A Match Made in College

College life wasn't easy for Logan. He walked around at night on the weekends, and passed by groups of girls wearing short shorts and mini skirts laughing energetically about some tipsy antics or another. Their laughter echoed up and down the street, but Logan kept his head down because he never seemed to get invited to those sorts of parties. He always seemed to end up at home playing the latest console videogame shooter, or new PC game.

There was a dream he had, which was to own a life like silicone sex doll for his very own, since a doll would never judge him. He looked at sites like esexdolls.com, but never picked which love doll he wanted. All the realistic sex dolls overwhelmed him with possibilities, and thus he never made a decision on which he liked best. All he knew was he really wanted to get laid, and a life size sex doll was seeming like an amazing option. If he started saving from his job now, by summer, just maybe...

Tonight he walked with his headphone in his ears, and his hands in his pockets as he strolled the university campus. It was getting late, and most of the people were staggering back to their dorms in groups falling on each other in a tipsy goofy mess. The ratio of girls to guys seemed to be skewed in this place, almost twice as many girls as guys. He was feeling pretty lucky tonight, so figured he would go and buy a lottery scratcher ticket on his way home.

As he stepped to the edge of campus on his way to the convenience store, a girl walked up to him seductively. At first he was certain she was walking toward someone behind him, so he avoided direct eye contact. But as she got closer she verbally acknowledged him with a "Hey, cutie."

Logan was a bit dumbfounded, but stammered out "mm, me? Uh, hi?"

The busty girl giggled and giggled her bouncing breasts that were contained by a tight form fitting elastic flowing dress. She looked like she could be in a magazine (or an internet porn flick). She had stunning eyes and did not walk with a drunken stumble, but rather a confident methodical clack of high heels as she neared. As she reached him she put her hand out and said "Hi, I'm Kelly. What's your name?" And giggled again.

"Logan," he mumbled shyly and smiled. Logan felt his soft member start to swell slightly, and an embarrassment boner started creeping up.

"Logan. That's a cute name. Hey, so I have a question. I'm all about enthusiastic consent, I mean I respect body autonomy, so I always need a Yes. So I was wondering... Would it be OK if I make-out with you, right now, and maybe rub myself up on you a bit? I'm sooo horny" The last bit of what she said was punctuated by the girl licking her lips slowly and biting her bottom lip.

He froze, not really sure he heard correctly. He stammered out "tha- uh, t... That would be... nice. I mean, it would... Yes." His eyes felt as wide as saucers.

Kelly took hold of his arm and pushed against him, her lips suddenly inches from his. She closed the distance and her tongue slipped playfully into Logan's mouth. She kissed him like he had never been kissed before, and her hands snuck down to his waist and his cock stood at full attention. Her hand found the bulge and started rubbing it through his pants, seeming to get even more aggressive in her kissing as she felt his dick swell.

Without any clear understanding of what was even happening, Logan started nearing orgasm. His balls tightened, his breathing became heavy and he started to buck his hips as she continued to kiss him deeply. And just as suddenly as it started, the girl stopped and took a step back.

"Sorry, that's all you get for free. Please don't take what's about to happen personally. You were kinda cute though, so I hope you don't take it personally..." She giggled again, and started hurrying off away from Logan and leaving him on the edge of orgasm and very confused.

"KAPPA OMEGA MU SISTERS!" Seemed to be getting yelled from every direction circled around him all at once, as at least a dozen college girls sprang from hiding places and ran to the girl Kelly.

The group quickly retreated down the street as the girls giggled at the events that had just transpired. Logan was confused as fuck, but it started to dawn on him what had happened. He was a random "victim" of a sorority sister hazing, and that "Kelly" had probably been put up to it and he just happened to be the one to walk by.

So either he was extremely lucky, or extremely unlucky. As he made his way home in a haze, he forgot everything he was doing. He got home, went to his bathroom and locked the door. He pulled down his pants and closed his eyes. In his mind he saw Kelly open her mouth and stick out her tongue. He took his already rock hard stiff throbbing cock in his hand and squeezed.

In his mind's eye he saw her taken the head of his cock in her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. Then without warning the rest of the cock slid down her throat as she grabbed onto him and pulled herself down onto him. Logan's whole cock was down her throat, and her nose was bumping his stomach. Her tongue lapped at his balls, and he let go as cum shot in jets from his cock, splashing messily on the tile floor in hot sticky globs.

He shuttered and collapsed in pleasure. His hand slipped into his pants pocket and in his post orgasm fog he felt something like thick paper at the bottom of his pocket. He pulled it out and it was a lottery scratcher ticket, which he did not remember buying. He flipped it over, and on the back was scribbled:

"It was your lucky day, and here's to hoping it is your double lucky day! -Kelly" and then some Greek alphabet letters probably representing her sorority.

He rubbed his eyes and thought what the hell, and scratched it. His eyes widened and he held his breath. He... Had won. And not just a little. Had had actually WON.

Slowly and almost robotic like, he immediately got up and went on the computer and typed in esexdolls.com, and the Finest Sex Dolls website appeared. On the front page, near the top was advertised a very lovely realistic sex doll. He read her description:

"College parties and beer pong are on the itinerary for this busty college babe life like sex doll. All of our sex dolls are realistic and nearly indistinguishable from the curves and feel of a real woman. Kelly plays drinking games and does naughty dares. She's done and seen pretty much everything about college life, and some of the sexy initiation and hazing rituals she has seen and participated in. She has definitely had to go down on a few of her club sisters before. They tasted just as sweet as her lubed up and slick wet dripping virgin pussy will be for you."

He felt his cock start to swell again as he imagined a wet velvety vagina engulfing him, and he realized he had finally decided which girl he wanted: Kelly.

And he was going to fill her with his cum every single night.