Taylor's New Friend

Taylor and her new friend had been working diligently on the thick cock for at least half an hour. Licking it, sucking it, kissing it, squeezing it, everything they could do to make the man cum. Taylor cupped and stroked the balls, worked the base and shaft of the dick, nibbled the tip, but all that seemed to happen in response was the cock would harden further. Taylor was working particularly industriously on pleasing it.

Taylor licked and softly kissed the balls, and even licked the area under the balls that he husband craved so much. She was licking and sucking and using her hand to grab the back of the head of the other girl, used her as a sex toy to further please her man.

She was as married woman, and not one to often share her man, but there was something about this girl that was nonthreatening. She was completely submissive and willing to do anything Taylor made her do. She had started gentle with the girl, but in short time was grabbing her hair and shoving her head down on the throbbing member.

Now she was pushing her head down as deep and as far as the dick could go. They were both laying on top of the man, with their butts in his face. The new girl gulped in as much cock as it seemed her throat could handle. But it was still an inch short of being completely deepthroated.

The girl barely came up for air as she swallowed the bulging meat. It stretched her throat visibly. There was Taylor's saliva everywhere, lubricating the process. Taylor had both of her hands on the back of the girl's head, forcing her down.

Suddenly there was almost a pop, and the balls hit the girl's lips with the cock entirely in her throat and the man began to pump globs of thick semen into her eager mouth. The thick jets were hot and sticky, shooting right into her waiting tummy. Taylor quickly realized he was cumming, and pulled the girl up and greedily swallowed the cock whole. It was still shooting molten cream at a heavy place, and Taylor swallowed as much as she could. Her eyes watered as the balls slapped against her nose with every buck and thrust of the cock unloading spunk. She managed to deep throat it on the first try.

Taylor kept swallowing, as the girl kissed at her stretched lips. Taylors lips were stretched so tight around the base of the cock that some drips of cum were leaking out in small drops onto the balls. The new girl kissed at them, her tongue playing on Taylors soft lips and licking the balls at the same time, getting more cum in her mouth.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the cum stopped shooting, and the swelling started to decrease. Taylor still greedily held the softening member deep-throated, but soon she could breathe again even with it in her mouth. And after a time it slipped out completely, drained of the musky goo.

But Taylor wasn't finished using Jasmine. She put on a strap-on that also stimulated her dripping pussy and puckered ass, and planned to fuck Jasmine silly. She lined up the dildo and inserted it in Jasmine's tight pussy. Even though Jasmine was an attention whore, Taylor planned to be the center of attention. As soon as her husband was able to move again, she was going to have him fuck her tight asshole while she fucked the realistic life like sex doll.

Jasmine was so soft and smooth that for a few moments Taylor almost asked if she was fucking the tight pussy too hard. But then she remembered that she was a love doll from esexdolls.com, and just let loose. She pounded away like she was trying to hammer in a stubborn nail. She drove home the thick strap-on as it stretched and buldged Jasmine's tight body.

Soon Tyler shook off the sleepiness and grabbed Taylor from behind. He lined up his still cum and saliva sticky cock with Taylor's clenched butthole it slid right down to the base as her ass engulfed him. Taylor gasped and squeezed her butt tightly on the base of her husbands cock greedily. She wanted every inch of him inside her guts when he exploded his load again. He rhythmically rocked back and forth as his thick hard cock slid in and out of her tight asshole.

Meanwhile Taylor continued to fuck the hell out of Jasmine, trying to giver her as much attention as she could while she was being sodomized by her husband's fat dick. She felt so stretched out and sandwiched by the fuck doll and her husband. Jasmine seemed to buck and grind with the motions of pleasure

There was moaning and groaning and the slapping of flesh. The pounding of silicone sex doll was indistinguishable from all the rest of the mass of fucking. The husband and wife easily forgot that Jasmine was a highly realistic sex doll. She was their new fuck doll pet, and they would use her accordingly every night to enhance their lovemaking.

The three of them lay together cuddling momentarily then passed out, exhausted from their efforts. All that was left of the scene was a pile of post sex bliss. The three of them dreaming of tomorrow when they would do it all again.

Buying one of those Finest Sex Dolls had been a great idea.