foursome (Eva/Adam & Lilith/Steve)

How exactly the plan came to formation was forgotten along with the passing of time. The two friends had vowed to have an epic foursome with two hot chicks, back when they were just graduating high school. At the time, it seemed like a Pipedream. Neither of the two friends had even had a relationship lasting more than 6 months. But they were young and full of youthful vigor, and thought they were cool enough to handle two girls at the same time. It would be another decade before they were reminded of their plans.

Adam now worked at a machine part manufacturing plant as an area supervisor, and Steve worked at a desk in the local city clerk office. Steve had a longterm girlfriend and Adam had recently been through a rough divorce. He had been visiting strip clubs and titty bars and blowing way too much cash on vice and flesh related entertainment. He was single and almost 30, and it was going to his head in a bad way. Even though he was enjoying himself, Adam was still left feeling empty and drained at the end of the night as he laid in bed.

It was at this point that he had again returned home from dropping almost 1000 bucks getting boobs rubbed in his face by glitter and perfume drenched exotic dancers. Sure, he could afford it, but it was the regularity of these visits that would ultimately break his bank. He needed a permanent solution to his woes, and he needed it soon, before he drank and cashed his life away. Ultimately it was his good friend who would pull him out of his downward spiral and save his confidence and spirit.

Steve and his girlfriend first tried setting him up with their friends. There were hot girls and average girls, but none of them ended up being comparable with Adam. It was ultimately Steve's girlfriend Lilith that found the alternative that would be the answer to Adam's problems. She got on the internet and searched for "realistic sex dolls," "solid silicone sex doll," and "Japanese sex doll." She researched all the sites that offered imported love dolls, and found Finest Sex Dolls at to be the most reliable and legitimate of her options.

So Lilith began the task of choosing the perfect girl for Adam for his 30th Birthday present. Steve helped in every way he could, providing a list of details that Adam has expressed as attractive features in girls he was interested in. Steve narrowed down body type, hair, face, and size. Ultimately the two of them decided on a doll named "Eva." Adam was a bit of a kinky guy, and Eva seemed like the perfect fit for Adam, and she even had the porn starlet personality that he craved. Her description indicated as much:

"When your balls bump against her tight teen tushy, you best bite your tongue or be prepared to burst in Eva's bubble butt. Our Eva has three holes for you to enjoy, and since she has a fully posable metallic skeleton Eva will be a sex doll for the ages. She knows as many positions as you can think of, and probably more than any of us can think of either. Since she is a realistic solid silicone love doll she is also water proof, and you can spray her with cum and spray her clean as often as she needs. Eva loves being covered and coated in creamy cum. And after you warm her up in the bathtub her delicious smooth shaved sex slit with get as slick as warm butter when lubed up."

The plan for the Fantastic Foursome was finally set in motion.

The weeks past and Eva arrived right on time, exactly as she was promised. Eva was even more gorgeous in person, and her skin was so smooth and velvet soft. Steve and Lilith took the time to carefully set up Eva and dress her in cute clothing after even giving her a warm bath in a bathtub in anticipation of the big night. She was body temperature and so real they were temporarily left speechless. It was nearly time for Adam to visit. They had told him very little of the party plans, but kept the details secret.

Adam finally arrived and when he walked into the room his friends Steve and Lilith were literally fucking doggy-style on the couch vigorously. Taken aback, Adam wasn't exactly sure what to make of the situation. His eyes didn't stray from Lilith's enthusiastically swaying breasts. The two of them didn't even look up as Steve rammed his lover roughly from behind. Lilith eventually groaned deeply and then Steve did as well and they collapsed on the couch.

"Nice of you to finally join us, we started the Birthday party a little early." Lilith looked up and said. "But no need to worry, your birthday present has already arrived. And.. Ahem, "she," is in the guest room down the hall. There is lube, and toys, and everything you could need in the room. Let's get the Fantastic Foursome going as soon as you're ready. Take your time with her, I hear she is a virgin..."

Adam's eyes were as wide as plates, but he did as he was told and walked down the hall and opened the guest room. He stepped in, and saw exactly what you would imagine. Eva was on display for him, all warmed and clothed. Adam had to actually touch her before he would believe she was a doll. Then he unzipped his pants and took out his throbbing hard cock. He grabbed Eva's face and shoved his pulsing meat deep in her mouth. The slapping sound of flesh could be heard down the hall.

Back in the living room Lilith got on her knees and licked Steve's sloppy dick all clean. Then she started sucking it until it started to get hard again. She moaned and purred with him in her mouth.

"How long do you think it will take him to come back her?" Lilith asked Steve.

"Dunno," replied Steve.

But just then, the guest door opened and Adam was carrying Eva and there was about 6 inches of a 12 inch double dildo sticking out of Eva's tight wet pussy. Adam put Eva down so she was down on all fours in doggy style position. The dildo flopped around smacking her perky ass as she was moved around. When she was positioned, the double dildo was left presented to the naked couple on the couch. Adam gestured to Eva.

Lilith looked at the lovely fuck doll, and bent over and grabbed the floppy dildo. She lined it up with her wet pussy lips and inserted it deep in until her bottom smacked against Eva's perky soft bubble butt. Then she started to bounce against the love doll as she continued to suck Steve's cock.

Adam inserted his dick back into Eva's eager mouth and started fucking her mouth while she was on all fours. The combined motion of the Fuck Train pleasured them all simultaneously, as the double dildo sloshed between the dripping pussies of the horny girls.

The Formation of the Fantastic Foursome.

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