An Office Seduction

Phil got to his work desk and sat down in his soft leather office chair. His coffee was already sitting on his desk and steaming, with sugar and cream, exactly as he liked it. There was a report waiting at his desk with percentages and figures, and a note from his wife on a sticky pad note reminding him of the few grocery items he was to pick up today. It also said "I love you." He smiled, and thought about how he loved her, too.

His secretary was waiting in her normal spot, so Phil leaned back and let out a loud contented sigh. Damn, Candy was hot, especially positioned like that. She was just through the door in the next room sitting at the reception desk. She was wearing a tight pencil skirt and her hair was up in a severe bun. Phil had positioned her desk so that when he looked out the door he had a full view of her back and legs, but she couldn't see him unless she turned around. The sway of her back, the jiggle of her round perky butt, and the lines of her long legs were framed by his door.

The work load was light today, and he was insanely horny. He reached down and unzipped his pants then reached his hand in and started playing with himself. On his office computer he pulled up, the Finest Sex Dolls website. He started checking out the sexy pictures of realistic sex dolls and life size fuck dolls. Each life like love doll was picturesque and could easily be in any porno. He started to get hard as he browsed through the catalog of seductive sex dolls, reading their biographies and stories.

He looked through the door at Candy, and noticed that she covertly had her hand up her skirt and between her thighs. It was obvious that she was fingering her tight little dripping wet pussy. He could almost swear he heard a cell phone vibrating on silent as well. It was either a cell phone, or a... vibrator. Was she using a vibrator? He started rubbing himself even harder and more determinedly.

Amazingly he could feel his balls tighten and the areas around his hips begin to buck reflexively. He released his bulging cock and tried to hold back, but it was too late. Steaming hot cum splashed out from the tip of his prick and splattered in drops all over the plastic office mat. A wave of relief washed over him and he felt like the was melting into his chair. He never broke his stare at Candy. Phil imagined spilling that load on her face and in her mouth, down her throat.

The computer screen in front of him was open to one particular, very sexy love doll. Her description read:

"All of our realistic sex dolls comes with at least one sexy love hole for you to fill, but this delicious doll has a particular alluring quality about her that makes every single one of her tight dripping wet holes irresistible. When you slide your rock hard shaft into her mouth you will need to bite your tongue to keep from filling her immediately with your load. This seductress has a taste, and it is candy."

The door to his office was still swung wide open, and his secretary still had one hand on her keyboard and one hand between her long luscious legs with her back turned to him. Phil pictured her wet luscious lips open just slightly, waiting for his hard meat. He looked one more time at his computer screen and then shut his down. Today was going to be a personal vacation day, he decided.

Phil sighed loudly and stood up. He walked through the door and past his secretary's desk and out the door.

Without turning around to look at her, he said to his secretary "I'm taking a personal day, hold my calls until tomorrow. Thanks, Candy."

He got in his car and drove to the store for groceries. He also got some chocolate for his wife before heading home again. When he arrived it was still late morning. His wife was at work, and she would not be home until early afternoon. Since he had time, Phil set up a romantic setting for when his wife returned. There were candles and warming massage oils.

When she finally arrived, Phil's wife was stunned. She couldn't believe how lucky she was. She immediately got down on her knees and took out his cock balls. His wife kissed and licked his sensitive sack and then aggressively swallowed his prick whole. Phil grabbed her head and pulled her down onto him. She gagged a bit but did not release his now rock hard dick. He was worried he was about to blow his load right off, so he pulled out his cock from her throat.

"Mmm, your big bulging boner already tastes like cum. Have you gotten 'lucky' with your new secretary already? Isn't this her first day? I thought you were going to take it slow" she purred.

"Oh, heh, uh, huh, no, not exactly" Phil sputtered. "I just masturbated while staring at her through my door. Damn she is sexy. You are too, you know. I can't wait to get my cock deep inside you."

"Oh I know, and I'm going to clench and suck until you blow your hot load in me. But I want you to think of Candy. I want you to imagine going to work tomorrow and her waiting under your desk already waiting to deep throat your thick dick."

Phil immediately picked up his wife and took her to the bedroom. They fucked like animals for hours, well through the day.

In the evening after Phil had fallen asleep from the workout, his wife got up and tiptoed into their home office. Still positioned at her desk was Candy, with displayed on her computer monitor. She turned off the vibrator inserted in Candy's lubed pussy, and picked up the silky smooth sex doll. Then his wife moved her into the second room of the office and positioned her to kneel under Phil's desk. She opened Candy's mouth and lubed it up with her fingers, working all the folds of her velvety soft mouth until she was almost drooling wet lube.

She grabbed the empty coffee cup on Phil desk and was glad he always liked her coffee. She would bring it to the sink. As she was leaving she turned to Candy and pointed at her. Then she said:

"Now you be a good girl and swallow my husband's hot thick creamy load tomorrow morning. Good girl, Candy."

His wife smiled as she turned out the lights.