A Photo Exhibition

Carl worked as a journalist at a small magazine. He wrote mostly fluff pieces and human interest stories. He was very passionate as a photographer, but unfortunately there was a lot of need at the company for writing, and not so much for taking pictures. So he did what he was told. He wrote obediently, and even managed to make some of his writing interesting and fun. He had been throwing himself into his work ever since his girlfriend of many years had left him.

Carl knew she had her own reasons for leaving, and had even told him it wasn't personal, but he had a hard time believing it himself. He had dated a few times since then, and all the girls smiled sweetly, and he would even sometimes get a couple dates out of them. But in the end his own insecurity would get the better of him. He would always want to ask to photograph them nude, but could never find the courage.

One time a girl even asked if he would photograph her nude, once she learned of Carl's photography abilities... but he was let down when she revealed she hoped to be paid for the joint venture. He didn't have any way to sell the photos, and they were primarily for his personal enjoyment. So he had to reluctantly decline and she never returned his calls after that.

He wished there was some way to get willing women who wanted what he was offering! Carl was even willing to resort to posting classified ads in the personals section hoping to find a comparable girl.

A lot of his work required extensive research into an array of topic, which meant searching for porn on the internet was a breeze for Carl. He knew which websites to visit and where to view the highest quality premium porn. And during one search he typed in "realistic high quality premium" but hit enter before he could type "porn" and the results were of Finest Sex Dolls, which he learned would be the exact answer that he hadn't known he had been looking for.

As he browsed this new site, he came to the realization that esexdolls.com and their wide selection of life size silicone sex dolls. The dolls are all made from high quality premium solid silicone, and these fuck dolls and love dolls were no joke. They were made from the highest quality materials and were often used on movie sets.

Carl immediately saw the value of having such a model for photography. He wanted a girl that he could pose and photograph as often as he wanted. Sometimes he could expect to pay a female model hundreds of dollars an hour for her services. But with this one buy he could have this model for years and years, and dress her any way he wanted. He even found a doll with exactly the measurements and personality he was looking for named Alice:

"The sheer number of life like sex dolls here at Finest Sex Dolls means that we run across many fantasies and fetishes that each of our girls can focus and hone in on. Alice is so gorgeous and life like that she wants to be your cam whore. She wants you to take dirty and explicit photos of her and display them all over the walls. Pictures of cum leaking from her puckered tight love doll butthole, or of her mouth open and waiting for a big dick. When Alice is spread eagle completely nude on your bed, take as many shots as you want before you give her your moneyshot."

He could not begin to believe his luck. He had found the girl of his dreams, and her name was Alice. Carl immediately ordered Alice and a few short weeks later she was custom created just for him, and she arrived as a fresh virgin for him alone to capture... on film.

Carl opened the box with excitement and set her up and clothed her. Alice was looking lovely, and he realize she didn't even look like a life size sex doll, she looked like a human in the right light. She would make a perfect model for all of his dirty fantasies. He would pose Alice in lewd and exposed positions, and even had he play with herself on camera.

He posed Alice on her knees doggy style, and took pictures of her perky butt and soft sweet dripping lubed up pussy. Her mouth was also wet and ready for him. After he had taken pictures of her presented bubble butt he slid him hard throbbing cock inside her. If you have to ask which hole he put it in, then you don't understand how amazing and versatile a fully functional solid silicone life size sex doll replica can be. He fucked her in every position he could think of. And even took pictures of some of them.

Alice bent to his will and skill for every position, and every single one of her deep holes was completely filled with the hot thick gooey spunk loads that Carl shoved and squirted into her. April never got tired of holding a position while they fucked, and she never said she was embarrassed to swallow his dick down her throat and drink his sweet but pungently tangy salty cum.

In the bottom corner he signed his work and even included a link to esexdolls.com, since he was so pleased.