Calculated Chemistry

Jason loved Chemistry and the scientific process. He was working on his new research project using funding from some grants and other donors. He was studying the effects of oxidization on deep sea fishing vessel hulls. It was not very interesting, but the money paid the bills and then some. The food industry was very well funded and had plenty of capital to invest in research and development. And Jason was more than happy to use his Masters Degree in Chemistry to help solve issues of deterioration of the ships in the salty sea water.

But he was lonely. He had married his research and was at work more often than at home. Because he spent so much time working, he just couldn't find time to go out and date. There were other issues that plagued him, such as low confidence. He was not a bad looking guy, and he really just wanted to be able to focus on his work. Which is why it was so frustrating that Jason found himself masturbating at work in the restroom for the third time today. His starved sexual urges were getting the better of him.

So he decided to do the only thing he knew how: Do what horny lonely guys do in the movies.... which was going to a strip club. Jason had never been to a boobie bar before. He had no idea what to expect. When he first arrived the club was pumping loud bass heavy music into the whole room. To be heard, you needed to be right next to someone's ear. The bouncer took his money and he got himself a drink at the bar.

Almost immediately as he sat down a topless woman practically skipped over to him, her free jiggling breasts bouncing wildly as she hopped. It was clear to even Jason that she wanted something from him, which is of course why he came in the first place: a sexy dance. She sweet talked him and told him how much private dances cost per song. Jason was told that there was one price for clothed, and other for topless, and even more for naked. He ended up several hundred dollars poorer after about 10 minutes. Jason returned to his seat

At his table he sat silently and watched the barely clothed girls dancing on stage along with the music, and slowly removing their clothes as the songs went along. After about three songs she was replaced by another girl. Jason had a strange thought that they resembled automated stripper robots, and wondered how difficult it would be to build one for himself. Surely he just needed to find the right artificial body first...

Suddenly a girl was tugging on his sleeve. She pressed against him and offered more dances. Jason declined, and she went off in a huff. Another woman came up, and the situation repeated. He went back to watching the next girl on stage. But suddenly he felt another tug.

"Hey buddy, what are you some kind of pervert? You don't want to pay for dances, you can't just sit there and watch either" said the bouncer looming over his shoulder. "Or you can just pay me a hundred for the seat. But only for a little while, egghead."

Jason was very put off, and instead left and went home. He got on his computer and browsed some dating websites. Then he abandoned the search and began reading scientific journals. But that didn't work either. Then he suddenly remembered about his sex doll idea. He got on google.

He searched as many terms as he could think of, from "life size sex doll woman body, realistic love doll silicone body, Asian fuck doll my strange addiction, and Japanese sex doll," to "high end dolls love toys, silicone real dolls life like feeling, and fuck dolls." All of these terms lead him to Finest Sex Dolls, when Google showed him

It was the one girl who caught his eye named Lin, which he would choose to have for himself. He could think of nothing more wonderful than building this girl an artificial intelligence:

"Lin may seem reserved, and very quiet. She may never even utter a single word while she is near you. And she may be small in stature but let us tell you that she is more than likely one of the most intelligent life like sex dolls ever made. She is a Chemistry Graduate Student. She is smart as they come, and when she isn't writing some graduate level thesis, she is researching physical anatomy reference books to learn exactly how to please you. She knows more positions than you can even count. She is one of the most realistic sex dolls that you have ever seen. Like all of our life like sex dolls she has the softest and smoothest skin that you can imagine."

As soon as she arrived Jason set up Lin and dressed her in beautiful silks. He knew that she would love to discuss his newest theories, but before that he decided to get to know her private parts better. He touched her face first, and then slid his fingers down past her breasts and down to her wet lubed pussy. He put some fingers insider her and wiggled them around.

Then he rubbed his hardening cock and pushed the head against Lin's waiting velvet soft slit. He pushed himself inside her and inserted until the base of his cock was surrounded by her vagina. Lin was such a tight fit he wasn't sure how long that he could last without cumming deep in her guts.

But it was too late, once he remember that he was taking her virginity. Hot cum from his balls spilled from his testicles into his hard shaft and then splashed into the deep hole Lin had his cock surrounded with. The blasts of hot cum pushed into her and hot juices filled her up.

After laying still for a good amount of time, Jason stood up and picked up a magazine about simulated brains and computer technology related to artificial intelligence.

Lin would swallow his cum many times before he perfected the formulas, but both of them would enjoy the work...