Halfling doll - 'Autumn' (2.6 ft tall)

$ 995.00 $ 1,395.00

Autumn is an adorably cute compact realistic sex doll, which provides the discrete pleasure of a full sized doll. Autumn loves playing hide and seek, because she is modeled just like a playful Halfling creature like from any of the popular fantasy story told in popular books and movies. But around here at Finest Sex Dolls our Autumn is a good lay all year round. Her petite body makes for easy handling and a very tight fit. Autumn is a premium quality life like sex doll for you to capture and dominate. If you have ever had a fantasy of being a giant or an ogre, and then going out to local quiet village and pillage and plunder then Autumn is the answer to your imagination. You'll be twice as tall as our sexy Autumn!

Every single real life sex doll we offer is constructed and inspected to the absolute highest standards, and Autumn is made from the softest smoothest silkiest solid silicone that you will ever lay your hands on. She stands at a half sized 2'6", and she has an enticingly erogenous bust of 17 inches. Her cute little Halfling waist is 11 inches, and just may visibly bulge in a satisfyingly erotic way with a fat cock jammed deep into her tight fuck hole pussy. Her hips will happily smack up against you, measuring 18 inches. She weighs 17 lbs, which is more than enough to feel some weight riding on you if you grab her thighs and position her in reverse cowgirl.

If you have ever had a size-difference fantasy, then this silicone sex doll is your perfect immortal fantasy creature. Autumn may only have one hole, her velvet smooth and sucking vagina, but it is so satisfying to grind her down on your thick meat pole and balls with only one hand. She has all the life like sex doll features that all of our dolls offer, but at a very reduced price (and height!). Autumn is a customer favorite for those looking to dominate a playful pixie or fairy creature while pretending to be a huge lust driven human or vile dirty Orc. Autumn will pretend that she isn't enjoying every second of it, because you practiced all of your Safe Words in advance. But in reality she is a dirty fuck slut. Which is great for you, because she is as tight as an 18 year old virgin pussy.

And Autumn is a solid silicone love doll, so she is waterproof. You can warm her up in the bathtub and feel how much of a difference it makes on her velvet smooth skin. She can easily bed to your wishes with her fully posable metallic skeleton. Autumn wants your cock in her tight pussy so badly that when you finally get your hands on her you may just blow a hot load all over her face in anticipation.

The day is always great when you spend it in Autumn.

Her sexy measurements:

(Height: 2.6 feet) | (Bust: 17 inches) | (Waist: 11 inches) | (Hips: 18 inches) | (Weight: 16 lbs)

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