Chaining of Chiki Part 2: A Checkup on Chiki's Chains

By this point in her awareness Chiki had confirmed that she was trapped in the body of a realistic sex doll. She was such a life like sex doll that she didn't even realize she was a fuck doll at first. Her smooth silicone skin was so lifelike that it fooled even her. But now she knew the truth. She was bought from, from Finest Sex Dolls. There was no escape, and she couldn't even struggle against her captor. Chiki can even be owned by you. Your very own Asian sex doll. Chiki will do anything you want, and will bend in every way imaginable.

Chiki woke up from a daze. She felt stretched and full, but not as much as normal. There was definitely a cock inside her, but it felt flaccid and forgivingly soft.

That was a relief, considering how much her pussy ached from the nearly constant fucking her new master had forced upon her over the past week. She would get tied up, down, and even around while she was fucked silly. Right now she was tied around. Literally.

She was bound directly onto the torso of the giant man. She was positioned cowgirl, but so tightly secured that even the soft penis couldn't slip out. She was being worn as a cock sleeve. The giant man would just walk around all day with Chiki strapped to her hidden under his bathrobe. Periodically the dick would get hard, and the cock sleeve would be utilized to relieve the "pressure."

Cum was continually leaking from her stretched tight pussy, keeping her wet and lubricated. The underwear of the giant were always completely sloshing wet from their fuckfluids. The massive balls pushed up against her rump, and she could feel the testicles moving around in the sack. She gyrated a bit on the cock, tightly bound and hidden by the waistband of sweatpants.

The member inside her responded in kind and more blood flushed slowly but surely into the thickening cock. Swelling continually inside her, Chiki watched and felt her belly distend from the added girth. Before long the rod was pulsing aggressively inside her, fully engorged and hard. Since it was already balls deep inside her, she just pushed her hips in gyrating circles on the thick dick.

One day she woke up late in the morning, strapped on as usual. She couldn't hear much while she was trapped under the clothes, but she thought she heard the muffled sound of the giant talking to someone else. Chiki wondered if her squirming was visible under the clothes, and if she was interrupting some sort of meeting. Suddenly she was being jostled about as the giant finished talking and shut a door walking a short distance. What was a realistic sex doll to do?

Before long there was a thump as the man sat again. The pants were pulled down, and the ropes (yarn) kept Chiki firmly secured. She turned her head and noticed it was the inside of a bathroom stall with a closed door. She realized The Master had take her out in public strapped to him. Large hands engulfed her and began pushing her in grinding motions onto the cock, stretching her stomach with an outline of the phallus. This love doll was a tight fit.

Cum built in the hot balls slapping against her bottom, and without warning thick jizz shot in spurts deep inside her. Jets squirted from her pussy lips as the pressure forced cum to leak out with every pump. Her legs were a wet mess, and both of them shuttered in delight for a few moments.

Wads of toilet paper was dabbed on her suddenly, and globs of goo were cleaned haphazardly. It was damage control, not a dignity scrub. Just as suddenly she was slipped back under jean pants and shirt, and hot liquid sloshed around in her mingled with her own cum. The soft penis still buried in her cunthole.

Chiki fell asleep again with a full outlook (and tummy).

The Master continued about his day normally.