Fairy Farmhouse Fornication Foray

The tiny blonde fairy Tiffany Treeheart danced through the air on elegant wings, looking for some fun.

Tiffany happened down a dirt path along a young farmer's patch of vegetables. She thought to go see if the young man had the hard strong hands that she was looking for. She needed a good filling and stretching, and a sex-deprived farm-hand might do just the trick.

He wasn't out tending the fields, and the crops looked watered and maintained already. The small cottage was through a healthy field of plump tomatoes. She darted along until she found the shaded window of his room. He was laying on the bed to escape the hot and beating sun. And he was doing a bit of beating himself.

The scene was exactly as she had hoped to find it. She began to moisten between her tiny fairy thighs. Beads of wetness were forming in her tight pussy lips. She ran a hand down her tummy and began gently massaging her swollen clit, love juices coating her fingers.

She could fit almost anything inside herself, being a magical being, so she was imagining his thick fingers stretching out her insides, making he scream for more. Maybe if she played her game just right she could get that fat hard cock of his inside her aching slit...

She buzzed through the crack in the window, and landed on the bed he was pleasuring himself on. He wore no clothes, and was furiously fapping his swollen member. His eyes closed in concentration. Tiffany crept over to his hand, and began grinding on his fingers.

His eyes shot open, and stared at her wide-eyes. She just smiled, and began making desperate little moans as she grinded and rubbed her moistness on his hand. Without a word, the man shifted attention to the horny little fairy. His fingers rubbing her inner thighs, arms, face, and wet sexiness. She shuttered in pleasure at the delicate touches.

"Actually, I like it rough" she giggled. "Can you put a finger in me? I promise I will stretch enough for it to fit in me."

Blinking, his pointer finger circled over to tiny pink pussy, and rubbed her juices all around. The finger made circles around the bump that was her sensitive clit, and began parting the small lower lips of her labia.

The hole was impossibly small and tight, but she took a deep breath and let the finger begin to enter her.

She gasped heavily as her pussy began to stretch and distend. The finger seemed to stretch her impossibly, but still it slit ever deeper. After the first finger joint, came the second, and then then finger was all the way insider her. She yelped and clenched around it, grinding it deeper into herself. With her legs she lifted off, followed by another plunge down to the base.

She rode the finger wildly like a massive cock, the young man furiously pleasuring himself as well. Her juices began splattering all over his hand as she increased the pace of her grinding and riding. She could tell an orgasm was about to burst from her aching pussy, and she rode as quickly as she could.

"I'm gonna cum!" she cried! "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming! Cuuuummmmiiiiiiiinnnng!" and buried the finger completely inside herself as the pulses of pleasure rippled through her in unstoppable waves of ecstasy.

As the little fairy caught her breath, she was completely relaxed and unaware in her post orgasm bliss. The farmhand cradled her supportively. But before she could shake off the heavy cloud of pure bliss, the guy shifted her around and grabbed hold of each of her thighs and spread them open as she started protesting just slightly too late. She has been hoping for a fuck, but she wasn't recovered yet from her orgasm! Her pussy was still tingling and clenching from cumming.

The farmhand had already undone his trousers, and his hard erection was flopping in his lap. She was positioned so her teeny tiny pixie pussy was directly over the head of the cock. As then head bumped against her vaginal opening she bit her lip in anticipation of the extreme stretching that was about to take place. She knew a thing or two about human sex drives, and the young man would shove his entire member deep inside her tight sexhole.

As the head and first inch gapped her widely,  she squealed on pleasure and wriggled and either around to work the cock deeper inside her. She squeezed rhythmically hoping to milk the cum from the massive cock as quickly as she could. But her squeaks and grinding just encouraged the man to plow her more eagerly. Each thrust got a little deeper, until she finally felt the base of the cock and the balls start hitting her and she knew she was completely filled with the entire cock.

Creamy spunk juice build in the young man's balls until he just couldn't hold back and longer and released what felt to her like gallons of cum which transfered deep inside her. His hands wrapped completely around her as she was gripped firmly and the farmhand was grinding their hips together aggressively as she was relieved of his big cum load.

Juices sprayed from her pussy from the force of the cum, and she screamed in pleasure as she also had another earth shaking orgasm. She clenched so tightly that the softening cock slipped out of her and liquid splattered all over the ground.

She reached down and scooped some up with her tiny hand and lifted it to her mouth as she licked it clean of the delicious cum she had earned. The farmhand collapsed in satisfaction.

Thomas finally opened his eyes and he let the tiny lifelike sex doll slide off of his slowly softening dick. She was the highest quality solid silicone love doll he had ever laid his hands on. Thomas let out a big sigh as he finally felt free of the massive load of cum that had been swelling his balls until a few moments ago. Tiffany was still leaking big globs of thick sticky cum from her tight little love doll hole.

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Tiffany might be a tiny little realistic sex doll, but that just makes her little velvet soft pussy even tighter.

Tiffany struggled in silence as she was fucked relentlessly