The Fantastic Foursome (Eva/Adam & Lilith/Steve)

How exactly the plan came to formation was forgotten along with the passing of time. The two friends had vowed to have an epic foursome with two hot chicks, back when they were just graduating high school. At the time, it seemed like a Pipedream. Neither of the two friends had even had a relationship lasting more than 6 months. But they were young and full of youthful vigor, and thought they were cool enough to handle two girls at the same time. It would be another decade before they were reminded of their plans.

Adam now worked at a machine part manufacturing plant as an area supervisor, and Steve worked at a desk in the local city clerk office. Steve had a longterm girlfriend and Adam had recently been through a rough divorce. He had been visiting strip clubs and titty bars and blowing way too much cash on vice and flesh related entertainment. He was single and almost 30, and it was going to his head in a bad way. Even though he was enjoying himself, Adam was still left feeling empty and drained at the end of the night as he laid in bed.

It was at this point that he had again returned home from dropping almost 1000 bucks getting boobs rubbed in his face by glitter and perfume drenched exotic dancers. Sure, he could afford it, but it was the regularity of these visits that would ultimately break his bank. He needed a permanent solution to his woes, and he needed it soon, before he drank and cashed his life away. Ultimately it was his good friend who would pull him out of his downward spiral and save his confidence and spirit.

Steve and his girlfriend first tried setting him up with their friends. There were hot girls and average girls, but none of them ended up being comparable with Adam. It was ultimately Steve's girlfriend Lilith that found the alternative that would be the answer to Adam's problems. She got on the internet and searched for "realistic sex dolls," "solid silicone sex doll," and "Japanese sex doll." She researched all the sites that offered imported love dolls, and found Finest Sex Dolls at to be the most reliable and legitimate of her options.

So Lilith began the task of choosing the perfect girl for Adam for his 30th Birthday present. Steve helped in every way he could, providing a list of details that Adam has expressed as attractive features in girls he was interested in. Steve narrowed down body type, hair, face, and size. Ultimately the two of them decided on a doll named "Eva." Adam was a bit of a kinky guy, and Eva seemed like the perfect fit for Adam, and she even had the porn starlet personality that he craved. Her description indicated as much:

"When your balls bump against her tight teen tushy, you best bite your tongue or be prepared to burst in Eva's bubble butt. Our Eva has three holes for you to enjoy, and since she has a fully posable metallic skeleton Eva will be a sex doll for the ages. She knows as many positions as you can think of, and probably more than any of us can think of either. Since she is a realistic solid silicone love doll she is also water proof, and you can spray her with cum and spray her clean as often as she needs. Eva loves being covered and coated in creamy cum. And after you warm her up in the bathtub her delicious smooth shaved sex slit with get as slick as warm butter when lubed up."

The plan for the Fantastic Foursome was finally set in motion.

The weeks past and Eva arrived right on time, exactly as she was promised. Eva was even more gorgeous in person, and her skin was so smooth and velvet soft. Steve and Lilith took the time to carefully set up Eva and dress her in cute clothing after even giving her a warm bath in a bathtub in anticipation of the big night. She was body temperature and so real they were temporarily left speechless. It was nearly time for Adam to visit. They had told him very little of the party plans, but kept the details secret.

Adam finally arrived and when he walked into the room his friends Steve and Lilith were literally fucking doggy-style on the couch vigorously. Taken aback, Adam wasn't exactly sure what to make of the situation. His eyes didn't stray from Lilith's enthusiastically swaying breasts. The two of them didn't even look up as Steve rammed his lover roughly from behind. Lilith eventually groaned deeply and then Steve did as well and they collapsed on the couch.

"Nice of you to finally join us, we started the Birthday party a little early." Lilith looked up and said. "But no need to worry, your birthday present has already arrived. And.. Ahem, "she," is in the guest room down the hall. There is lube, and toys, and everything you could need in the room. Let's get the Fantastic Foursome going as soon as you're ready. Take your time with her, I hear she is a virgin..."

Adam's eyes were as wide as plates, but he did as he was told and walked down the hall and opened the guest room. He stepped in, and saw exactly what you would imagine. Eva was on display for him, all warmed and clothed. Adam had to actually touch her before he would believe she was a doll. Then he unzipped his pants and took out his throbbing hard cock. He grabbed Eva's face and shoved his pulsing meat deep in her mouth. The slapping sound of flesh could be heard down the hall.

Back in the living room Lilith got on her knees and licked Steve's sloppy dick all clean. Then she started sucking it until it started to get hard again. She moaned and purred with him in her mouth.

"How long do you think it will take him to come back her?" Lilith asked Steve.

"Dunno," replied Steve.

But just then, the guest door opened and Adam was carrying Eva and there was about 6 inches of a 12 inch double dildo sticking out of Eva's tight wet pussy. Adam put Eva down so she was down on all fours in doggy style position. The dildo flopped around smacking her perky ass as she was moved around. When she was positioned, the double dildo was left presented to the naked couple on the couch. Adam gestured to Eva.

Lilith looked at the lovely fuck doll, and bent over and grabbed the floppy dildo. She lined it up with her wet pussy lips and inserted it deep in until her bottom smacked against Eva's perky soft bubble butt. Then she started to bounce against the love doll as she continued to suck Steve's cock.

Adam inserted his dick back into Eva's eager mouth and started fucking her mouth while she was on all fours. The combined motion of the Fuck Train pleasured them all simultaneously, as the double dildo sloshed between the dripping pussies of the horny girls.

The Formation of the Fantastic Foursome.