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The Future of Sex Dolls

We enjoy the beauty of sex dolls. These realistic beauties have supple skin, lovely features that we can customize to our tastes and desires, and offer all the pleasures we could hope for. Life size real dolls like the Cherry are unique creations that are sensual and artistic.

What is next for the love doll? Will we continue to perfect the features of silicone and TPE sex dolls, further enhancing their skin, eyes, and hair? Will we see more fantasy features added to real dolls so that we can include any manner of human-like creature or alien into our sexual fantasies? Will sex dolls be animated in the future?

AI and Sex Dolls

The idea of animated and even talking sex dolls is not a far-distant technology. Already we have seen incredible advances in AI technology (remember Watson’s appearance on the game show Jeopardy?) Companies like RealDoll are currently working on AI models for their product line. The see AI and virtual reality as the future of the sex industry and as innovators, they want to be there.

The focus for the RealDoll AI is not on realism, but on engagement and fun. That is to say, they do not want an AI that can fool a user into thinking it is human. Instead, they want to augment the experience people who enjoy love dolls already have. They want a robotic sex doll that can interact with her human companion, engaging in romantic and sexy conversations.

They want the most realistic doll for men to fall in love with. In the very near future, the lovely Cherry could tell you how she likes your touch, where she wants you to touch her next, and even compliment you on your techniques. Afterward, she would be able to converse with you about sports, politics if you wish, or anything else you want to talk about.

Augmented Reality and Sex Dolls

While some men enjoy love dolls as an alternative to female companionship, others want them to augment their private time. Some even introduce the love dolls into the bedroom with their partners to engage in kinky play and sexual fantasies together. In the near future, as we continue to develop augmented reality (technology that uses our reality and imposes images and information for us to interact with – think Pokémon Go or Google’s attempts with Google Glass) we will probably see sex dolls figure into the technology.

Imagine having a sex doll that is connected wirelessly to your computer. You are on business or perhaps your partner is, and the two of you wish to engage in some long-distance romance. Maybe you have met someone online and the two of you want to heat things up romantically. TPE sex dolls could help to bridge the distance, using sensory technology and internet connections to simulate sex between long distance partners.

The Challenges of Real Doll AIs

While we are quickly approaching the point where we will have fully realized AI, we still have hurdles to overcome between us, and our robotic sex dolls.


First, we still have to master the technology. While the current silicone and TPE materials are nice and fine quality, our futuristic real dolls will need to be fully animated with facial expressions. Their skin will also need to be able to handle constant movements and sense touch and pressure.


Movement is another key area we have to develop further in robotics. Human movement is no easy feat. We have years to perfect it and grow into our full movement. A robot will start from fully-grown. We have to fine-tune the robotic “muscles” for smooth movement and continue to help robots learn to balance while walking. In addition, while we have made improvements with fine motor control, you want to make sure that Cherry has the most gentle of touches when she is handling your delicate parts.


Once we develop fully realized AI – and even today – we face some serious ethical questions. Today, we see movements centered on animal rights and the treatment of animals. As AI comes closer and closer to its full actualization, we will very likely see similar groups for AI and robotic entities.

We will also see ethical questions arise about the use of AI and ownership of an entity that is self-aware. Can we own a self-aware being? Is it right to program it to a single task and nothing else? What if it learns other tasks? These are questions that we will encounter for all roles that AIs assume in our society, from factory work to programming other AIs.

We should be prepared to answer those questions for the AIs that may come to our best silicone dolls as well. Right now, our beautiful sex dolls are posable but otherwise unmoving, unthinking, and unfeeling. When they are capable of movement, discussion, and feeling, then we will have to ask ourselves important questions about ownership, and what things like consent mean to us and to our robotic sex doll companions.


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