A Halfling a Day Keeps The Blue Balls at Bay

It started out as a day like any other day. The sun was shining, and birds were singing. By the look of the scenery it was in a rural area in the eastern United States somewhere nonspecific. There were no telling signs or scenery or buildings that would exactly place the spot. There were nothing but trees and nothing for miles in every direction. But never the less, today was not a usual day for the man, or as he referee to himself, "The Master." (Kurt was his name, if you must know)

The Master had received a much anticipated shipment on this day. The box was about 15 pounds, and came directly to his front porch. It was a life size sex doll. When he got home from work it was waiting there, warm in the setting sun. He was almost convinced that he saw the box with the realistic sex doll shake a bit on it's own accord as he picked it up... but he shrugged that off as impossible. He took the silicone sex doll into his house.

He stepped into the door and put the box with the love doll down on a living room table, and placed his wallet and keys near the door in the usual spot. He undid his tie and unbuttoned his work trousers. He put on some sweatpants for comfort as he prepared to open the prize that awaited him. He had paid good money for the item, and he knew it would be worth every penny. He intended to milk every drop from it. (And vice a versa). The Master called it his strange sex doll addiction. He couldn't collect enough dolls, no matter how many he had locked in his basement dungeon.

Little could he know that there had been some sort of mixup. The box sitting on his table should have contained a 3-foot asian sex doll named "Kitty" from Finest Sex Dolls at esexdolls.com. But from inside the box, a bound girl struggled in her restraints. She had no way of knowing she was only three feet tall and made of high quality silicone. As far as Kitty knew, she had always been alive, and never been a love doll. She had a life of her own, and bills and responsibilities. But now she could neither move nor make a sound. It was completely dark in the confined space she found herself in.

It had indeed been her struggling when The Master picked her up. She jolted at the sudden movement as her pitch black cage suddenly shook from being lifted. She tried to remain motionless and silent, wary that her captors might pay more attention to her if she struggled and made a ruckus.

But now came time for The Master to do the "Unboxing video" where he filmed the process of opening the toy and examining it for viewers while he recorded it on video. He held a camera up while he cut the tape from the box and opened it up. Inside lay a motionless girl, remarkably beautiful with flowing hair, the pinnacle of feminine beauty... but at only 3'3" tall. She was perfect, and exactly what he wanted from Finest Sex Dolls. He reached in and stroked her soft hair, brushing it from her eyes. esexdolls.com was tagged at the bottom of the video, in case others wanted to see her and to try her out.

Kitty believed she was shackled, but as The Master considered her lovely form she clearly had no restraints binding her. There seemed to be two conflicting realities, one where she was a sex doll and one where she was a living Halfling girl. He touched her smooth and pearly skin. It felt as pleasant as silk to the touch. The Master could think of nothing but plunging his thick hard cock deep into her private areas, but desired to make the process as as slow and drawn out as possible. He was going to savor every second with his new slave sex doll.

He touched her mound and then delicate labia, feeling where her clit was. In her head she jolted with intense pleasure as a thick oversized finger slit into her velvety pussy. It was the size of an entire sausage or full sized cock to her perception. She had no clue what was going on. All she knew is she was being stuffed completely full, and even more than seemed possible.

But she liked it.

The Master slid a lubed finger inside the tight pussy hole. He wriggled it around a bit for good measure. Each stroke was slow and strong. Then another finger was put inside, and there were barely audible moans of pleasure coming from the receiver of the fingers. The two fingers could not reach the back of her pussy, although they were jammed as deeply as possible. Another finger slid into her impossibly small and tight anus, and wriggle around and squeeze against the other fingers in her pussy.

Although she was gagged and bound, Kitty still moaned and groaned mutedly. If she was not blindfolded you could probably see her eyes rolled back in pleasure. She rocked back and forth on her knees, struggling. She was loving every second of it, but she had to pretend to resist! Her butt bounced and popped up as the fingers stirred her squishy dripping insides. The realistic sex doll was full of warming lube, primed for a hard fucking.

Before she knew what was happening she suddenly was being flipped on her back. She lay helplessly as The Master pulled out his thick member and started smacking it on her lower labia lips. It felt as thick and heavy as a baseball bat, as it plopped down on her clit repeatedly. She came. Squirts of her love juices covered everywhere.

Then the tip was pressing against her opening. Slowly the massive thing pushed its way inside her, deeper and deeper. By some miracle she did not break and it did not hurt. But she was sure that she could feel her stomach bulging from the girth of the thick shaft inside her. As it reached the base, the final inch sliding in her as The Master's hips grinded against her perky butt cheeks, she marveled that every inch fit inside her dime sized opening.

It was a perfect fit. Kitty hoped it would be a perfect fit every night from now on. She was a bad girl, and she needed it badly. Hard, and without mercy.

The pounding sounds faded into the night. And the moaning sounds, and the sloping sounds, and the plopping sounds, lasted long into the night as the pair of perky petite hips was ravished again and again.

Squish, squish squish, plop-plop-plop-plop---plop, bang, bang, bang, push. Grind, and cum