A Semi on the Highway

Ted did his job, and he did his job right. He would cross the country many times a year, hauling goods from one side to the other. He owned his own big rig, and chose what cargo he would transfer. He was free to take the best pasting jobs, because he was not tied to one specific company. His endless freedom was good and it could also be bad. He never stayed anywhere long, since he had a bed and living area in the cabin of his big rig.

As such, he had trouble holding down girls for long periods of time. Sure, some told him they would wait for him while the traveled the country, but always in the end he would be disappointed. There was just no good way to hold down a reliable relationship while he was always absent. Eventually all of them moved on, and he kept driving.

He thought about maybe getting a girl to come with him on the road, but knew at once no one would want to sit around with him for hours with nothing in front of them but the open road. He passed by a large billboard on the Highway that said "Finest Sex Dolls", with a bunch of beautiful women posed seductively. He figured he would search the internet later for whatever bar or strip club the sign had to be advertising so he could stop there on his next pass through. It advertised the website esexdolls.com.

So one night Ted was parked at a truck stop getting some rest in his cabin and searching the various dating websites and personals sections of internet forums. He even went on a dating site meant for truckers specifically, but ended the search without any success. He was just about to hang it up for the night when he instead decided to "let off some steam." He started searching for dirty pictures.

He imagined being with a sexy petite girl of Asian descent, who was short and could fit between his legs while he sat in the driver's seat. Of course he would always be parked in his fantasy, because getting road-head was a good way to get killed by running off the road. The tiny girls would always fit well in the compact space of the truck cabin and loving space.

He searched online for "dominant petite short Japanese love dolls" hoping to find some kinky little Japanese girl. But the results that came up surprised him. He actually got back literal results, with sites offering realistic sex dolls. Like solid silicone love dolls, and life size fuck dolls. All these sex dolls made his mind wander. What if he could have a girl to bring with him everywhere.

Ted realized that he was looking at fully functional realistic sex dolls meant to serve as permanent fuck buddies for people looking for them. Almost like a... brothel. But one where the girls were more than fuck dolls, they were Companions. He typed in the website he had remembered from earlier, esexdolls.com, and was brought to a catalog of various girls. Some busty, some angels, and some mistresses. But one girl in particular caught his attention: April. Her description enamored him:

"April might stand at only 3', but she has no shortage of positions to be posed in. She might seem small at first, but when you put your hands on her 18 inch hips you will have a hard time choosing between filling her puckered ass or silky vagina. Her waist is 11 inches, and when you squeeze on her tight tummy you will be able to feel the satisfying bulge you make when you shove yourself inside her tight dark places. Her bust is 17 inches, and she weighs a satisfying 16 lbs. When she is plopped down in your lap this fuck doll is ready for a fuck."

She was so short, but anatomically correct and oh so life like and realistic. This sex doll was going to rock his world. He ordered April immediately, as a beautifully becoming blonde. April was only 3 feet tall, and he miniature size would let Ted store her discreetly in his truck, and no one would never be the wiser! She would be his own dirty little secret. April could ride in the passenger seat when he was alone on the open road (of course he would make sure she wore her seatbelt."

He realized he had nowhere to have her shipped to reliably, so he worked out an arrangement with the very reasonable owner of Finest Sex Dolls, and was able to pick up the order at a local FedEx shop as soon as she was ready. April was custom made just for him, and when he opened her box he immediately felt the need to open her other box as well.

As soon as she was out of the box and ready, Ted slid one finger inside her slippery lubed tight clenching virginal velvet pussy. It clamped down on him tighter than he was sure he could handle. He put in a few fingers just try to loosen her up, but she was still extremely snug and form fitting. April was prepared to clamp down on his hard stick cock the moment he slid it in her. She was one kinky solid silicone sex doll, with a sex drive unmatched by even many porn stars.

Back in his truck cabin bed, he positioned April under him with her on her back, and then wrapped her legs around him. Then he lined up his dick with her lubed vaginal opening, and slid in her gently by firmly until his whole cock was swallowed up to the balls. It took everything he had not to unload in the compact little personal fuck doll. He could swear she was almost bucking underneath him. It was too much and he blew his load deep inside her, coating her deep innards with a thick sticky cum load.

April from Finest Sex Dolls had successfully found a fuck buddy to take her all over the country and fuck her night and day whenever her new owner felt like.

Ted had a plan: to fuck her in every single state in the country.

Maybe even in Mexico and Canada, too!