A Natural Pairing

If a person could get paid for hiking the wilderness, Daniel would be the first to sign up. He loved the outdoors, and he loved wandering them aimlessly and listening to the natural sounds of serenity that surrounded him. The only bit that dragged on him was the loneliness. Of course he was never truly alone, with all the animals and creatures around him. The loneliness he felt was more of a sexual lacking. His body desired a partner to slide inside. He had some backed up pipes, if you catch the meaning.

...It means his balls were full of cum that needed to be released deep inside the tight pussy of a cute little sexy woman. That's what it means. Sometimes subtext is overrated.

But regardless of the short comings the job held, this was the exact reason that Daniel decided to become a Park Service Ranger in a large nature preserve. And he had some tricks up his sleeve to abate the loneliness. Mostly he was in charge of maintaining the miles of service trails and scarce park infrastructure. There were very few actual buildings, and most of the human built structures consisted of power lines and plumbing that supplied the small cabin in the heart of the preserve, a day's drive from everything in all directions. It was just about  as isolated as one could feel.

Daniel was driving down the dirt road in his ranger truck when he saw a large open area with a beautiful picturesque meadow with sun shining down on it through the trees. It would be the perfect place to lay down and take a quick nap in the sun. But it would make an even better place for a quick fuck in the middle of nowhere. Stepping out of his vehicle, Daniel walked over and a short distance into the meadow. He glanced back at the truck, and in the passenger seat was a young woman, no more than 23 years old. She was looking forward coyly, and even from this distance Daniel knew she was horny as well. Her name was Daisy.

Daisy sat quietly in the passenger seat, even looking around admiring the scenery. Once he had gotten back to the truck he unfastened her seatbelt and picked her up honeymoon style. He had with him a backpack that contained a blanket and some picnic food, along with some lube hidden in a side pocket. Daniel was fixing to stuff his companion with some hot meat, after a cold lunch. He had packed some extra heavy cream sauce for his companion, which he stored in the sack between his thighs. His balls were swollen with cum, and it had been a day or two since he had gotten off, so his dick was leaking pre-cum in the excitement.

He set Daisy down and she sat on the blanket. He sat next and arranged the food around the blanket and started to much on his lunch. Daisy sat still and watched him eat, imagining what Daniel was going to do to her next. Daisy loved the outdoors, and nature was the most serene place she felt that she could be. The sun was out, warming her skin gently, as the rays smattered through the leaves of the trees surrounding the meadow.

Daniel finished his meal, and then began looking intently at Daisy. She never broke eye contact with him, and it was clear that it was time for her "dessert." She had been through this routine at least several dozen times, so she knew her role and exactly what to do. Daniel positioned her on all fours, almost like she was bowing or kissing the ground. Her face was about 6 inches from the blanket. He took some lube from his backpack and slicked up his fingers, then worked them around in her mouth which was slightly agape.

Next Daniel slid under her until his thick stiff cock was lined right up with her mouth, and plunged his dick deep into her mouth. She took it nearly to the balls on the first gulp. She didn't make a move to un-skewer herself from his dick, and just kept sucking. Soon Daniel started bucking his hips and he grabbed Daisy's head and roughly stuffed his prick into her eager mouth. Daniel could feel her smooth perky lips brushing against his sack as she went all the way down. Her nose was bumping into his stomach.

All of Daniel's muscles started to contract and he could feel the cum start to rush through his testicles and start to rocket out of his throbbing pulsing cock meat. Thick globs of sticky cum erupted into her mouth, and strands leaked and spurted from her tight lips as she tried her best to swallow it all, but to no avail. Still Daniel held her head down tight in his lap, using her whole body to milk and drain his cock dry of sweet semen.

When he was finally empty he released pressure on her head and played back limply. But she did not release his dick. Still she stayed perfectly impaled on his meaty member. Daisy did not need to breath or gag, and Daniel even fell asleep for a quick nap with his manly pride still plunged into her warm wet mouthpussy.

Before he had left to start his job, Daniel had gone online and selected himself a perfect partner, in the form of a life like sex doll from esexdolls.com. Finest Sex Dolls allowed him to choose the exact doll that would meet all of his sexual needs. He was even able to pick a soft silicone sex doll that exactly matched the personality he was looking for. When he saw her pictures and read her description, he had no hesitation when he made his selection and paid for her. This is what it said:

"Daisy the realistic life like sex doll loves every living thing on this green Earth, and is a friend to all things. But that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy a nice roll in the hay, especially a good fuck with a guy like you. Daisy admits that she is a nubile virgin though, even though she has graduated with her Naturalist degree from the local community college. Daisy has worldly knowledge, but little carnal knowledge. She likes the idea of cooking and preparing food that she has grown in her own beautiful garden. And speaking of gardens, Daisy's little pink pussy flower has a serious need of being pollinated. Which of of course amounts to having cum sprayed in and on and all over her petite pussy."

There was no need for Daniel to feel lonely, now that he could get a blowjob or a lay whenever he felt like it. He had plucked a spring Daisy, and she will smell sweet for years to cum.