A Housewife's Tastes

Cum was not easy to swallow. It didn't taste particularly good, but men absolutely demanded it now that porn had made it seem normal. Andrew's Ex-wife had told him as much when they were still together, but he didn't particularly want to give up on his pleasure. There was just something he couldn't explain that made swallowing his seed the sexiest thing a woman was able to do for him. Andrew took some personal time and masturbated to some vids and pics on his computer. Especially cum swallowing videos, if that wasn't already obvious.

If he could find a girl that was eager enough to please him that she would swallow his whole cock while we came, it would be his ultimate fantasy. Andrew was a man of simple pleasures and easy living. He didn't need a partner to clean and cook for him, since he was pretty good at that himself. In fact Andrew considered himself very independent after his divorce. He was just starting to settle into a comfortable lifestyle of relaxing on the couch, masturbating, and going to work. Not necessarily in that order.

He was watching a movie that had moms called "MILFs" because of how fuckable they were. Andrew couldn't tell exactly what made them MILFs, since he just saw beautiful older ladies. He didn't think that age diminished beauty, or that it needed to be qualified. However, Andrew was a very understanding and considerate person most of the time, it was only when it came to sex that he was demanding and controlling.

There were certainly women that Andrew dated who liked the dominant aspects, but often left him when they realized he was otherwise a mellow and sweet dude and not a gruff controlling tough guy like they were searching for specifically. It was a matter of different tastes. But right now Andrew had on his mind a very particular type of woman, with a particular kind of taste. He went to the seedy part of town, and picked up a girl on the side of the road. We all know what happened next, since you can pay for pretty much any desire you have if you have a bit of money.

So after his load had been swallowed by a pretty little thing he went back home and got on the computer. He wished he could have that every single night of his life. But he knew he had paid that girl for the satisfaction, and felt guilt for it. And was never sure if he was being safe enough against diseases. He was fine paying, but wished he had a more permanent solution. He remembered a movie he saw recently where a guy hooked up with a sex doll. Maybe if he could get his own silicone sex doll he could cum in a girl's throat whenever he wanted. He imagined a sexy girl giving him head, except she had no gag reflex.

Andrew's thick swollen cock started to harden and become erect. He wanted someone to suck on the head, and then keep sucking even when thick jets of hot cum started erupting out of his balls and filling her mouth with his seed. Often it was at that moment that his partner would pull back or choke and spit. That was such a turnoff.

He imagined a life size sex doll with his cock deep in her mouth, savoring the flavor of his load. A realistic sex doll would be completely submissive and he would never need to take her on dates or spend money on her. Even better , he could have two girls at the same time, and make them do unthinkable things to himself and to each other. It didn't take reading too many love doll profiles for him to pick his favorite. It was a lovely and charming girl named Anita:

"Anita has been around the block, and done it all. When we say Anita is a desperate housewife, we definitely mean she is on the prowl for adventure. This realistic life size sex doll will blow your mind, and every inch of your dripping wet thick hard cock. Anita gobbles balls, kisses shafts, and is even happy to rub her nose on your butthole. She has not an ounce of shame, and an excess of eagerness to please your private parts. Anita is gonna need a dick inside either her cunt, ass, or mouth to fulfill her desires. Your kinky fantasies are her dirty little secrets. Have a glass of fine win and let her put in costumes or be tied up for you. Let her at your loins and she will be your lioness."

That was exactly what Andrew wanted, and Anita of his very own to submissively relieve him of his sticky loads that were so swollen in his balls. A fuck doll of his very own from esexdolls.com was exactly what he would solve his little "problem" with.

No longer would he have to worry about the taste of his own cum. He knew his top girl Anita would be desperate for his cum every day when he came home. He wouldn't even ask her before roughly jamming his rock hard dick into her mouth and throat.

He laid Anita down on the bed on her back. Then he positioned himself over her but turned the other way, in a 69 position. Then her slipped his cock in her lubed up and slick mouth and stuffed it. He pumped his dick relentlessly until he knew he was past the point of no return, and cum filled Anita's mouth.

That was the 5th time Andrew had cum that day.