Reality Show Romance

Whenever he turned on the TV George always seemed to see hundreds of Reality TV shows, with contestants doing wild and crazy things against the other teams... or fulfilled some sort of ridiculous nearly impossible task. No matter what the subject, it was always very silly and the main focus was the antics of the partially clothed people competing. Sometimes they were trapped on a deserted island, or had to eat something disgusting, or even required to find a partner to hook up with.

Whatever the task, there were always some people who went above and beyond to impress the other actors and audience, doing the challenge completely naked or some other jaw dropping thing that would get attention and ratings. George noticed one girl in particular that he seemed to see often on the shows, and her name was Ginger. She was busty and fit, and had an award winning smile. She walked confidently as her breasts jiggled with each step. Ginger seemed to have no shame and never ducked away from tasks presented to her. And her teammates always chose her for the most daring events. And like clockwork, off came Ginger's shirt to release her bouncing breasts.

Most of the time George noticed that Ginger had reddish hair but also changed it to brown or blonde or black whenever the mood suited her. Her trim waist was so perfect it resembled the perfect sculpted nature of a sex doll. And no matter how many hotdogs and bananas and other phallic objects she ate in massive quantities ever caused her to gain a pound. It was almost magic... And even when she swam underwater she seemed to be able to hold her breath for impossibly long amounts of time. Ginger was immune to being beaten!

But speaking of beaten, this time Ginger was on a XXX rated reality show where she had to use her hands to beat off as many dudes as possible in under 10 minutes. She couldn't use any other body part than her hands. Looking closely at her hands while there was a camera closeup of them, one could see the lovely softness and definition of her smooth strong fingers.

The first guy was a snap, and she simultaneously jerked off another guy. Two down in ten seconds. The next one took twice as long to finish, and so did the fourth. This kept up until Ginger had finished nearly 40 guys in the allotted 10 minutes. She was on fire, and the timer rang as she popped off two more and made her total 42. Ginger licked her messy hands and the crowds cheered.

Meanwhile George had a dirty idea. He had been visiting Finest Sex Dolls at, and he was going to order a fuck doll that looked like Ginger! He started getting hard and aroused just thinking about it. He booted up his computer and typed in the website. All of the realistic sex dolls popped up on his screen, and his eyes were drawn to the love doll specials section. He saw a life size sex doll right there with the name of Ginger, and this adult doll looked exactly like the TV starlet right down to her bouncy perky rack. He pulled up her description and was utterly amazed:

"Of course Ginger used to have her own Reality TV show, about this thing or that... Actually there were some spin offs as well. Regardless, this life like solid silicone sex doll is looking for a new gig, and a new dick to suck to pay the bills. She had to "take it til ya make it" for her whole career, so this love doll is really looking for one particular person to perfectly please her pink pussy. Ginger is a princess around these parts, and we all can easily see why. The round bubble butt, luscious thighs, handle worthy hips, bulging tits, blowjob lips, and alluring face on this fuck doll are all begging to be dominated and used. Ginger has three holes, and a million ways to please you with each and every one of them. She wants you to roughly cram and shove your thick dick deep in her sloppy lubed ass until you cum thick cum inside her rectum. She is a very dirty girl, and this realistic sex doll will do anything for attention. We mean *anything*"

George spilled his load onto the wooden floor under his desk as he came while thinking about Ginger. He made sure she was the one he picked. When she arrived shortly thereafter, George already had some "trials" lined up.

He started easy for Ginger. The task was to let him throat fuck her relentlessly until he blasted thick sticky loads of boiling hot cum in her throat.

The time set for winning: 1 - Hour