Chaining of Chiki: Part 1

She couldn't remember how she came to be locked in the small crate-like cage. There were no windows or doors, and she was tightly packed in surrounded in padding of some kind. She could barely move, and it was obviously to her that she was in restrictive bondage.

Her memories contained all the basics of speech and understanding of the world... But she could recall no clues as to her origin, age, or even what she looked like. Neither could she remember why she was bound and shut laying in the absolute darkness, which despite the excessive warmth, was not particularly uncomfortable.

Nothing could be recalled, except for one thing: her name was Chiki. Although her ankles were bound tight, luck was with her that her arms and hands were bound in front of her and not behind her back. She had no hunger at all, she was surprised to realize. She used her delicate petite hands to touch her smooth naked skin, feeling the soft texture of her thighs and stomach gently. Reaching up and brushing her face, she tried to imagine her features from a third person perspective. She couldn't picture herself at all, no matter how hard she visualized.

Running her hands through her soft flowing hair, she admired it proudly. It was well kept and soft. She loved the deep burgundy red of her long flowing hair. Her hands slowly slid down to between her thighs, to her aching pussy. Her middle finger found her wet clit and rubbed it in circular motions. She passed most of her time bringing herself to very vocally satisfying orgasms. No one seemed to hear, so might as well make the most of the isolation. She had nothing else to do.

"Mmmm..." She moaned to herself as her fingers kept tweaking her swollen clit. "Uhhhhhmmmmm, mm-hmm... Mmmmmm... Ooooooo!!!! Yeah! YEAH! Yeeeeesssssssss!!!!"

Her hips began to gyrate and rock in rhythm with her schlicking and groaning. She bit her lip and pushed her hips into her hands as best she could. A few other fingers played with her puffy pink pussy lips. Pinching and tickling her insides as she did. The pressure built and built until she was screaming and groaning into the darkness.

She bucked and grinded against the air as she finished her orgasm. Her juices dripped out of her wet slit and puddled around her butt. Finally out of breath she flopped down in an exhausted heap, still biting her lower lip in ecstasy. Another day in the life of a bound woman. There was little else to do until the throbbing subsided, and she could rub herself again. Chiki could think of nothing but sex and pleasure and fucking.

Out of nowhere she heard a rustling sound and a sliver of light appeared above her. She froze with fear as the line of light stretched the length of the low ceiling. When it reached from one side to the other, the roof seemed to part like a boxtop opening. Light streamed into the box and Dominique was momentarily blinded by the harsh light. There was a sign outside this box signifying it came from 

A giant hand reached into the box and grasped her around the waist, and gently lifted her from her constricting prison. Judging by the size of the hand either the giant was about 14 feet tall, of she had shrunk down to about two feet tall! When she got a good look around, based on the size of everything around her it was obvious that either way she was the one out of proportion!

Looking down at Chiki was a smiling and nude giant chipper man. He had a pleasant smile and adoring look in his eyes as he caressed Chiki softly and cautiously, feeling every inch of her slender body. Next Chiki gasped silently as she felt massive fingers play with her pussy.

The giant grabbed some kind of clear gel from the table next to her, and glistened his fingers in big globs of it. Next she began inserting fingers aggressively in Chiki deepest parts. Chiki could not scream in surprise, or even move. She seemed to be completely paralyzed, but could feel every squirm of the big fingers inserted in her sexbox. First one, then two, and then three fingers stretching her out impossibly.

The fingers probed around insider her and distended her fit tummy noticeably. The fingers were all the way in her and sloshing around wildly. She came silently, convulsing as she struggled to resist the wave of intense gripping vaginal orgasms. Her mind was nothing but flashes of light and pulses of pleasure.

When she felt like she couldn't possibly cum again, the fingers slid out of her and suddenly undid her bindings. Her newly freed legs were grasped around the thighs by powerful hands. She was lowered into the giant's lap and although she was absolutely sure the very handsome giant was a well endowed man... She was not expecting to be placed upon a telephone pole sized penis.

The throbbing cock was easily three times the girth of her thighs at the thickest point. It was as large as her torso, and glistening wet. There was no way it was going to fit in her, but she had a feeling the giant was going to do it anyway. Chiki was resigned to her fate, convinced the fucking would be the end of her. There was no way she would survive the massive girth. She was oriented reverse cowgirl above the shaft.

The head of the cock met her tight slit, and rubbed eagerly, as if asking for permission to enter. Chiki clenched in response, as the bulging head pushed itself inside her. The head popped inside her and she felt the hands holding her shutter with pleasure. The hands dragged her down onto the thick member, driving it into her depths inch by inch. She looked down and could easily see the cock inside her by the stretched skin as it was pushing into her.

As the cock slid inside her she felt no pain, in fact it was pretty damn awesome. She felt like her pussy was built for this dick, and she was able to accommodate it like a glove. When her butt hit the balls at the bottom and the cock was burried completely inside her, she clenched around the base as the head distended her stomach in a cartoon-like fashion.

Chiki bucked her hips eagerly to draw the cock deeper and the giant began using her to masturbate. She felt exactly like a toy made for fucking. She loved it as she was gripped hard and plowed by a cock bigger than her body. She was a masturbation toy and ecstasy swelled inside her as the balls slapping against her began to tighten as the giant neared orgasm.

She imagined the feeling of molten liquid goo pouring into her from the giant dick. She bit her lip and clenched her pussy muscles as tightly as they would go. At that same moment the giant reached the point of no return. The giant hands pressed her into the giant's lap onto the cock more aggressively than before.

The giant doubled over and the giant flopped its whole weight onto Chiki as she was skewered relentlessly. The cum was thick and hot as it shot out the tip of the cock and into her belly. Jet after jet squirted into her and sloshed around as the member continued to plow into her. Because it was such a tight fit into her pussy, cum started squirting out of the stretched hole, making it look like Chiki was cumming warm cream. The look of it brought her to the edge, and she did start cumming warm liquid.

Both of them collapsed in a heap, with Chiki still impaled on the still hard cock, with goo noticeably leaking out of her. The creamy cum mixed with her warm ejaculate puddled on the floor below them. They were spooning on the floor, with the giant's arms wrapped tightly and lovingly around her.

The giant held her tightly like a pet, holding her close and possessively. In a daze, Chiki closed her eyes and her consciousness drifted off...

"I love you, Chiki. I'll give you my gooey love all the time" she heard the giant moan and mumble. "You're such a good fit for my cock, my personal little fuckhole."

As she drifted to sleep a thought startled her greatly, jostling her from sleep and she asked herself: "How did he know my name?"

Chiki eyes opened and across the room she saw what she thought was a mirror at first. It was an image of her. She recognized the flowing soft hair as identical to her own. But she also read on the box:

"Finest Sex Dolls. The most 'life-like' sextoy you've ever had! Chiki will do everything you make her do and will never talk back! And she feels just as soft as a real girl! Only two feet tall, for the perfect height of pleasure."

She was a life like sex doll, like millions of other realistic sex dolls. And now she had been purchased by an unbending Master.

And Chiki knew she was owned.