Party Time Antics

Chris was tired of running his business. He had been the head of a life insurance firm for nearly two decades and the stress of the job was finally getting to him. He loved working with numbers, but after the years of digits and decimals he was ready for a break. He just wanted to go to bars and clubs and let loose. He didn't care if he was past his "prime", he had earned his status and could rely on his well stocked portfolio.

But this also made him cautious out of necessity. There were many people who would try to buddy up to him just in hopes of getting some sort of chance at his money. Countless charity requests, sponsorship opportunities, and even a couple of girls known derogatorily as " Gold Diggers." These girls would pretend to love him just for a chance at half of his assets. He knew this was true, because he had fallen for it in the past and lost quite a lot of money.

But still Chris wanted sex, like every other human on earth. He visited strip clubs to see some flopping boobies and hired private escorts to go out on dinner dates with him. He could afford it after a life of frugal savings. He never spent money he could otherwise save or invest. That was what allowed him to amass so much capital that helped his business to become so successful. Now in his silver years he decided to spend that hard earned money on his own enjoyment.

However, he had heard from a good friend about a little known fetish, that was growing larger every day: custom made solid silicone sex dolls. These love dolls were crafted perfectly to resemble life size women in prime condition. The fact that they felt so realistic and soft was enough to make him curious. One of his friends recommended the site Finest Sex Dolls at for the best choices and customer satisfaction for such an important purchase. He browsed the array of girls and saw many girls that he wanted to feel himself inside of.

The realistic sex dolls that he was admiring were fully posable with metallic skeletons, allowing them to be bent and positioned to his needs. He also learned that they were waterproof and could be warmed up in the tub to true body temperature. If he had been able, Chris probably would have driven to the store right then and bought the girl he stumbled upon.

It was quite literally his dream come true. Right there at the top of the catalog was a girl named "Cutie", and he realized that someone must have had the exact same idea and desires as him. He KNEW this fuck doll just had to be modeled after one of those outgoing and energetic party girls that he had been paying money to when he visited a boobie bar:

"Cutie likes to jump from club to club, and house party to house party because this life size sex doll wants to enjoy every single party out there. Cutie is even down for a private entertainment party with just the two of you together alone somewhere secluded. Cutie drinks just whatever you're drinking, and doesn't each much in the way of party snacks. She is easy going and loves adventure. Cutie is a life like love doll who is up for whatever. Every realistic sex doll we sell at Finest Sex Dolls is inspected to the highest degree to ensure your complete satisfaction. We truly believe that Cutie will make a perfect companion for anyone who wants to have a little fun, and maybe lot of fucking."

Since these lifelike sex dolls had to be made custom one at a time, he would just have to be patiently and wait for Cutie to be made special for him. The time past by quickly and the day for her arrival finally came. Chris prepared for her arrival by taking some blue penis pills and drawing a bath of warm water. The package came and he set her up.

As soon as she was standing in front of him Chris knew what had to be done. First he would fuck her mouth with his cock, but taking care not to fill he throat with his cum yet. Then it would be time to fuck her soft wet pussy. He touched her lower wet lips and explored her slit. After that he put a few fingers in her butthole and lubed that up, too.

Then he pressed himself against her and felt all of her delicate feminine curves and features. An escort of this caliber would easily cost him several thousand dollars for just a whole evening. As Chris stroked her hair with his hand, he imagined the countless nights that he would spend with this crazy party girl. No matter what he wanted to do for that evening, she would give it to him, no matter how degrading it was.

Her perky bubble butt was where he planned to finally release his sticky seed. Since Cutie didn't feel any pain, Chris wanted to fuck her ass relentlessly until her tight sphincter clenched tight enough to drain his balls of warm thick gooey cum.

Cutie wished she could swallow it, but she would settle for sticky sperm shooting up her bottom.