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‘Crafty Fantasy’ Shines at AVN AEE Expo in Las Vegas

According to the Adult Entertainment Industry, lifelike dolls are the sex toys of the future. While dolls first burst onto the scene in 2014, they’ve been around for much longer than that. However, thanks to craftsmen like those at, dolls are now better than ever. Crafty Fantasy recently set up a booth at the AVN (Adult Video News) Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The life-sized, real sex dolls, some blonde, others brunette and redhead, caught the attention of several radio shows and a good amount press, proving that sex dolls are definitely here to stay, as long as the product can meet demands. In fact, it was in 2010 at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas that dolls with verbal and tactile recognition abilities were revealed.

Just a quick browse through the Crafty Fantasy website allows you to see just what sets them apart from other retailers. Not only do they have dozens of unique-looking dolls available, they’re also available in several heights, with an assortment of features. The dolls vary in price, but given how much attention they received at an expo filled with just about anything you could possibly want, they’re worth every single penny.

So why would you want to spend your hard-earned money on a sex doll? For one, it gives you access to great sex anytime you want. Plus, not only does it feel great but it allows you to practice your own skills without judgment. Additionally, if you’re looking for no-strings attached fun that feels great and helps control your sexual appetite, there really isn’t a better option out there! Unlike other sex toys on the market, these sex dolls are entirely hands free, which means they really feel like the real thing. The hardest part is figuring out which doll is right for you!

Crafty Fantasy has made it their mission to not only provide a quality product, but one that all but guarantees absolute joy for their customers. In fact, they settle for nothing less than satisfaction for every single one of their customers. Their silicone sex dolls have been on the market for more than five years, yet they’re getting as much attention as toy makers who have been in the market for decades. At Crafty Fantasy, Finest Sex Dolls, they want to break through misconceptions and help more people realize that their toys are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, men, women, and couples alike have all enjoyed their purchased dolls so much, their only regret is not buying one sooner!


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The Future of Sex Dolls

We enjoy the beauty of sex dolls. These realistic beauties have supple skin, lovely features that we can customize to our tastes and desires, and offer all the pleasures we could hope for. Life size real dolls like the Cherry are unique creations that are sensual and artistic.

What is next for the love doll? Will we continue to perfect the features of silicone and TPE sex dolls, further enhancing their skin, eyes, and hair? Will we see more fantasy features added to real dolls so that we can include any manner of human-like creature or alien into our sexual fantasies? Will sex dolls be animated in the future?

AI and Sex Dolls

The idea of animated and even talking sex dolls is not a far-distant technology. Already we have seen incredible advances in AI technology (remember Watson’s appearance on the game show Jeopardy?) Companies like RealDoll are currently working on AI models for their product line. The see AI and virtual reality as the future of the sex industry and as innovators, they want to be there.

The focus for the RealDoll AI is not on realism, but on engagement and fun. That is to say, they do not want an AI that can fool a user into thinking it is human. Instead, they want to augment the experience people who enjoy love dolls already have. They want a robotic sex doll that can interact with her human companion, engaging in romantic and sexy conversations.

They want the most realistic doll for men to fall in love with. In the very near future, the lovely Cherry could tell you how she likes your touch, where she wants you to touch her next, and even compliment you on your techniques. Afterward, she would be able to converse with you about sports, politics if you wish, or anything else you want to talk about.

Augmented Reality and Sex Dolls

While some men enjoy love dolls as an alternative to female companionship, others want them to augment their private time. Some even introduce the love dolls into the bedroom with their partners to engage in kinky play and sexual fantasies together. In the near future, as we continue to develop augmented reality (technology that uses our reality and imposes images and information for us to interact with – think Pokémon Go or Google’s attempts with Google Glass) we will probably see sex dolls figure into the technology.

Imagine having a sex doll that is connected wirelessly to your computer. You are on business or perhaps your partner is, and the two of you wish to engage in some long-distance romance. Maybe you have met someone online and the two of you want to heat things up romantically. TPE sex dolls could help to bridge the distance, using sensory technology and internet connections to simulate sex between long distance partners.

The Challenges of Real Doll AIs

While we are quickly approaching the point where we will have fully realized AI, we still have hurdles to overcome between us, and our robotic sex dolls.


First, we still have to master the technology. While the current silicone and TPE materials are nice and fine quality, our futuristic real dolls will need to be fully animated with facial expressions. Their skin will also need to be able to handle constant movements and sense touch and pressure.


Movement is another key area we have to develop further in robotics. Human movement is no easy feat. We have years to perfect it and grow into our full movement. A robot will start from fully-grown. We have to fine-tune the robotic “muscles” for smooth movement and continue to help robots learn to balance while walking. In addition, while we have made improvements with fine motor control, you want to make sure that Cherry has the most gentle of touches when she is handling your delicate parts.


Once we develop fully realized AI – and even today – we face some serious ethical questions. Today, we see movements centered on animal rights and the treatment of animals. As AI comes closer and closer to its full actualization, we will very likely see similar groups for AI and robotic entities.

We will also see ethical questions arise about the use of AI and ownership of an entity that is self-aware. Can we own a self-aware being? Is it right to program it to a single task and nothing else? What if it learns other tasks? These are questions that we will encounter for all roles that AIs assume in our society, from factory work to programming other AIs.

We should be prepared to answer those questions for the AIs that may come to our best silicone dolls as well. Right now, our beautiful sex dolls are posable but otherwise unmoving, unthinking, and unfeeling. When they are capable of movement, discussion, and feeling, then we will have to ask ourselves important questions about ownership, and what things like consent mean to us and to our robotic sex doll companions.


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How to Avoid Sex Doll Scams

You are about to purchase a realistic sex doll. This quality product can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A sex doll is not merely a sex toy. It is an investment of your hard-earned money. You expect to receive the item you purchased and you should receive a product that is high quality.

As with any large-dollar purchase, when you purchase a realistic sex doll, you want to take time to research the product. Understand what makes a quality sex doll. For example, what is the difference between a Silicone Sex Doll and a TPE Sex Doll? Be sure to research the best ways to care for and store your sex doll between use, and make sure you have or purchase everything you need. While reputable sellers and manufacturers will include care instructions with your purchase, you do not want to have your sex doll in your bedroom, ready for use, and but not have the type of cleanser you will need afterward or a way to store her safely later. Knowing what you need ahead of time allows you to prepare.

Product research, however, is only half of what you need. You also need to make sure that the retailer you purchase from is reputable and that you receive what you ordered. Consider, if you are purchasing a car or new furniture, you don’t just check out the car or the sofa brand. You also consider the retailer. Do you know them? Do they have a good reputation? Do they sell quality products and are they authorized to sell them to you? Do they have a showroom where you can see the products first hand?

When you are purchasing online, it is even more important to avoid scams. Here are some of our best practices so that you always have the best sex doll for your money.

Evaluate the Website

A reputable sex doll retailer will always have a professional website. Even if the company is brand new in the industry, they will take time and spend the money to create a website that features product and company information. If you are experienced in web design, then you will know the types of design features that indicate a quality and professional website. Even if you have never so much as created a blog, however, you can still evaluate a site. When considering a sex doll retailer, make sure their website,

  • Is visually appealing
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Contains relevant content (product and information related to the product)
  • Contains legal information, disclaimers, and store policy (including returns and cancellations)
  • Clearly displays familiar payment methods (Credit Cards, PayPal, etc)

Research the Seller

Once you find a site that offers the type of realistic sex dolls you want and the price you want to spend, take time to search for the seller. Do they offer reviews on their site and their products? That is good, but you should look elsewhere as well. The internet has sites related to almost anything you could purchase, life-size sex dolls included. Use the website address as a search term (such as and look for testimonials from other buyers.

You should never expect a retailer’s reputation to be perfect. Even sites like Amazon and household names like Sears have customers who are dissatisfied with their products or the service they received. However, you should find more people who have good experiences with the retailer. If you are concerned about a complaint that you find online, reach out to the retailer and ask how the hypothetical situation is resolved. Some issues, such as delivery problems, are covered in the retailer’s policies, but a good sex doll retailer will happily respond to inquiries as well. After all, they want your business.

Look for Product Details

The product details for the sex doll you want to purchase should give you specific information. You should know its height and weight. You should know if there are variations available to the doll, such as alternate hair or eye color. The site should tell you the material that the doll is made from, for example is it a TPE sex doll or a silicone sex doll. You did your research, so make sure that your retailer provides the information you need to make a purchasing decision. Remember that websites are designed to provide information in condensed form. If you want to know something about the doll that is not listed in the description, send an inquiry. A reputable dealer will respond timely and knowledgably.

Pay Attention to How You Pay

When you purchase from a retailer, you want to have a safe method to pay. For online shopping, this means having a way to pay where you have a recovery method if something goes wrong. Sticking with credit card payments and payment vendors like PayPal is best, since they offer ways to dispute charges if necessary. Online retailers also stay with these payment methods for the same reason. They are guaranteed payments for retailers, where checks or money orders still have to be collected by the retailer’s bank. It is okay if a retailer accepts other methods of payment but they should never ask you to switch to a check, money order, or wire as a payment method in lieu of credit card or PayPal.

Only Purchase from Authorized Retailers

When you purchase your realistic sex doll, you want a brand new, quality love doll. You should always purchase from a retailer. These stores may be the online storefronts for manufacturer or authorized retail stores, both online and brick-and-mortar. Both offer benefits to consumers, and the preference depends on how you prefer to shop. For example, a direct to consumer manufacturer may offer lower prices, but they only sell their product. An authorized retailer, however, will offer a wider variety of dolls from multiple manufacturers.

You should always avoid purchasing a sex doll through a classified ad or auction sites like EBay, unless you verify that the EBay store is an authorized retailer’s store. As with any sex toy, for your health and safety your sex doll should be brand new and never used.

You are about to purchase a quality, lifelike and sex doll. It is important that you purchase the doll you want and that you receive the love doll you purchased. Taking the extra time to make sure you are purchasing the real doll ahead of time will save you time and hassle later.

We at Finest Sex Dolls want to be the retailer you trust to help you select the perfect life-size sex doll. Our website features a full catalog of TPE dolls made of high-grade silicone; each specialized to your preferences. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and offer discreet and hassle-free ordering. In addition, we have a live showroom just 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia. We will be happy to schedule an appointment so that you can see these beautiful love dolls up close and personal and see for yourself the grace and quality of each one. We also feature excellent customer service and will return all calls and inquiries promptly.

Explore our site, get to know the lovely ladies that we feature, and let us help you create new fantasies.


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Dressed for Success

Barry always liked to attend gaming and anime conventions. He had a particular fondness of Japanese culture as well as the stylistic impact it had had on the entire gaming industry. Cosplay had become one of the biggest cultural phenomenons in years. Every time a large convention was held, countless guys and gals would come dressed as their favorite characters from TV, anime, games, movies, and whatever other fandoms people were a part of.

This convention that Barry was currently at was centered around sexy videogame female characters. There were lots of "Booth Babes" that were dressed in very revealing and provocative attire. Although no one was allowed to touch, he could certainly look! He couldn't decide which costume was his favorite, but all then bare cleavage gave him some pretty naughty ideas. He had been single for a while, and had come to this convention with the intent of finding and hooking up with a hot dressed girl. Barry was dressed as the super hero that was extremely fast, dressed all in red with a lightning bolt flashing across him.

He wasn't very muscled, but he liked the feel of the spandex suit. The amount of time it took him to make his suit fell somewhere near 60 hours. Hr could have bought it online, but he liked to put in the effort to make it right. And he felt like girls were able to see his package through the clingy spandex. In reality, it compressed it down and made it appear smaller than it actually was... But Barry didn't know that, and his friends sure weren't going to comment on his junk.

There was one girl who looked mostly alone, but really dressed like a babe. He wondered why she didn't have a guy accompanying her? He decided then and there that this was his chance to get some action back in his hotel room. There was a strong possibility that a girl as beautiful as this might be within his reach. All he had to do was make them first move and talk to her. That was all he had to do.

Barry imagined walking up to the hot young lady, and saying something smooth. She would giggle cutely and then touch his shoulder playfully. After that she would brush the hair from her face and smile. He would make small talk and then they would get along like fast friends. Barry fantasized that they had made it back to his hotel room, and she was eagerly rubbing her dripping moist and hot pussy through her costume. She grabbed her breasts and massaged them with her other hand. Then she reached out and stroked his bulge through the costume. He was certainly going to have some freaky superhero sex.

And then his dick started to get hard in real life at the convention. Barry panicked, and pushed his hands down on the tent in the spandex that his erection created. He could tell people were starting to stare. He had never felt so embarrassed in his life. Even the girl he had been eyeing looked over at him and then looked down and hurried away. He quickly escaped the building while trying to avoid eye contact with everyone. Finally back in his hotel room, he locked the door.

His erection was still rock solid, and he sighed and accepted that it was not going to go away until he rubbed himself off. His erection embarrassment made him want to swear off dating and sex forever. He was embarrassed of his own body, which was sad and frustrating.

There was no way that Barry could have known, but a mischievous girl with magical powers had over heard his plight. Using her powers, she set it so Barry would find next time he opened his computer. The Finest Sex Dolls website would then show him many love dolls and many fuck doll options. This site was her evil scheme to set up desperate people with girls who had been turned into solid silicone sex dolls!

So as destined, Barry opened his laptop to masturbate and piped up and directed him to a girl named "Babe." He could not get enough of her pictures and specifications listed on her profile. She was an avid cosplayer! He couldn't believe his luck! Somehow Babe was 100% what he was looking for in a companion:

"Cassie is cute as a button, and her carefully crafted absolutely adorable face does well at hiding how much of a dirty sex starved love slave fuck doll she is. This life size sex doll could never own enough costumes in a thousand years. That's because she is a Cosplay enthusiast! She likes to dress up in intricate costumes and act as her favorite character from movies, video games, anime, and other popular culture figures. But lucky for you, the Cosplay she is looking forward to most is also the easiest: Adam and Eve! As naked as the day we are born. Cassie wants to move the ivy away from your manhood, and suck your trouser snake until she can swallow your forbidden fruit."

Barry came while stroking his throbbing dick and thinking about dressing up Babe. All of his fear and nervousness were gone. He barely even remembered the unfortunate event from earlier. From now on he was going to blown his load inside a gorgeous silicone life size sex doll. The next day he even went back to the convention.

There was a new booth there, which was for Finest Sex Dolls. He could not believe his eyes, but there it was. There were no girls to buy, but there were model dolls and skin samples that he could touch. Behind the counter was a sexy short girl that looked remarkably like the doll Angel, except she was alive. But he kept walking along on his way, eager for the day his very own personal sex doll would arrive.

Lots of people touched the silicone girls there at the booth that day, but only Barry already had several outfits planned to dress up his new love in.

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A Housewife's Tastes

Cum was not easy to swallow. It didn't taste particularly good, but men absolutely demanded it now that porn had made it seem normal. Andrew's Ex-wife had told him as much when they were still together, but he didn't particularly want to give up on his pleasure. There was just something he couldn't explain that made swallowing his seed the sexiest thing a woman was able to do for him. Andrew took some personal time and masturbated to some vids and pics on his computer. Especially cum swallowing videos, if that wasn't already obvious.

If he could find a girl that was eager enough to please him that she would swallow his whole cock while we came, it would be his ultimate fantasy. Andrew was a man of simple pleasures and easy living. He didn't need a partner to clean and cook for him, since he was pretty good at that himself. In fact Andrew considered himself very independent after his divorce. He was just starting to settle into a comfortable lifestyle of relaxing on the couch, masturbating, and going to work. Not necessarily in that order.

He was watching a movie that had moms called "MILFs" because of how fuckable they were. Andrew couldn't tell exactly what made them MILFs, since he just saw beautiful older ladies. He didn't think that age diminished beauty, or that it needed to be qualified. However, Andrew was a very understanding and considerate person most of the time, it was only when it came to sex that he was demanding and controlling.

There were certainly women that Andrew dated who liked the dominant aspects, but often left him when they realized he was otherwise a mellow and sweet dude and not a gruff controlling tough guy like they were searching for specifically. It was a matter of different tastes. But right now Andrew had on his mind a very particular type of woman, with a particular kind of taste. He went to the seedy part of town, and picked up a girl on the side of the road. We all know what happened next, since you can pay for pretty much any desire you have if you have a bit of money.

So after his load had been swallowed by a pretty little thing he went back home and got on the computer. He wished he could have that every single night of his life. But he knew he had paid that girl for the satisfaction, and felt guilt for it. And was never sure if he was being safe enough against diseases. He was fine paying, but wished he had a more permanent solution. He remembered a movie he saw recently where a guy hooked up with a sex doll. Maybe if he could get his own silicone sex doll he could cum in a girl's throat whenever he wanted. He imagined a sexy girl giving him head, except she had no gag reflex.

Andrew's thick swollen cock started to harden and become erect. He wanted someone to suck on the head, and then keep sucking even when thick jets of hot cum started erupting out of his balls and filling her mouth with his seed. Often it was at that moment that his partner would pull back or choke and spit. That was such a turnoff.

He imagined a life size sex doll with his cock deep in her mouth, savoring the flavor of his load. A realistic sex doll would be completely submissive and he would never need to take her on dates or spend money on her. Even better , he could have two girls at the same time, and make them do unthinkable things to himself and to each other. It didn't take reading too many love doll profiles for him to pick his favorite. It was a lovely and charming girl named Anita:

"Anita has been around the block, and done it all. When we say Anita is a desperate housewife, we definitely mean she is on the prowl for adventure. This realistic life size sex doll will blow your mind, and every inch of your dripping wet thick hard cock. Anita gobbles balls, kisses shafts, and is even happy to rub her nose on your butthole. She has not an ounce of shame, and an excess of eagerness to please your private parts. Anita is gonna need a dick inside either her cunt, ass, or mouth to fulfill her desires. Your kinky fantasies are her dirty little secrets. Have a glass of fine win and let her put in costumes or be tied up for you. Let her at your loins and she will be your lioness."

That was exactly what Andrew wanted, and Anita of his very own to submissively relieve him of his sticky loads that were so swollen in his balls. A fuck doll of his very own from was exactly what he would solve his little "problem" with.

No longer would he have to worry about the taste of his own cum. He knew his top girl Anita would be desperate for his cum every day when he came home. He wouldn't even ask her before roughly jamming his rock hard dick into her mouth and throat.

He laid Anita down on the bed on her back. Then he positioned himself over her but turned the other way, in a 69 position. Then her slipped his cock in her lubed up and slick mouth and stuffed it. He pumped his dick relentlessly until he knew he was past the point of no return, and cum filled Anita's mouth.

That was the 5th time Andrew had cum that day.


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