Cos-Playing Cassie

Mike watched the two young women walk past, turning his head so that he could see all of the costumes they were. They were dressed as a pair of anime characters, though he did not know which show or characters. Anime was not truly his thing. He was a DC man. His eyes trailed up the swell of one woman’s thigh to her short skirt and he quickly turned his head.

I will not ogle the cos-players. They are real women. He repeated the mantra to himself. Girls who dressed up for conventions wanted to be admired, yes. They did not want to be harassed or disrespected. He was not going to be one of “those guys” who treated them like anything except fellow fans of varied geek-dom.

Besides, Mike had his own cos-player waiting for him. She did not mind being ogled or handled any way he wanted. She rather lived for it, actually. She was Cassie, a realistic sex doll that he had purchased from He had saved up a lot of money, which meant foregoing some of the details he wanted for his own costume for the con show on Sunday. She was worth it, though, every penny.

She was beautiful, with long red hair and blue eyes. It was easy when he was with her to forget she was a sex doll. He liked to think of her as his sex slave, there for his pleasure. He would get into those thoughts and suddenly feel a need to say something sweet to her. She looked so sweet that it was easy to forget that was exactly what she was made for, pleasing him and letting him express himself.

Mike waved to a trio of girls as he passed them. They were dressed as DC villainesses and heroines. He had the opportunity to speak to them earlier in the day when he diffused a situation between them and a less than respectful fellow con-goer. The young man never understood why it was not cool to just go up and touch them. He thought about introducing him to the idea of a realistic sex doll and thought better of it.

To appreciate the sex dolls, you had to know how to treat and respect the real thing first.

The intervention had won him the respect of the female cos-players. It had also gotten him the phone number of the pretty blonde dressed as Harley Quinn. He had warned her, though, that he would not call until after the con, though if she wanted to hang out on Sunday after the costume contest that was cool. He did not want to set the expectation that he was just a con hookup. She seemed like a nice girl and she was a DC fan to boot.

That made for a good basis, he thought.

The day’s festivities were wrapping up. He had a concert he wanted to see tonight. In the meantime, Mike thought that he left Cassie waiting long enough. He made his way through the throng of bodies to the elevator and up to his room.

When he closed his door and turned on the light, Mike found Cassie waiting for him. She lay on the bed, her red hair spread out to one side, her blue eyes focused on him as her head was posed to watch him come in the door. Mike crossed the room and unfastened his jeans, pushing them down and pulling out his cock. He was hard just looking at her in her warrior princess cos-play costume. Finding the right size for her had been easy. She had such a lovely, petite body.

Mike pushed up the skirt of the costume without fanfare. Looking at the swell of her breasts under the chest piece, and how she looked both powerful and fragile at the same time, only made his lust grow. He thrust his cock into her, pushing hard until he was deep inside her. He turned her head, feeling the soft, flesh-like supple skin under his fingers.

Cassie was so tight tonight and very hot. Mike grunted as he continued to thrust in her, thinking of all the lovely women in their costumes, and one special blonde he would be dating soon. Mike snapped open the chest piece and gripped the firm breasts, squeezing them as he pushed harder, back and in, deeper and faster.

His orgasm pushed through his cock, spilling into Cassie’s body. He let out a deep grunt as he held himself firm against her soft body. When the last of his cum pulsed into her, he pulled out of her and lay on the bed. Her body felt nice. There was something about the total submission of a sex doll that was beyond arousing.

It left him feeling sated and relaxed. A small nap, Mike thought, and he would be ready for the concert tonight.